Infowars army tactics for 2019


I went to the Greta Van Fleet concert tonight at the Fox theater in Detroit: Totally sold out the first 10 rows were friends and family I was in the 13th row… I wore my Infowars Crew shirt and nobody said anything to me… which made me think I was surrounded by Real Americans because most of the Fans were from mid Michigan… One girl was wearing an AR-15 rights matter T, I new I was at the right concert. Best Band since the Black Crows, sorry no pics… I leave my fone in the car…just old school like that #GOSEEGRETA


I need to figure out what I’m going to do about my own stamp


Everybody go get your Road Warrior Pack 50% off it comes with a ton of stickers 2 magnets and it’s a great way to do inactive activism


I used to write it on those green notes. A stamp would be much more efficient. But I think that is too little too late. I want a list of names and addresses to be available to us for a purge in case they remove or kill my president


I wish we had some millionaires on the team who could buy advertising prime time television



Mushrooms are healthy…but how does this relate to infowars tactics? Red pilling people with mushrooms?

Great subject but please stay on topic…or elaborate why you posted?


Lol! My goodness. My my my my…



If people were in touch with their ‘reality’ I mean that in the most positive way, I think it would be more appearant to see through the onslaught of defamation and lies. That is all.


Could you call it Algebra? I think in a sense you could.

It being the way the medicine causes new brain cells.


My 2019 tactic.


I go through on my android.


I agree the liberals could definitely use more brain cells!

I would love to talk more about mushrooms if you want to start a separate thread!

In terms of legal mushrooms Lions Mane also grows brain cells


I need to buy more stickers to put up in California, we’re running out. That spray adhesive stuff is a great idea so they can’t be taken down so definitely going to buy some of that too! I liked the “bedsheet challenge” idea too that was a topic on here, may have to do that one too if I find a good place for it.


It’s beautiful! :heart_eyes: I love it! :blush:


I actually value the illegal ones as much or more for deep personal issues. Pig Pharma is the genocidal arm with its Afgamistan sub servitude


I feel like blowing up some cancer causing cell towers Monkey Wrench Gang style. Waking these self righteous lemmings up to the fight.


People are affraid to face themselves


excellent tactic. It bypasses internet censors and triggers liberal cucks. Been labeling up the streets since 2008 with stickers and posters from behind enemy lines in Globalist Occupied Mother Canadastan in Torontonimo Bay. (Formerly known as Toronto) Back then we were the “fringe” now we surround them. They used to laugh at us, now they just helplessly scream at the sky at nothing.


I was thinking about high powered magnets and a sling shot if shit hits the fan… would work on drones and probably towers