Infowars Stream Of The AJ Show Not Working


No matter what browser I use…the Infowars broadcast is being knocked down!!!

Anyone else???


Mines working on the app Levit.


I’ll bet a nickel they are getting a ton of new traffic.


Working fine in my phone app and Microsoft Edge man. However, if I try to stream the show from the stock browser on my Android, it cuts off after about 30-60 seconds every single time. On Wifi or not, doesn’t seem to matter.


For the seven thousandth time…


No problems here


Working now!!!


Anyone notice that the stream is lagging a bit? Doesn’t look like video lag, as it seems to happen even with the video partially hidden. I’m still on the m3u8 direct through a media player.


Video is fine but the audio is a bit jittery.


OK, so it’s not just me. Perhaps DDoSing after the addition to the Clinton Body Count?


are all your adblockers disabled?


As I mentioned, I am not using a browser to watch. Take a look above as to what I am using, directly into a media player. And I don’t use WinBlows, so it’s not that one.


I’ve already switched to audio only. Perfectly fine there.