eats up too much of our data


Just to read one article and some headlines at ‘costs’ us about 10MB usage of data on our cellphones, which for some of us is limited with lower cost monthly (cuz that’s all that’s offered) plans.
For me (at this time) its 4.5GB, so for 1 mo that’s a limit of about 45 Infowars articles (I would prefer to read that in a few days but I got other things to use that data).

So my solution is Infowars old solution to have a backup website with no bells or whistles and uses MUCH LESS data.

Their old site was or something like that.

Can they/we do it again? Can we/they get/have a plain backup site?


If you use , it uses up a lot less bandwidth. Plus, it typically has the same articles.


@Abraces, can you switch to WIFI mode in order to avoid using any data?


Awesome - Thank you Flag-Dude. I didn’t know, as I can’t watch/listen to any shows cuz they eat a lot of data.! XX!


That’s quite alright, and why [at least some of us are] here to help. :slight_smile: I know if I suggest to anyone with a cell phone about the site, I always go for not only because it’s discrete, but because of low bandwidth.

Do you have unlimited talk & text? Because if you really wanted to, the flagship show (Alex Jones) has a couple of telephone numbers where you’re able to listen in.


Then I’d have to ask my new neighbour (who I think is already a spy) - he has a HUAWEI WIFI along with a G5 and other WIFI terminal - a lot for someone who lives elsewhere in the weekends.
I won’t spend $70/mo for WIFI………hmmm


Another tip is to (instead of using the app, which loads the video–even if you have the screen darkened, it is using all of that data) just use the “contact” page and listen to radio. Uses far less battery and data.


Radio probably still runs at 320Kbps, which for four hours is still half a gig of data. And it’s not like they offer any lower bandwidth streams.


That page has never worked for me for years - several years now, it’s never worked. It just won’t turn on. Anyway I’ve never thought about it till now - its a fucking perfect crime of the telecommunications companies - and in Canada they’ve been bad! - for them to block cheaper modes of listening. Makes me want to cry… how many bad dirty fucking hacks over the past 15yrs.

Sorry to go on - but they are the battle of corruption we need to fight.

Nxt time I’ll try again - itll probably be working - but really Infowars takes up to much time - 9 plus hours per day - their fucking hogs! But I love them all! And would listen to them all the time but I got other things to do and so does everyone else!

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This is why I stick to Brighteon archives. Just watch the portions I want, while all the extra crud I just skip.


I have unlimited text to the states but not talk.
Also I don’t think any radio stations in Canada host the show.
So for now I’m SOL.
But I got now to go to. I’ll try Brighteon - for special shows.


90% of wireless providers have unlimited talk, text, data. Even the pay as you go (Month to Month) phones cards you can buy in the gift card section at grocery stores has unlimited.

@Abraces theres alot of moving parts to InforWars and creating a new site is probably not as easy as it is for you to find a new provider. Hopefully the options above help with a decision on a new provider.


Honey, I have unlimited in Canada but the US.


Fair enough. Hope you’re able to at least catch the things you want.


RSS is the best. Its link is the little orange square in the upper right corner of the screen.


The RSS feed merely gives you links to the various pages. The only thing you’re saving is the front one. And if you use feeds, you’re still given the autoload.