PEEPS, ALPHA50 code does not work, for me anyway


ALPHA50 code does not work @

Oddly, maybe not, but the email codes I receive, NEVER work for some reason…

Anyone else have this issue?


Did you also have problems with the free shirt & mystery gift in December? I’ll try that code in a sec to see if it works for me.


Nope, doesn’t work. Better email customer service.


I had 8-10 orders during the free t-shirt run…received shirts on about half of them…didn’t make a fuss because, well, was still banking on the discounts and free shipping already…


The code is working today. Just tried it after getting an email from them saying it worked for 'em.


I received the free T Shirt but I didn’t receive the mystery gift.


oh yeah, that’s right…after they ran out of shirts, you were supposed to get some throw in gift…unless it was the already throw in free stickers or catalog book deal, I got nada on several…oh well