Infowars army tactics for 2019


Not only do I put stickers everywhere,I also call the WH,Congress,AG etc… I posted a call to action to do just that but it seems to me to be a small thing but no real responses. Roger Stone has even said that the president reads and listens to those messages quite a bit,so why not call or email ?


My plan is doing more drawings, red pilling those I know and what ever else I can think of.


I love the idea of art/painting and graphic design…I might take up painting again too


It’s one way to touch others mind and heart. I don’t have a way with words, so use other skills.


One thing I haven’t seen much of is going to city council and leftist events… This is a direct way to engage the beast. You will get laughed at and ignored at a city council. You may be attacked at a leftist event…

We plan to go to our state universities (KU) and engage the students with questions and maybe some night time art displays.


This is why I joined this forum. These are some great ideas guys.
I work 50 - 60 hours a week and I do most of my activism at work. One of the guys I work with has been watching Alex Jones show at lunch with me and he really likes watching Owen Shroyer vids.
I want to do more though. And also would like to get to know some likeminded Infowarriors in the Kentucky area. It is a scary thing to me, that so many people sleeping, and don’t know what is going on in the world.


City Council! Thanks for reminding that’s another great tactic. Be sure you get someone to film you at city council and post it online!


Sounds like my life!!


That’s so true, we all have our.own way of activism.


I posted this small tactic a month ago…You can get these for less than $5 on Ebay…I used to stamp stacks of newspapers in stores with it lol (not really recommended as it’s probably not legal lol) Lots of uses with this cheap red-piller :laughing: (I stamp these little pocket Constitutions and hand them out sometimes)


That a a good idea I might order one.


I’ve been researching the hell out of 5g. People seem to want to engage in a conversation about technology and it segways nicely into other conversations. NTM hardly anybody has heard a word about it yet.


Where i started was Dragon con Atl. Just dove into a neutral venue to spread the word. Mixed reactions. I walked with the line for day passes I walked the line like 6 times. Handed out flyers & took interviews. It was my highest success that i aim for again. I aim for events a month out & holidays.


I also need to get more of those constitutions I think I got mine free before. I put a page on my poster I hung on the fence.


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That’s a good idea, when I was walking home today, the bookstore has banners like that along the fence by the Blvd.


Well done man!!! Appreciate you doing that. I’ve bookmarked it so can watch it in total.


Since @JoeyArnoldVN responded to me in a topic on gab, I’ve got an idea for activism:
Infowarrior ASMR Man Dating Parody!
The premise is that two or more Infowarriors go to a liberal establishment and without getting too in anyone else’s face calmly discuss topics that they deem important.


Good video, my phone only does about 3 minute videos then Infocoms won’t take it because its not jpg.


What is that called in App Store? Gab…