Infowars Army 3D Social in Austin Texas


Come enjoy a night socializing in the 3D world with fellow patriots in the Infowars Army.

*We are planning an event but we want to see what kind of interest there is in a gathering like this before we really get the ball rolling.
We are thinking early to mid May.
Food and entertainment would be provided. Possible guest speakers.

Who would buy a ticket?!

** price would be dependent on size of event. (This is why we’re trying to gauge interest)


@OwenShroyer @Johnboy @GreggHuestis67 @Aamonews @Texas_T @mr_president2028 @ViviColibri @proudinfidel would love to see y’all there! :grin:


Hellz to tha yeah I’m in.

One VIP ticket please.!!


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I would consider going


Me!! I’ll be there !!


I’m definitely interested. I’d buy a ticket too!

Where in Austin are you thinking about having the social event!? Let’s record it so those who were not able to attend can see it…Especially if we have speakers etc.

I have another idea…we could possibly, at least in part, make the social event kind of a motivational meeting for encouraging and inspiring the infowarsarmy as well as an opportunity to meet and get to know each other!

I’m not sure what others would suggest but I think it would be an awesome experience to have some speakers & encourage each other and the rest of the infowarsarmy by recording and/or streaming the social event!

Watcha think? Im game to assist with some of the organizing and even assist with the motivational speaking part as well.



@Charlie_Kae come down to Austin friend :star_struck::two_hearts:


Id buy a ticket , this would be in austin?


I’m not sure about recording/streaming the entire event. it’s hard to let loose when you’re being filmed. but recording the speeches would be cool! maybe a highlight reel or something? :slight_smile: Love the input! Keep the ideas coming!


Glad everybody got to connect. Sorry I missed out. I really wanted to be there. Remember that this is an open forum with all our friends, all our enemies, and all the alphabet soup. We are asking for.all the infiltrators and party poopers to show up. FYI, the troublemakers DID show up to the event, and Greg “made” them and scared them off. Take a minute and watch this:


Definitely. I should have clarified that recording would be more similar to how Owen did his live stream and how I recorded many of those who attended asking “IF Alex Jones were here what would you want to say to him?”

I was thinking more of something like that, rather than recording the entire event!


It just depends how much the tickets are we live paycheck to paycheck so if the tickets are like 20 bucks or under I might be able to swing it


I totally understand living on a budget. I’d only hope to recover the cost spent to organize and pay for the event (venue, catering, etc.) it all depends on attendance


Yeah I feel that let me know what’s up


Yes! We can have an event thats worth people making a longer trip. We can even throw some activism in there. I bet we can get Owen to talk a bit, we can try to persuade other known activists to speak. Great idea, game for it and help planning. We can even invite some people we know are on the fence of being red pilled so they can see/feel the energy, love and power we have together.


:heart::heart::heart: Yessss! That’s the spirit!!


This is a very good idea and I would definitely be there if my work schedule will permit. It would be great to spend an evening with like minded patriots and make some new friends!!


Hellz yeah Rob.!!!


You should getting out there is a huge rush of endorphins & very rewarding afterwards.