Infowariors in MI


Looking for all the infoworiors that call in from MI! Wheres Alex from Michigan? I need patriotic Michiganders who are willing to help me hold infowars signs over an overpass. Preferably with Alex Jones masks. If you are in or near Calhoun county, Let me know. Lets fight back! We are Alex Jones!


I reside in Macomb county. I have a similar post


Too far away for me. You plan on doing it over I-69 or I-94?


Not sure yet just wanted to throw a post out there and make plans as we go.


Where you at? I’m in Kalamazoo


Im free and can help for sure …I would also like assistance hanging “it’s okay to be white” signs all over WMU campus


I’m in Albion, the college town. Lol.


Wanted to do something like that at the Albion college. Since its on the list for “Top anti free speech colleges” lol


We should hit em’ all with signs…we could do WMU one night, and Albion the next, or vis versa…but this is definitely a nighttime operation we will be real sneaky about it :wink:


Doing it on the I-69 overpass above I-94 would be Sweet. Might get arrested though as I doubt it’d be legal.


Ya, I like the enthusiasm…but I think we should hang signs covertly everywhere to avoid possible trouble…I also feel like the highway overpass stunt is great for election season, but right now feels like a waste of energy (it’s also quite cold) …I think if we link up and go apeshit hanging signs everywhere we will definitely make news headlines, which is my goal. They will never know what hit em’ …if we do it right we won’t have any law trouble.

DM me we can exchange contact info


Also in Macomb county , Warren - south side 9 mile Van Dyke area. Looking to communicate , meet and coordinate similar events . DM me or contact Pro-Active Patriots of America at - [email protected]


Oh that’s treading some rough waters lol I love it


Macomb County and Eastside Detroit here