@Infowarsarmy Austin: #Beto #FakeHispanic Austin 9pm


Hey @Infowarsarmy Austin…#Beto the #FakeHispanic will be in Austin Saturday night. I’m thinking @OwenShroyer & possibly @Real_AlexJones may pay Beto a visit…

I’m SERIOUSLY thinking of crashing the party…with Owen (if I can locate him)?



I’m not sure if I want to go out all IN YOUR FACE or not. Thinking of helping to back @OwenShroyer up at this den of demons!


Let us know tomorrow we we can watch it, if it’s videoed.


I will do some recording for sure. Getting to use my new Smove Gimble for the first time on the battlefield. I’m charging it up now.


So is there anyone in the Austin area or surrounding area who’s interested in tagging along with me? I’m hoping to be able to catch up with the Infowars Crew at the event…although I have not gotten in touch with any of them other than to send them an email to ask about their plans and Express my interest in attending and being a back up for @OwenShroyer should these psycho #Betoites try to get aggressive with him or Sam or any of the other infowars crew who may be present.

Just curious. IF you don’t want to put this out publicly hit me up in the private message section so that we can coordinate something.


We had an AMAZING time at the Beto rally with the infowars crew: @OwenShroyer, @PASTORSAM, @Texas_T, @SamMontoya, and the iconic @Real_AlexJones also came by and we got to help back up the infowars security team.

It was an incredible night…

Unfortunately, the audio quality of [these Facebook livestreams] are a bit lacking at times and with some periodic distortion but other wise came out pretty amazing.

This was the best @Infowarsarmy Austin I have had the privilege to attend to date…


@OwenShroyer @DrHarrison @PASTORSAM @Texas_T @Johnboy @mr_president2028 @Aamonews @loca.0.motives @proudinfidel @MamaPotato

Here’s My First Man On The Street Recorded At The #Beto #EpicFail Really…



The above video has been blocked in some countries for some bizarre Copyright infringement…

It’s Interesting that I’m getting a Copyright infringement notices when this video was a compilation of multiple video that I PERSONALLY shot last night at the #Beto#EpicFailReally


We got excited when everyone went live last night.
… and I pegged you right away @PASTORSAM.



Cow tipping



Re upload it to bit chute and FAST!!!

Its because there is music playing at the concert in the backround


Good jobs guys gettinf out and interfacing w these ppl!


Bowel movements for Beto


Could you smell that beto when the cow tipped over?

Is there a preferred InfoWars hotels / spas in Austin that the hart can use if they come to town? I already know which BBQ place Alex likes.


Thank you my friend. We did have an AWESOME time tagging along with the infowars crew.


Gregg…That new camera has excellent sound, it picks up the birds in the background in stereo, amazing! I’m in Ct., I can’t wait for those Spring mornings with the birds singing at daybreak, it’s been a long, cold Winter. Also, good job on the street, please keep it up my friend.


Owen Shroyer @ 18:00…“When you’re a Cow, you have to have you’re head on a swivel” HaHaHa!!! The Bilingual Bovine that can’t Vote…It’s a Mooovement!!! Great job Gregg…and everyone there fighting to save America, Thank You from a Veteran.


Thanks so much…It was a lot of fun and an honor to be able to assist the Infowars crew during our protest of #Beto the #FakeHispanic #BovinesForBeto