Infowars army tactics for 2019


They don’t have to stay up for long, I’m sure these got taken down real quick!


If I had the money this would be epic here in Arizona…Ariel advertising, they also do sky writing


Did you put those up?


Naw @Yochai put up the post here & i saw Rob Dew tweeted it!


No one knows who actually put them up?


exactly. Despite this being a forum, one can run ops. but one should not revel in it too much lest they out themselves to SJW’s trying to use LEO’s as their hammer. So trick is to organize, run the op.&then squelch the urge to gloat. Example:ISIS showboating in Syria revealed their false flag(aloha snackbar gas attacks).
Don’t waste our actions, but make them count.


There are overt Operations and covert operations. Let us be cautious I would not discuss anything other then what is planned overtly. Some OPs we will want them to know who did the operation others will be best served anonymously.


We are the real resistance tomorrows news today


I’ll look into this for sure :laughing:. I love ruining the liberals world.

  1. Thanks Alex and Owen for this great site, I ordered another load of vitamins.
  2. We have to each polish our self defense and NRA safe gun skills, seek out and join an association of patriots, militia.
  3. That is why we feel annoyed when we are on the internet and not out fighting for the USA. The energy inside us knows that it should be fighting evil.
  4. Agree, keep conversations light, assume you are being recorded, and no diarrhea of the mouth…(I only know from experience)


I tried all day and different was of ordering online, for my vits and merch and couldn’t do it, I hope the Globalist aren’t messing up my card and I was in contact with both parties and still didn’t get it done, hopefully tomorrow I will talk to someone in the warehouse… If not I will shoot off a money order


For some helpful ideas for street activism, research culture jamming and Adbusters. Mostly anti-consumerism activism, and an inspiration for the Occupy Movement. Very clever almost subliminal artwork that I think would lend itself well to the infowar. Here’s a nice archive of work:


It’s called polemic debate and it’s a real thing. I used to do this in the cafe at my old office building. I even wore the “Trump is my President” shirt to work on Election Day and day right in the middle of the cafe.