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Can you someone from Infowars contact me? I have to pass along some important information to Robert Barnes. Thank you.



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There is a contact section on that you can try. I have attempted to contact them several times with no luck. I apologize for not being of any help. I wish you luck.


Hello Benoaks,

Thanks for responding back to my post. Mr Barnes seems to be ignoring me. I reached out to his answering service multiple times, emailed him a few times, and sent several messages to this Twitter account.

Thanks again,


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It’s entirely possible that he’s quite busy and has thousands of people contacting him in the same manner as you. I doubt he’s intentionally trying to ignore you; probably just a side effect of the nature of him now being an Infowars celebrity.


Well, someone had sent me an email on May 13th. He left his name at the end of the email. But you know and I know that could of been someone else. He has read my direct messages on Twitter. So that would mean that he is ignoring me.


My first message was back in January of 2019.


Someone told me to send more information about my case. So I think it’s disrespectful to not at least show common courtesy to at least respond back with a yes or no response.


So I guess I would have to assume that either he is too busy to take on my case, or I would have to assume that my case is not worth his time.


His office is working on some high profile cases right now, and as I mentioned before, there are probably thousands of people that, like you, are trying to get his office to work on their case. There’s only so much time his office has to work on cases. And from what I understand from some people I know that have recently become content creation celebrities, once they get that sort of a following, there just isn’t enough time available, even if the person has a PR secretary, to respond to every single person while continually producing content. Yes, you might see it as a sleight, but I don’t honestly believe it’s meant as a personal attack.


I called his answering service multiple times, only to find out that my information wasn’t in their database. Sorry, but I don’t believe that for one second.


So who’s running his Twitter account then?


He probably does. Isn’t there a “Mark All Read” button for messages, too?


Someone is reading the messages that I’m sending him. So it’s either him or someone else that is ignoring my direct messages. It’s still wrong from my standpoint. I don’t have the money, so maybe that’s why they aren’t in a hurry. It is what it is. Private universities are allowed to discriminate Christians, according to what I’ve been told. “If you decide to not take on my case, then please tell Alex Jones to tell Trump to pass a law that prohibits this type of religious discrimination.” So this is what I told him in the email.


It says that he seen my messages. What now?


This is a university that’s been discriminating against you? If so, have you tried going to this place:

They’ve been taking up a lot of speech cases on behalf of collegians, including someone I went to college with that they tried to expel for a drawing.

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Anyways, I don’t want to argue with you. I hope you can respect my point of view, as I will respect your point of view.


Nah, they couldn’t help me. Thanks for looking out though!


I rather not disclose the university on here. However, I could provide the actual university via email.


A private university is not restricted by the 1st Amendment. However, a state university is restricted by the 1st Amendment. If I would of known this, I wouldn’t have attended this liberal university.


I certainly wouldn’t ask you to disclose information you’re not comfortable with doing, just “a university” was perfectly fine.

As for the free speech thing, they may be private, but they still can get government grants for research. Plus, FIRE has dealt successfully with plenty of private universities, so don’t let them make you think you’re helpless. Sorry to read they couldn’t help you, and sadly that’s the best at least I’d be able to help you with. Hopefully things work out however you choose to go.

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