Infowars army tactics for 2019


Gab is banned on the app store.


I’m pretty shy with people. I would be okay on the bullhorn, but face to face I’m pretty shy.


Go figure, … I have account but not on the computer atm. Nor tech savvy at all


For those of you that have never done the sign/banner thing it is funny as hell.

I put up a sign once by that left turn arrow I always missed because people refuse to step on the gas when it turns green and if you are 6 or 7 cars back you miss it.

I put up sign

“Green arrow means step on the gas you retards don’t just sit there”

It was just so funny, made my drive home from work better a laugh every day.


I paint but I do landscape paintings and still life, like flowers and stuff. So I don’t really know what kind of design to work on? I sketch too though.


What about barbecues, everybody likes hamburgers. Maybe a few inexpensive give a ways.


What I work off is what gets my attention the most. Like kid in-front of tv… there’s a reason it’s called programming, was the topic. Maybe pull inspiration from flowers and bees?


I like this idea Handing out REAL NEWS

But a little different…using customized stickers to put inside of the regulation magazines during hunting season. For example, each sticker could say " bill s9197 and red flag laws will take away your gun rights yada yada yada" with a link.

These are the magazines that hunters take for free after they buy a license. Finding a way to get the stickers in each one would be the challenging part.


Gotta upload to a second platform & copy paste link here.


Great idea Man! Magazines at a retail store would work too. IW Store sells their stickers at 100 for $13-$18. I’m gonna start to do that.

  1. March for Life 2019 – January 18, 2019 Washington DC.
    I used to be a member of a church that went there, the trip and march takes a day and you are back home that night.
  2. You Will See Over 250,000 people there. Go to:
  3. When you go there Put On XX-Large INFOWARS T-Shirts over your coats when you march, Hold up Signs, pass out stickers.
  4. Who thinks this is a good idea?
  5. If any churches in your town or city are going I recommend going with them !!!


Great ideas/tactics you guys keep em coming! We definitely need more blow horns

@artsyneva that’s a good question…in terms of designs I would commission a portrait of Alex Jones standing up to big pharma and big tech would be amazing… something like that was what I was going to paint


I don’t do portraits, but ya if you could do that that would be great.


It will be my masterpiece


Every time I’ve called I’ve gotten this inbox is full, at least from senators, but letters seem to at least get a standard response.


Most light poles are concrete, wood, aluminum, or galvanized. A sticker can be peeled off of that. They stick really well to painted metal or glass. Takes some elbow grease to get that off. I knew two InfoDudes that used to prank one other. Each would put stickers on the other one’s car. They didn’t want to damage their buddy’s car, of course, so they would stick them on the glass. Ten minutes with a razor blade takes it off, after which the message on the sticker is firmly etched in the mind. Also, if they accidently got it on the wrong car…no damage, no crime. A spot clean with a Windex towelette really preps for good adhesion. Or a towelette from the barbecue or fried-chicken joint. What would really be a tragedy is if it got stuck on the wrong car…which then got vandalized by a violent hater. Stranger things have happened!


Gab can be added to an iPhone by finding the sight on safari and saving it to phone- then it appears with apps.


This summer,when Alex first got banned, I was pissed,I called Sen. James Langford offices in DC and spoke with a nice young lady,unfortunately for her, she took a real ear thrashing over all the censorship and the banning of Alex Jones. Now James Langford sends me his newsletter and what he’s doing every month and his stands on certain issues.My point is that calling your Senators/Congressmen work, you just have to be persistant…by the way,I never signed up for the Senators newsletters…huh?..


Thank you!! Trying to find my account info for it! :hugs:


So they do add the logos for that pricevI’m def going to order one & see how it goes, that’s a really good deal. If I like it then I’ll order more but for the price it’s cheaper than trying to make your own.