Infowars army tactics for 2019


@NPC, this thread is about TACTICS in general, and you have specified the discussion to a closed minded arena that limits the overall aspects and flow of how it all works which means you are missing out on how tactics work from one level to another level from the educational levels online which then births itself onto the street aspects of it all as it is all interconnected, unless if Alex Jones wasting his time talking, as that is what I am doing too, talking, writing, and if I am off topic, then Alex Jones is every off topic because we are both doing the same thing and the same things.


Call into talk radio shows. I love derailing those. We got something planned for Glenn Beck


Guess you have to more clear in the thread description. Spell it out for people not to get off topic so it doesn’t so get cluttered


Yes stay on topic everyone!

Although I do enjoy truthstreams videos if you have the means to make videos with that quality production value then go for it!

Everyone has different talents.

I think we are on to something with adhesives! These are great ideas so far!

Keep em coming!


Everyone is doing their own thing and how to fight the infowar. @Johnboy is a great patriot who is interested with street activism and how to go out in the 3D. We should be commending each other not tearing anyone down we don’t have to agree on everything but we should suppprt each other. The last thing we need is to be divided. That’s not the intent of infocomms. We’re to organize with each other and find ways to fight against tyranny.


For non artists out there here is a cheap alternative custom banners for people who do activism on bridges…Mesh banners are designed for high wind, which would be perfect for this application!


@NinjaAlex420, the biggest thing that helps is asking the right questions at the right time, offline, when around normal people.

Questions gets people to think.

It can be more effective than a shirt in some cases.

And it can come out of nowhere.

Like Guerrilla Warfare, questions can come out of nowhere.

Questions red pills people.

That is the ultimate Street Activism Tactic.

It’s been working for thousands of years.


It’s not my opinion that we stay on topic in these threads it’s in the rules & forum guidelines.

@NPC that mesh banner on eBay is badass. I see it’s $40 but is it blank & you add the graffics yourself?


@Johnboy, right, because asking question OFFLINE is dumb, right?


Zimmerman told us that stickers are at your own risk activism in a quote from long ago so Infowars cover themselves it’s just we’re at risk state-to-state


I agree but that’s the bare minimum effort just talking to people. I do that everyday without trying.

I want this thread to serve as a database of kick ass maximum-effort ideas that will reach the most people


I highly recommend everybody get the road Warrior pack as a start that will definitely start something if everybody sees Infowars bumper stickers everywhere. Also ride with the magnet on your door so when you go through the drive-thru you can get the Young Folks at the drive-thru to see, to plant the seed.


Right now on The Road Warrior Pack is half off so it’s 19.90 whatever I was just going to get the large magnet but it was $17 bucks on its own so I went ahead and got the whole Road Warrior Pack that comes with like 25 or so of like four different bumper stickers have off until the end of the year with free shipping don’t forget it’s just around the corner get your molon labe shirts before they run out


I’m set on bumper stickers lol


I’ve seen some of mine still up, when I’m walking, but I put a bunch around at the bus stop and they were all taken off except two so I put some more up.


I have two of the 911 ones. I’ll carry them around, in my bag, until I find a good spot without cctv. I am tall, so hopefully I can put them high enough; so they’re not easy to remove.


Study the broken windows theory of policing .

“The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. The theory thus suggests that policing methods that target minor crimes such as vandalism, public drinking, and fare evasion help to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes.”

Broken windows was never about crime its about control.

What you suggest with the bumper stickers on lamp posts is perfect because it create an environment that encourages further activism.

People want to protest but the environment tricks them into thinking they are alone in that desire.

You have to know the enemies tactics to defeat them.


I have at least 20 Infowars logo stickers on very restaurants that I check on that haven’t been moved since I started activism 3 or 4 months ago. There was one sticker War I got into but I just kept replacing it and they kept leaving me messages for me to cover with stickers


I literally put some stickers up this morning on my running trail & there already gone.

They didn’t even last 3 hours. I’m getting super glue now fuck this.!


Get some pole climbing gear and put them up 10 feet