Live Broadcast Feed SUCKS!


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Dunno, when I play through my computer on the site, I have no problems with it. My phone streams perfectly.

Can I go on youtube and watch live streams though? Nope. They always crash.

Could be something else going on man.


Try this, which you can find on the network details in your dev tools:

I do wish they’d put this on their site as a backup, but for now, it’s word of mouth.


This one isn’t necessarily the fault of them putting something out, so much as how the renderer is handling it. If you put this m3u8 into a media player or a DLNA server, yeah it might buffer once or twice, but it’s fairly smooth.

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Now if I try to stream it from the internet browser on my phone, instead of the app… yeah, it stops playing constantly.

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That sounds more like a rendering issue with the player itself, i.e. from reading of file to browser. That’s more of the responsibility of the third party, and there are only so many third parties that IW has available to them.

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I know I’ve completely given up on trying to use the browser, and have gone to direct links in a media player.

I do wish I could get a DLNA server going, but having a little issue having anything else hear it, otherwise I could watch in my living room with the Mrs.'s Roku instead of being stuck in this home office.

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“no one can compete with their bandwidth and service and can handle their amount of traffic without issues”

Yep, and its the corporate fascist ties they have to the agencies that has allowed that to happen. I remember when youtube didn’t even have ads or any way to generate revenue really…

Yet somehow they still managed to cover an insane amount of bandwidth. Just doesn’t pass the smell test to me haha.


I can almost guarantee you they aren’t using hls.js. In fact, I bet what they are using is open source.

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Very rarely I get a problem here in Nashville. When I do it’s typically spotty internet reception and usually I switch it over to the no video mode and it works better.

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I think I just missed it… Is “He” coming back on??

Did “He” mention in which direction “He” intends to lead any momentum “He” may Provoke?

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By Chance?



Roy Gibson on bitchute broadcasts the alex jones show, and there’s a david knight live stream as well. Been working near flawlessly with very occasional minor buffering for a couple weeks for me now.


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He answered not without a shadow of doubt, meaning “Bubble Speak” in a way… in effect Giving NOTHING other then the REPORT and his Retired Name. Some one is MAKING MONEY!! or was Intended too…

I agree he has NO clue what is in the REPORT, as there are a Few Times he “Levels” it to the Report, Thus not knowing at all what it says.


It could be your ISP, I had a similar experience with comcast, or when my bill is overdue, are you operating behind a VPN?

Unlike Youtube which has unlimited bandwidth, owns 97% of all web traffic, Info Wars has been under constant attack 24/7/365 ever since YT FB and every other social media site banned them.
I am a Pro on GAB, yet the only place I can use it is when I am sitting in front of my computer. It pisses my off.

These attacks on IW pisses me off to, some days the attacks are so bad I have to wait until the stream is in a rebroadcast. They are the tip of the spear and they get hit all the time. If You tube was under this kind of constant attack, I bet they would be stuttering too.

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I was experiencing an issue where the stream would play for a bit then just freeze the whole page. I had to close the browser and start it again several times.

I’m guessing it was a heavy traffic issue.



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