Infowars army tactics for 2019


I called Nadler office (he is or was heading up trying to impeach President Trump) I was surprised I got a person, I told him to tell Nadler to resign. He hung up on me.


Still believe in the old communist resistance tactics of spreading info via person to person.

I have been doing that between the broad vast paranormal community across the USA, even though you hear about the mentally ill witches and satanists, there are far more of us than them.

Also through my regional school district between teachers, students and administrators, one by one, encouraging free thinking and breaking out of their mindless trances.

Got a lot of the kids thinking twice about their Apple phones looking to trade them in for Androids.

We should all focus on our areas of strength but also assist one another with potential larger operations too.


It does… Believe me


I’m glad you aren’t in the dark on it.


Not likely to work I have played with magnets for similar reasons


I’m talking extremely high powered magnets like neodymium


Morals aren’t down, lately, I’m just busy spending time with family and friends due to the holidays.


I’m working on signs today, its snowing outside. I got a sturdy plastic bag so I can put my poster inside for protection.


Persuasion of the Other Side:

  1. I understand the formula that you are presenting here and yes, it does work to present ideas, research, theory and listening in a non threatening way. So yes, I use this in an situation where I am prompted by Spirit to present in this way.
  2. In the political realm, specifically in the Border Wall conflict, we have been sold down a river and not been given what we have voted for. Spiritual anger is called for here with Holy Restraint. Call the Senators, tell them we want the wall, if the voter is a democrat and wants the wall, do call. Go to Washington in masse and protest and blockade, don’t burn or destroy anything. Show the President we support him.
  3. In the physical world, if found in a protest like the Proud Boys and you can research what happened in New York, where they protected the Republican event from the antifa, and were arrested defending themselves, violence shall begat violence, do not be a doormat. Protect yourself and family in the proper measure. (don’t bring a nuke to a fistfight). I urge people to contribute to the proud boy fund to help them that have been charged with crimes for protecting Republicans.
  4. Where are we now? Many have not even hinted a response to stopping where we are heading as a Nation. Therefore, we might make mistakes, but Something Must Be Done by Someone who believes in the USA, regardless of what situation of persuasion or conflict we find ourselves.
  5. It will be necessary to be active until the end of our days to bringing the USA back to where we can believe that it is as good as we had hoped it would be.


Globalists want an anti-Christian global technocracy. Where they control the narrative of every instance of life in disfavor towards conservative libertarian constitutionalists or the people who value the word of god. Globalists attack economically, socially, militarily, sexually, spiritually, the very fabrics of freedom. Creating mass confusion amongst the uninformed that feed into their depraved pyramid scheme. A system of promotion in favor of their own evil virtues. Getting off this system and creating our own avenues of success is the ultimate activism. Coming together in fellowship on every aspect in doing the polar opposite that this energy is trying to achieve. They want us on technology with back doors to control us, do the opposite and refuse this technology that does their bidding. It wants to stop us coming together and cause judgement of people on the basis of vanity and status rather than a godly construct judging individuals off of what they stand for. The Martin Luther king construct. Achieving the polar opposition of the globalist construct is the smoking gun. Coming together will diffuse the grasp globalism retains. Refuse a pacifist position, do not resonate with liberals on any aspect they resonate on. A buddy system if you will, angled specifically towards Christian/infowarriors in red states at churches. Hypothetically even bringing the fellowship to a point of infowarriors meet every Sunday to worship god and come together on every aspect of American culture constructively incorporating godly constructs back into these facets of power the globalists use as leverage points on the majority of freedom supporting individuals. It will only grow. Build it and we shall come.

  1. I have been working very dilligently to find one or two in my SE Pennsylvania area to protest and had to go on two protests myself.
  2. Also I am looking to join organizations like oathkeepers, but they seem to like ex military, though anyone can join so I am continuing to look, though I have volunteered my time to them and not been called.
  3. I asked my church if anyone is going on the march for life and was told that the church is a more contemplative prayerful church, not going to give up on them though I don’t buy into that since I can find two churches in my county that are going to DC for the march.
  4. Agreed, we are being manipulated using occult type technology, financial manipulation, sexuality, crowd mentality techniques and this makes one feel like a rat in a maze, just enough so activism is a pain, SO WHAT activism is a Pain, do it anyway.
  5. I was really interested in the Proud Boys and desired to donate money, I had to donate to the defense fund for the men that defended the Republicans in New York.
  6. There are plenty of ways to be an activist, You are Right, walk right past the pacifists and into the fire (Brother or Sister !) .
  7. New Information (from 1/3/19)
  8. I made paper copies of the Inforwars “There is a war on for your Mind” stickers…Here is where I put them:
    Put a copy of the Infowars sticker in the following:
    in a place mat stack in a fast food restaurant.
    in a time magazine George HW Bush Tribute at Wall Mart
    in a New York Times newspaper at a newsstand.
    in a Vanity Fair magazine at a supermarket in an upscale neighborhood.
    in a shopping cart and in a shopping basket.
    in a mailbox
  9. I read some Later Posts, we are being silenced and muted, how can we have discourse? Please give ideas.


I still use the app from, I did log into the and now I can still use the app it just goes to a blank page until I push the home icon then it goes to my page without any problems.


Coming from my COMM. background in the USMCR,(2512-field wireman/switchboard operator), we have to understand this, “without comm. you can’t have combat”…This is why the censorship is the #1 issue, w/[email protected] #2. They used social media to launch the Arab Spring. Now that they know it works, they censor the Libertarians/liberty crowd, shutting down our comms. to stop them.

We must battle censorship from local levels to top levels. Red pilling helps, but explaining to a person that THEIR free speech is at stake makes it more personal and crosses party lines. &we don’t have to use the term red pill to them. Live virtuously, and promote virtuous things, and politely enlighten, whereas at City Hall, whether you wish to use Shapiro Style debate skills, or Milo style troll humor, be involved.

I’ll be back later, got food to pull from oven.



Another tactic from my gay frogs thread is “operation honeysmack” where we will use gay frogs to talk about the covert eugenics programs… fluoride, Atrazine, vaccines, GMOs ect


Nice interviews @ThaDreamReamer!


Not me its IWAKS @DistractedMasses


Ok so in reading the sticker sealant thread I thought I would like to see a artist do a stencil for infowars. then paint that puppy on. Maybe something from like Scott Adams or that Sabo for instance? I heard Sabo on not to long ago talkin about his tactics perhaps we could employ this en masse?


I prefer Sabo over Scott Adams…I personally don’t really like Adams…but do what feels right for you don’t let me discourage u


yeah I was thinking about the stickers being peeled off etc. I thought it might resolve that then I thought Sabo should do an official thing . Anyway