Video Feeds Constantly Crashing


I constantly get this message 2 seconds after I press play on any of the feeds: hls.js error mediaError - fatal: true - bufferStalledError

It first started yesterday with a few of the shows, but today it’s all of them. I can listen to it fine with the play button at the top right, but if I try to play anything it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried multiple computers and browsers to no avail, along with clearing cached data, cookies, etc.

Anyone else encountering this?


Yes. I’ve encountered problems like that. The good news is you can find watch it on other websites as well. One of the problems you might run into is Microsoft and Apple.

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Can we get a couple live feed links Joey?


Thanks brother I didn’t even think of bitchute.


Nice! I didn’t know they do live stuff too.


You can sometimes find YouTube Infowars live-streams from random unknown baby channels that pop out of nowhere like weeds in the garden. I go to YouTube, I type in “INFOWARS” and I click on “PREFERENCE” and then I click on “LIVE” and I can find live streams of Infowars.


Youtube is not working, hacker barges in the UK are working overtime. I hope they come to Jesus, what if the barge starts taking on water, who will come to save them but JESUS !


@greatgonzochops, Bitchute Live began in 2019, as far as I know. I first noticed it about a month ago or so. Pretty new.


You can also find Infowars on Facebook and Periscope and other websites sometimes.

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What is so off the reservation is that Taxpayer Money funded all these platforms in the beginning and now some entity has control of it.

I know that there are people on this planet that make life harder for good people. Why don’t they go somewhere else ?

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@keyrobinfo18, that’s right.

  1. Taxation is theft.
  2. How much money does government waste?
  3. Is Facebook a reboot of Life Log?
  4. Who are the editors of these platforms?
  5. You had me at Fascism.
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How do I watch it? Its been crashing every day for several days now. I’ve been listening to audio only which is fine, but the 36 hr broadcast isn’t on that stream I think. Video stream too busy?


I am watching it right now LIVE on Bitchute with no problems.

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Dew was just talking about how its spotty. Audio only does not work either because it jumps back and forth . This sucks! They’re doing their best I guess.

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