Infowars Army Call To Action : Call In Talk Radio


@OwenShroyer Has Called us to Action.
Call in to any Nationaly syndicated Radio Show and Get on the Air, Mention Infowars and the Censorship of Infowars & Alex jones Record yourself or get the clip, Send it in get a free shirt-
“we are all Alex Jones” and another Personalized item. It might take a couple days of being on hold but getting Through is VICTORY! -OS

Dana Leosch (844-344-3262)
Glenn Beck (888-727-2325)
C-span (877-662-7726)
Savage Nation (855-400-7282)
Conservative Talk Radio (877-317-6432)
The breakfast Club NY (212-377-7900)
Add more numbers to other Shows in the thread.

Also call the White house about NAMCTA and the BIG TECH censorship section snuck in
Call local gov. Officals.

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Awesome, will do!

Anyone know that Dana Leosch used to work for CNN? I guess it was as a political commentator around the 2012 election. Anyone who worked for CNN, is suspicious to me. Its like working for the cartel. She said " I didn’t like it."

Yeah, Ok… Ask her about it! She’s a spokes person for the NRA. :sunny:


I’ll find a liberal talk show if they even exist. Piss them off really bad and get it to go viral.


I don’t think she’s perfect as I don’t think anybody perfect. I judge the tree by it’s fruits.


I like it!

Im not very tech savvy… What would be the best way to capture the clip? First thing that comes to mind is have the radio tuned in and a device recording the broadcast while we go into the other room to make the call… Anyone have a better way?


Do some research to see if they record their shows.


Yeah I like what she has to say. Dana seems to love freedom and liberty. Pretty common sense from what I’ve heard of her show. My friend listens a lot. Just have to watch out for misinformation. I think its broadcast on a Clear Channel network. Definitely controlled media. Rush Limbaugh is cool!


Ought to talk about gun control on this show in Chicago. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Maybe there’s a reason why she’s not on that shit show. #thoughtcriminal


Griff, i dont think that Radio From Hell is syndicated but you could REALLY trigger them! Theyd lose their minds if someone brought up Alex. Their SO LIBERAL


I actually know bill allred’s daughter who is actually a liberal. Fattest liar ever. Why not? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: probably talk about how trannies because she wants to grow a mustache.


It would be fun:) theyre awful on that show! I cant listen to x96 at all anymore. Maybe you me your wife and my mom should all try to call same day and all mention it. Omg :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Not a bad idea. Whatever pisses them off.


The biggest thing to call about is how NAFTA 2 (MCA) allows big tech social networks to be both platforms and publishers at the same time which violates fair use, safe harbor, and anti-trust laws to name a few. But Jack said Twitter is a public square. So, it cannot be a publisher. But legally, that is what they are pushing in violating the first and fourth amendments.


I wanted to tell @PASTORSAM that there might be a screen record option on the phone.


Du recorder is what I used for a while. It’s not perfect though.


Thank you for the phone numbers.


Make Sure to Say “infowars”, “censorship” and or “alex jones” then do your Trolling! :wink:


Thanks for the phone numbers. I don’t know how I would be able to record and get the clip. I suck at technology. Not trying to give excuses in anyway.


What time is Michael Savage show?