Infowars Show Thread 04.15.19


Bernie is not lying about one thing, Trump has NOT taken on the ESTABLISHMENT…he has cowered to it…Vaccines, Automation, 5g, Voter Fraud! But FUCK BERNIE…He is a got damn COMMIE who will claim his JEWISH heritage if the Zionists are not qwelled!


Info wars ap crashed?


Tax day. My wife likes to revel in the fact that we are getting money back. What she fails to see is how much the IRS took in the first place. :rage:


I had to switch to audio only.


Or how much YOU recived during the hear in the for of hating a paycheck!


I am getting crashes but up now.


MY APP is crashing too


Also getting freezing like on scope but from the feed. Did not happen with David today.


Next level shilling is going on here…the Zionist takeover!


Is there anyone who watches infowars, who can sort out the truthin all of this ZIONIST propaganda?


I can. I managed foreign citizens from Israel here illegally for years.

Basically they want to be like us but think to do this you need to scam and live an immoral lifestyle like the people in The Sopranos. They think they are better than you. Will brag about giving a man a fish but will never teach others to be fishers of men. They say Israel women are better than the women in the US. Their own bottom line and not US Citizens are the focus of every transaction. Then they move home.