Infowars Army Call To Action : Call In Talk Radio


I think the hardest would be Doctor Savage… He’s very very picky with his callers and probably has the biggest audience who’s show is recorded.


3pm-6pm est live if he’s on today, he wasn’t yesterday. Some markets don’t play him until late at night. Best bet is to stream him. However please note that usually his 3rd hour is just highlights of his first two hours and usually isn’t live


Id rather piss them off first and tell people about they would only be able to hear it if Alex wasn’t censored


I was saying advicate 1st because odds are our calls might get dumped


True. Good point it makes sense


I’d like to piss them off.


Work then Pleasure :joy: i bet we’ll only get out “INFOWA- Click”


I was just thinking that! Hello what’s your thoughts on Ale… hello? Hello?


Remember that we are ambassadors for the Infowar. There is a time to represent and go head-to-head with the haters, but I don’t think this is that time. We need to represent ourselves as genteel, informed, able, free-thinkers, and just warn the show and the audience that the censors are coming for them, just like they are doing to Alex Jones and Infowars.

That is all it takes to break them out of the matrix and get them to come check us out.


Excellent point! As there seems to be a lot of arrested development style thinking going around


Destroy the narrative.


3-5pm eastern … he is not a libtard do it wouldnt be as good.


alittle hurt @RealDonaldTrump was on the list of post :confounded::laughing::raised_hands:
Thanks for the numbers!


Add to list:

Call the Rush Limbaugh Show Program Line

Between 12 noon and 3pm Eastern Time: 1-800-282-2882


If you have been censored, please call into talk radio and say:

“I’ve been censored. You’re next.”

There are different ways to say it. You can say it whatever way you want and any way can help. Probably different ways helps. You can say it calmly. You can say with passion. You can vary in the ways you say it.

Well, it might be better to start out calmly to sneak the words out before they even understand what you are saying. People are more likely able to hear calmness than rage. There is a time and place for rage, for passion, so it depends. So, do your best to know when to speak, when to be silent, went to be calm, and when to flip over tables like Jesus did.


Add to List:
The Mike Gallagher Show:
Call the Show: 800.655.6453


Although, Sleezy Ben Shapiro comes on after Mike Savage at 5pm…that would be a good one.


Today I got a shout out on the warroom show just for putting up this thread. And then owen retweeted the clip I saved and it has blown up faster in 30 min than my other 800 view video that took a month to get there.

They are so busy, to think that they still see us is smazing. It is amazing. Lets do them proud.

@OwenShroyer was Right! Just do it get started who knows what will become of it. 4 months ago I’d have never believed the experiences I’ve had in this short time.

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We Appreciate INFOWARS!


Been working inside last couple days. I need to call in to these shows while I have time. Busy spring through fall working usually. It will be fun. I need to figure out how to record it.

Thanks for posting! We have to shine some light out there! :sunny:


You can get a phone call recording app to report the interaction