Infowars Music 10+


I just gotta say Infowars has the best bumper music and some of that low-fi ad music gets me groovin. Keep it up. :guitar::headphones::saxophone::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note:


Love the mega death he plays. Rammstein too.


Love the megadeth! Saw them 2 summers ago. They killed. The set list was insane


You’d really enjoy this related thread–a list of Infowars, et al, bumper music. :slight_smile:


Amerika is from Rammstein too


Please list your favorite bumper music there would you?


Loved when Coheed and Cambria Welcome home came on!




He play’s Pink Floyd’s Money also Mother.And a few tracks from Iron maiden. Aces High, The Prisoner ,Hallowed Be Thy Name and Run to the Hills. Oh and 2min To Midnight.



One of my favorites is Hank Williams., Jr


I just heard Coheed & Cambria on the war room…that was dope…


Infowars should bump some clips from this track!