Infowars army tactics for 2019


I noticed moral is down in the infowars army because people don’t know what to do (and trolls sabotaging the threads)!

I wanted to start a thread where we could discuss tactics to red pill people in 2019 in prep for 2020

I personally believe posting the infowars bumper stickers everywhere is the most basic way to go for now. Put them on your car and put them on every street post.

Specifically I love the “9/11 was an inside job” stickers and plan on posting those bad boys everywhere

Other tactics obviously include holding signs and going to the leftist rallies to red pill normies.

I would love to hear other ideas from the infowars army… please share…or dont



I will use this thread as a gauge to see who is for real…time to weed out the fakes and trolls

If I get no response I assume nobody cares and I’m done with this forum


Should have had Christmas and New Year’s events this year, we’ll have to next year then. The best way to red pill is to appeal to whoever you’re talking to. There isn’t one definitive tactic, just be sincere and if they aren’t interested just move on.


Also remember there are several great examples of what kind of street activism you can do on the site towards the bottom.

I’m always posting stickers on my hike & bike trail everyday almost but they get taken down the same effin day & sometimes within a few hours. It’s a on going war with these hall monitor fuckers that walk around peeling off the stickers right after I put them up. Lol it pisses me off


I like that idea…not sure if this is legal but what about graffiti infowars tags since they keep taking your signs down?

Or what about superglueing the signs??


Using super glue on the stickers is a good idea cause it’ll make it waaaaay harder for the fuckers who try to take them off, if they can even get them off without a scraper or something.

Also we don’t to damage whatever surface you glue the sticker to, it could take the paint off when they try taking the stickers off, it could have a positive & negative affect.


I like it…superglueing…if they really want to take your signs down they should have to work for it!


@Troy, are you against land ownership and the 4th amendment?


A spray adhesive may be good also and much cheaper in the long run and would also have the benefit of being used to not only put up stickers but also printable flyers with pictures/messages. They also make this stuff called mod podge spray that wont eat up the paper and would protect it from the elements.


I like it to, I just have to be careful where I’m tagging stickers cause the paint could peel from the surface where I’m putting them. Some places are just metal surface without paint like street poles & signs it’ll work perfect.

Buy our new exclusive “Super Info Glue” today so your stickers will STAY.!!


Post a picture or link of it.


One good tactic is to make videos like Truth Stream Media do.

Also, Prager U, etc.


Dude don’t take this thread off topic please. Were talking about tactics for street activism.


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This stuff…Or basically any spray sealer would work. Just thought of this because my daughter used use it with her projects for school.


@Johnboy hated EDUCATION.

BECAUSE it is not like EDUCATION produces ACTIVISM.

BECAUSE it is not like MOTHERS help ACTIVISM.



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Because ACTIVISM should be like ANTIFA.


No preparation.

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Also this stuff is very strong, we used to use this when I work in maintenance to attach moldings and wallpaer… Home depot,Lowes all carry it…


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