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Infocomms NH/MA I am just learning about this site. I thought I would try to start a group that is representative of Southern NH, northern MA. Let’s see how it goes…

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Owens Missing Tooth... 🤘

Heavy spraying overhead all day today. I can’t believe nobody sees it or cares.


Don’t be pointing fingers at people and calling them bigots for no reason.

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Prime example of people trying to divide on this forum

Prime example of people trying to divide on this forum

If you are going to be like that toward other people and call them names over dumb stuff, sorry to tell you but you are not going to be making very many friends. And it’s Goku holding a spirit bomb, there is nothing supremacist about the picture…

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Prime example of people trying to divide on this forum

Bro if you continue down the path of the bigot your gona end up with a not so good social credit score

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Prime example of people trying to divide on this forum

Says someone who is name calling… I guess you love the Chinese social score. Go move to China if you like it so much…

Prime example of people trying to divide on this forum

I wont have to china will come to us it is all part of the plan…
Soon w3 will bring down the country with Ebola and illegal immigrants, and then china will be free to move in to rebuild from the ashes…

You might want to get on the winning side of history



Of course a Soros backed group. There’s one in Sudbury, MA …


Hello Firstfire608, I am your northern Neighbor in 603.

I may attend the Drag Queen Story hour just because I have to see this madness firsthand and the parents that are warping their children at these events in the name of tolerance. If I can swing it, I will record the event and perhaps ask some questions of people at the event as to what brought them to it, and why they think their child is able to make a determination of gender at such a young impressionable age.

I honestly have no problem with transvestites with caveats. I’ve been around the block, grew up in the 80’s wore my share of makeup, was a goth back in the day (Death rocker is what we were called pre-goth (heck, I still go to shows, just saw Bauhaus on their latest tour), went to midnight showings of Rocky Horror picture show, etc. Have many gay acquaintances and friends from the scene, etc. But it never, ever engaged with children. It was behavior for the club, not the day care.

This truly baffles me. I hope this trend ends soon. The Gay pride people need to find a little humility and tuck it all back in to their clothing a bit. There is expression, and then there is indecency. That’s all I’ve been seeing at these parades and the friends I had (still have) call all this crap Trans-Trenders.

At least the event blurb was truthful about one thing, it is all about grown-up dress-up (for real!)
isn’t it?

The Impeach Trump event is a no-can-do as I have a graduation party to attend this weekend for my former Senior. :slight_smile:

Family before fruitcakes!




Damn… that’s some serious grid patterning.


Thank you so much for your comment. I can’t make the Story Hour brain washing event, but I am trying to get some people together to go to the Impeach Trump ( Run by Move On .Org) Soros event.


Just Subbed…

Can you get a Time Lapse Video for that??
Would illustrate how they spread out over time and look like clouds later.


Are you suggesting you would join/support China?

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