shut down


Went to watch the David Knight Show as I do every morning, and on all 3 shows the video streams are not working, “No compatible source was found for this media”.

So I guess it was good I went to and made a big purchase last night! :sunny:


The david knight show is streaming on my phone app, but online it is down…


thanks thats good! I don’t have a smart phone


Everyone have a good Independence Day as we celebrate the liberty God gave!


I think today’s show might be a little heavy, I hope, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I wouldn’t doubt there are efforts being made to interrupt the broadcast as much as possible…

Let us observe and see…


Its pretty obvious whats going on.

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I think you mean, liberty Guns gave… God has nothing to do with murder over frivolous bullshit, that’s all ours, best own it…

Reality sucks but it’s true…

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we agree to disagree. I respect your rights.


The m3u8 stream seems OK.
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Of course we do, that way we don’t have to admit… all good, I am cool with that, but I think we need to stop blaming God… for our own doing.


How is thanking God for liberty blaming him for murder? It’s not about how it came about, it’s the fact we can have it at all. The only reason anyone has to murder is because sick autocratic Satan worshippers want to control and harm people. Plus we murder for food, it’s all God’s doing even if he isn’t responsible for the murders. The reality is everything that lives must die, one way or another.


No one was murdered?? Are you sure about that?? …

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This is an absolute disgusting and very wrong statement… and Wow the ignorance!!!

Allow me to share the following,


And others. I would like to share the following as I think it VERY important that we call things for what they are for the sake of “IT’S” severity… Frankly when we are equating HUMAN life to that of the an ANIMAL, The missus of the word “Kill” is much that of “LOVE”, we are and have become completely desensitized to it TRUE meaning (“Hence them ‘Changing’ it”)… I would hope to encourage You among the other to being back the Severity of the True Situation by using the Proper Terminology and Wording, Rationally and Logically please, It is “psychologically” relevant and Critically IMPORTANT to the perception and MIND of ALL your Audiences, Even the Evil things watching and listening.

We can “Kill” video game Characters and Plastic Soldiers but the Truth is Very much the following…

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ALSO “Liberty” of the USA was granted to the US by Canada, and the statute to prove it… it wasn’t built with American hands, nor was liberty… rather it was SOLD.

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:joy::rofl::man_facepalming: so meat comes from where then? When did I say no one was murdered? Do you know how to read or are you just incompetent?

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Fish, bird… did you read it, I am going to guess not given the question you just asked…

All good, can you murder the grass for me next, thank…

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That’s funny, I should have just copied and pasted it in response to your dumb question…

But who cares, enjoy the day, it’s pretending that matters most!

Cheers brother… going to murder me some wheat to eat… Roflol!

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Its still down. Thats not good! Send them some money! I’m going to dig up some pictures I took that will help you see God! :sunny:


@Pipeline have you contacted them yet??