Infowars army tactics for 2019


Superglue is the answer!


Alex would have to suggest this on air alot to have any impact but what if everyone named their WIFI SSID to something like “Stop Censoring” ?

A million people doing this and everyone within a few hundred yards of them would see the message and possibly check out the site.


Im gonna do this. :joy:


For the red light cameras a paint ball gun.


That WiFi idea is pure genius!


I have 2 of the magnetic infowars car ‘sticker’ one for back and front. Inside of back window is the hillary for prison bumper sticker. On the dash is the infowars bumper sticker. I’ve wore the we’re all Alex Jones t shirt to work, and that helped open some discussions.


Actually it’s a bird sanctuary in the park/running trail & there’s this tall poll with a bat house for bats to den inside, it sticks out cause I look up at it every single time I’m running by.

It’s like 20" high to but I could shimmy up the poll & stick a square infowars sticker on it farely easy. They would have to get a ladder to get it down lol

I’m going tonight to put it up there. I’ll get pics to


(What was your First Infowars Army Stunt?)


I know speaking for myself, I live in a small town with not much exposure, people already are conservative, granted not all know about Alex Jones and Infowars, but most have the same mind set in general. It would be great if there was a way to help our InfoWarriors in larger cities by sending extra bumper stickers, funding for banners, bull horns, etc… Though only through so we know the money is used correctly.


Houston Trump rally ground floor center podium.


Of course the massage of you choice goes under the word stop printed on similar red background.

Spray adhesive is neat stuff.


You got to tell those people about Infowars and Alex Jones because they’re on our side they might rally they might cause a fuss they might shine a spotlight they might be able to travel to who knows what little butterfly wings of activism will Cascade into


What a hero! I saw him when he did it & i did it too when I had the chance


Oh I do spread the word brother, but as far as effectiveness, rather bang for buck. I am in Vietnam now, talking with expats and locals. Infowars hex tee, 1776 hat. But will do more at home, when I’m at home.


You’re reaching farther than we can!


That’s great! I would like to see more specific signs to inform people

“Vaccines adjuvants cause autism
“Vaccines are spiked with cancer virus

These signs can inform and save lives, literally… More ideas welcome


That’s why I respect him


Just doing it where I happen to be.


Just saw on the war room somebody bought an ad the n the local paper…that’s brilliant


Thats all we can do.