Infowars army tactics for 2019


I’ve had some thoughts on this for a while, and I have some solutions. They’re more just general guidelines, but guidelines are where things start (especially when nobody knows what direction to take), and being unwilling to adapt to even that-- instead demanding an immediate, complete plan outright and settling for nothing less, like many people are-- isn’t how things progress.

So here’s a 3-point guideline.

Note: this might seem obvious to a lot of you. If it is, great. Based on the collective behavior of the Infowars community-- and I say this having just seen the average replies on the article comment sections years ago, and it’s still a problem-- it’s not obvious to a lot of other people, and that needs to change.

1- Research and Read; Rationality

The only sacrifice you have to make is substituting your Netflix or Pornhub or AShemaleTube time with reading a little every day, not just talking bull-spittle on social media (which Internet forums like this count as). Skip the following bullet points if you agree with that sentiment.

  • How many people here have actually read the MKUltra documents that revealed they put cement-covered electrodes on the skulls and shoulder blades of dogs that allowed the dogs to be remote-controlled up to 200 yards in 1965 (the cement was because they needed to lock the electrode in place, because they had no problems remote-controlling rats as the electrode was implanted easily)?

  • What about the Operation Stargate documents headed by Edwin May, which revealed the CIA did extensive studies on remote viewing (extra-sensory perception) with results that STRONGLY HINT that psychic abilities exist and, contrary to popular science, they fall completely in line with the laws of physics?

  • What about the Waco documents, which reveal how-- this is as innocent a conclusion you can possibly come to, by the way, and it doesn’t make as much sense as the more-malicious ones-- the ATF’s incompetence led to children either burning to death or their parents putting bullets in their heads to spare them that trauma, and they re-hired the officers in charge of the massacre showing a grotesque malignancy of morals?
    Oh, and Bill Clinton reduced it all to “a bunch of lunatics lighting themselves on fire”. We can trust ole’ Bill.

  • What about any of the works of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood? Here’s an interesting quote from the first chapter of her book “The Pivot Of Civilization” (free on Google books) on page 26: “Spartan methods may be forced upon American society if it continues complacently to encourage the chance and chaotic breeding that has resulted from our stupid, cruel sentimentalism.”
    She also has back-to-back chapters titled “The fertility of the feeble-minded” and “the cruelty of charity”. None of this is mentioned in the Eugenics part of her Wikipedia…

  • John Rockefeller said in the 50s during the formation of the Population Council (which Wikipedia says has affected the lives of hundreds of millions) that her ideas were big influence. I believe the letter’s on the Rockefeller Foundation archives-- omit this part if it isn’t, I’m sorry in advance.

  • What about that one-page, 3-minute-read article by Harry Truman in December, 1963 where he said establishing the CIA was the biggest mistake he ever made? Everyone on here-- myself included-- should have that memorized and recite it to people like scripture. It opens up the door to all the horrible things the CIA’s done.

Knowledge is power for a reason: it enables you to win a debate, and winning debates is how you pull people to the cause, and our cause is life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness, as gay as that sounds. Getting people on board is how movements Move.

Alex Jones has been saying “look it up for yourself and spread the information” for decades, not many people do it. Irrationality isn’t somebody disagreeing with you on a controversial issue, it’s looking at a fact-- which, as the documents show, are completely corroborated-- and ignoring it for personal reasons. If you can’t present the facts, which means reading the documents, you’re doomed to fail from the beginning.

Most people in the west are rational, they just aren’t aware of the facts. Take it upon yourself to learn the facts-- the core facts, not just somebody else’s paraphrasing of it-- and present them to people, and rational people will have rational responses.

Here’s how you ensure their responses will be rational:

2- Plant seeds

People rarely change their thoughts after a single conversation-- how many times have you disagreed with someone and joined their side at the end? It’s just not the way most people work (to speak philosophically for a second, the ego fuels great art, so it has a great purpose, but it also leads to obstinance).

More often: people don’t change their minds after a single conversation, and if they disagreed and you weren’t talking well they’ll hold onto their opinion even stronger out of spite… but that idea you planted in their mind will grow, like a seed. Don’t plan on changing someone after a single conversation.

Make your conversations about planting a seed in somebody’s mind and praying it takes root and grows in a few weeks or months. If you aren’t sure what seed to plant, my bullet points provide bountiful harvests.

You have to structure All of your conversations this way. It sounds strange, but I’ve done it and it works, and approaching it differently changes the entire way you’ll interact with new people. “Don’t tell people what to think, show them the facts and let them decide for themselves.” It takes time to come to a decision. Which leads to the final guideline:

3- Be nice

This 3-minute scene in Road House covers this pretty well.

If you don’t wanna watch, the point is civility goes a Long way.

