Infowars Army 3D Social in Austin Texas


I’m glad your taking the lead & organizing something great. Is it just you or is Veronica helping you out?


Veronica will be helping :yum:


We Are The Leaders Of The Infowars Army…!!!


Endorphins? Hell I get a huge rush of those every morning if I’m lucky enough to wake up brother. Lol
But seriously I would like to make it if I can,Hell everybody pretty much thinks I’m some sort of conspiracy theorist here in East Texas.
Right up until chit I have been talking about about rolls out in the “Watered Down” version of what Fox News may release lol.
It would be nice to meet like minded people for a change. People that understand>WE COULD STILL LOSE THIS FIGHT< if we’re not careful.


I think it would be great if some were recorded. I would love to be there, but there is no way I can travel all the way to TX, and it would make those that can’t attend feel like they were at least a part of it…Just a thought…Enjoy :sunglasses:


That’s kind of what I was thinking too. I’m not saying we need to record EVERYTHING just a bunch, ESPECIALLY with the speakers.


Man fuck liberals and Fuck Islam,




I live in Oregon so I probably can’t make it, but I’ll buy a ticket for anyone you guys want to give it to.


I’d be interested in attending if Alex shows up. :sunglasses:


Why only if Alex shows up?


It would be GREAT if Alex came…perhaps @OwenShroyer can talk with him coming? Either way I’ll do EVERYTHING I can to be there.

Just hope I’m not on call!

Do we have a date locked down yet? This will help with planning too.


Hey Greg you coming this sat to that pro life March in Austin?

Thomas & I & probably @PASTORSAM will be there.


Yes I will be there. @PASTORSAM is planning to stay at my house this weekend last time we talked.

So to the best of my knowledge he will be attending with me.


Yeah we hung out on Sunday night, we went to a Maga Meetup in the woodlands.

Haven’t talked to him in a few days though. But he’s staying like 10 mins from where I live.


I didn’t mean to make it sound like I wouldn’t come if Alex wasn’t there. Of course I’d like to meet all of the other infowarriors as well. Alex justs holds a special place in my heart. I have been listening to him in one form or another since 1997. :grinning:


Awesome. Great to hear.


Why make us pay? Also are you planing to use some kind of event application? These forums aren’t good for event organization.


Its expensive to put on these types of productions and in my opinion it’s not to much to pay some for a production like this. This is not an official #Infowars sponsored event so I that would be the best answer I could give.


It’s free to meet up at republic square. Idk what kind of production you’re trying to pull off but I honestly only want my money officially going to infowars