INFOCOMMS is Growing...Kinda... 🤔


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In the last few weeks we have had 20+ new members join the INFOCOMMS community, and As a member I would like to say Welcome…

The post is about INFOCOMMS and it’s growth, I am not sure how many members here mention or even encourage others to join and partake. I would like to challenge the members here to spread the link and to help promote INFOCOMMS. Consider the more members we have, the grater the RESOURCE.

Include a link to INFOCOMMS in your profile details and other posts on Twitter, YouTube, and the other many platforms. INFOCOMMS is but a baby, and we need to mature Quickly for the sake of sanity and our country.

For the members that Do and have encourage others to become a part of this family I solute you, and thank you on behalf of the community.

Additionally, I would like to challenge the artistic and talented people of our community to create a poster for INFOCOMMS and or INFOWARS that maybe posted in the Community Talents Thread, of course this is only for the interested and for fun…

Cheers peeps, Lets start waving them in…

:bell: We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!
:studio_microphone: The Bingozee Thread, OPEN
:bell: We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!
The INFOCOMMS Stats Center

Everything @Bingozee says is fact. He does not believe in anything. That’s what he says. Everything he says is true and perfect. You cannot question anything that he says. He is our God. We worship Bingozee. You have to read books. Every day, each day, you have reread his books on every thread that it is republished in. Enjoy!


You used the ol Alex Jones light a fire up under that ass and create a semi controversy and booooom here come the new peeps. Hats off to your tactics sir. Welcome all newcomers to the only website you need to know, INFOCOMMS


If we stay on the right path and look past all the bullshit. We will garner the power of the Infowars army and become bigger, longer and uncut.



He means well though. I know he does. Not everyone can take cannonball after cannonball like AJ. I do honestly think he is doing what he can for the better of the community. He did gift us the COMMMS afterall






Cheers peeps, Lets start waving them in…

:bell: We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!

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You forgot to add zeros behind your first nummber…


What are they going to do with that money?
How about give me a show and use that to pay me. I would show all the activists videos, etc protests, posters., etc.

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If we could just get rid of ANTIFA. LOL


Or maybe use the money to get the trolls out.