People already have terrible misconceptions about Republicans, guns, nationalism, populism, political-skepticism [“Mistrust democrats? Poppycock!”], and even God, paganism, liberalism, and socialism***.

They think any of those titles mean you’re a bad person-- an obstinate person, an irrational person, a dangerous person, someone they won’t trust. You can’t survive if people don’t trust you, much less get them to seriously entertain an idea, and being nice while doing #1 and #2 will lead people to trust you, which will let them take what you say more seriously over time, which will lead them to the documents because the idea-seed of remote-controlled-dog-documents will grow and itch in their brain and force them to actually find out the truth… which only leads to one conclusion when you read them.

If someone says it’s a good thing the CIA under the Democratic Lyndon Johnson administration created remote-controlled dogs and lied about it for 50 years, or in spite of that believes THAT was all they’ve been up to for 50 years and that, with modern technology, we can trust their word they aren’t doing even worse stuff today… it’s kinda like finding out a cute girl has a boyfriend. Move on. “Cast not your pearls before swine.”

You can extrapolate this to whatever you want, but the guidelines remain the same.
If you’re genuinely nice and cool and you in your heart have no malice towards this person, you always start with a good chance of turning them towards the light.

We don’t need anyone to be a bee-hole (excuse my language) and encourage the person they’re arguing with to dig deeper into their implicit bias.

*** Did you know there’s a group in Alaska called the “Socialist Rifle Association”? Turns out that some socialists DO LIKE GUNS! If you like guns, you’re a part of the resistance as far as I’m concerned, and there’s nothing technically anti-gun in the tenants of welfare-for-everyone-- I mean, Socialism, from what I understand (it’s more a Leninistic means of taking over a country and subjugating them to Socialism that’s been accepted by the NWO). Learning those people’s arguments for being pro-gun would help you seduce some Democrats to being pro-gun, and the presence of the Militia ('the whole of the people", as George Mason put it) is how you prevent a socialist genocide, which is how we all survive anything the Globalists send our way.
They’re using Socialism to destroy humankind. Turning the slave master’s weapon against them works wonderfully, and the Socialist Rifle Association shows exactly how to do it. We can turn this world into a Centrist Utopia if we learn to get along with people we disagree with because we share some fundamental values, and eventually everyone will agree abolishing the Federal Reserve is the first step.


I recently went to a WWE Smackdown event and got on camera holding my “Free Alex Jones” sign multiple times. It was a double taping including a Christmas special, so my sign might have been seen on 2 different shows. I posted some pics in another thread but I’ll post some in this thread Free%20AJ%20SIGN WWE%20SIGN WWE%20SIGN3 as well.Free%20AJ%20SIGN4


@OwenShroyer @zimmermann @DistractedMasses check it out he’s on tv!




Ashemale tube ? Lol. Thats gross.


What about infowars pirate radio? Or has anyone investigated how much it costs to buy a FM or AM channel?


Another idea…intentional triggering with Trump shirts

Watch this

Vape Nazi gets triggered by a Trump shirt


@NinjaAlex420, Amen. That is how it is done. Every person can do this. This is better than Project Veritas.


Damn that was the best video I have seen all day :laughing::laughing:


I have never got a reaction even close to that wearing my Trump shirts…I live in a small little farming town in Southern Arizona and is pretty red. I bet if I go to one of the major cities with large sheep populations (sjw Leftist socialist) I would get results like that, just would have to conceal my firearm instead of overtly on my hip so not to frighten the flock I guess and see what happens :laughing:


Made me laugh fersure! Makes me wonder how many zombies there are, and more determined to start planting more seeds especially for the younger ones.


One of my free shirts I got looks like it could do the job


Nice legalize freedom shirt!!



Said this Regarding Stickers


Different areas have their own laws regarding this so posting signs and stickers is at your own risk. Posting a sticker is probably seen a little differently than spray painting something or causing permanent damage. One good place I can think of is a lot of the bars around here have thousands of stickers covering the walls in the bathroom, this would probably be a good place to put up stickers. Or say there’s a telephone pole that’s already covered with signs, while it is the property of the telephone company it is clearly being used by people for signs of all kinds. One place I would suggest not putting anything is on stop signs or other signs used for traffic control as it could be argued that this causes a safety hazard. Of course you can always put them on your car, laptop, phone, and anything else that might be seen. Just use your common sense and best judgement


Go through your internet browser to and they have a link there to download their mobile app. At the moment they are still fixing bugs with their mobile app so I usually just log in through the website on my browser.


Will that work with iPhones?


I’m not sure if that’s how you get the mobile app on iPhone but you should still be able to log into your account through your web browser on there. Idk though, never owned an iPhone.


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This is fantastic! I have been wanting to carve a wooden infowars stamp…