As I said I do not disagree, however the Context of which I am posting the original post here is for the Average “Home” user, not business owners or intrapreneurs per say. I also mentioned this is only a suggested alternative to Microsoft, Apple, and Android as a way of protest.

However I can also say first hand that I have been in many Studios that are PURE Linux and to say the least a tight ship. In regrades to people whom do own a business I would suggest further research before switching to Linux of course.

Ubuntu and Mint are the closest to the Windows and Apple experience. that being easier for the average user to acclimatize to and use most efficiently. Also that Each of these are developed with Compatibility in mind, Also that many developers and manufacturers are coding drivers and support for it.

I welcome any alternative suggestions equally.



A. Tryin my heart out to find a demo. Know any?

B. I would like to take the leap on a PC from 2008 with Windows 8 into Linux.

C. Is there a tutorial ?


I disagree that Linux can never be “perfect’. Most of its problems have been because of lacking hardware driver support. Where some device manufacturers were copyrighting their driver code and it couldn’t be distributed with Linux for " free” even though Microsoft does just that with Windows Update. Great strides have been made in this area, but it remains the key problem for consumers.

Windows 10 has some MAJOR security problems. It is the first version of windows where Microsoft has complete cloud integration. They have integrated logins to Microsoft Graph which is an intelligence system. They have features like “spaces” which logs and stores non-volatile process data in the cloud. They track microphones, cameras, location data, “typing and inking”, its the first version to have an advertiser ID like mobile phones do. Back in older days we used to disable the background intelligent transfer service (bits), but today it’s completely integrated all across the product. By default all IE and Edge searchs are tied to your Microsoft account and you can see them at live.com. It’s like what Google and Apple do. In China the government has direct access in Windows 10 PCs. In the XP days China made citizens use special software. They don’t need to anymore, it’s built in. NewsGuard is coming as well…same architecture concept. There is a hell of a lot of tyranny on the horizon, the data collection has gone mainstream and it’s only a matter of time before they start using it. It’s time to take evasive action now to delete all these accounts and stop using it. Unfortunately I write ALOT of code dependent on Microsoft frameworks, and my livelihood is dependent on their technology.

Oh and Microsoft has a new Search indexer that builds a database of your entire hard drive. Windows Defender actively scans every custom built program and deletes it if a violation occurs.


All they need is a smart TV with access to the internet.


So Android apps will work on Linux?


Visit the first post, blue text is linked to more information… additionally there are plenty tutorials online that relate to most common devices…


I just feel that I should pitch some stuff out there in regard to Linux.

First, if you’re considering using Linux it’s important to familiarize yourself with Richard Stallman. You should also research the GPL license and how it is essential to the survival of Linux. Also the Free Software Foundation. The user base of Linux is extremely ideological and for good reason.

Second, read up on Linus Torvalds. He is the creator of the Unix compatible kernel called Linux.

Third, read about The Linux Foundation, who currently pay Linus Torvalds and the major sponsors of The Linux Foundation, Google, Microsoft, Vmware and other terrible companies.

Check out some online personalities that make Linux content. I recommend Bryan Lunduke, JakeJW93, Jupiter Broadcasting.

Fourth, using Linux does not make your computer safe. Everything can be hacked and very easily most of the time. If you’re going to install Linux yourself you have the option to encrypt your drive, you should do this if you are handling sensitive data.

Fifth, There are many companies that pre-install Linux on machines and offer product hardware and software support. In the United States there are System76, Purism, Dell, HP, Think Penguin that I would recommend. In the UK there are several as well. The best known from UK are Entroware and the Raspberry pi foundation. There are several others but I can’t recall their names, there are many reviews online. Also there is the PineBook at Pine64.org. - There are also companies that provide Linux distrobutions that are licensed with codecs and other proprietary software. Black Lab Linux and Linspire are two of them. I’m sure there are others. (These distros are not free and require you purchase them)

Sixth, Understand what you are getting yourself into. You will give up a lot of things to move operating systems. In my opinion it’s completely worth it. I have been a Linux user for 19 years now and I would never consider using anything else. Not that BSD isn’t legit, but it’s not superb like Linux.

Short list, hope this helps.



Oh yeah, and RTFM then PYS.


Bullshit… Linux is a huge hole in security no different than Windows. Come on now. If you are on the Internet you are exposed.

The only way to be C2 compliment is to be in a box all by yourself.

I have had viruses on Linux. Go to the wrong site and you are fucked. At least in Window I know when I am infected. RELOAD!!!

Firefox banned Infowars RSS feeds and other. So what browsers are you willing to use that will keep you safe in Linux? NOT A DAMN one…

Prove me wrong.


I can agree with that… However we can not consider Windows, Apple or Android as perfect, rather acknowledge the plethora or vulnerability’s (Back Doors / Hidden Ports) purposely placed that the average grade hacker can exploit with ease… Windows is for Ransom and Worms, Viruses and Trojans, Meaning its platform meant for Spying on its Users… Email bombs and Mass data collection that literally equates to Theft of Intellectual Property and Personal Privacy for the sake of a User Agreement, deliberately written so that it is not read (deliberately complicated and boring)… Opposite of Facebook’s psychology / Religion.

You really don’t think these companies are making Billions and or Trillions on their Shit Software that is Primarily designed to keep you Entertained rather than Studying and Researching while preoccupying the end “USER” (as in Addiction) A Smooth, Gaming and Movie Experience above ALL things while selling bulk data to all the other ABC’S & 123’S Globally, If we dont thing that then we would be both naive and silly…

Consider the Names of these Criminals is made Obvious as if an Insult to the Intellectual and Intelligence… Windows, Apple, Android, these are NOT the Names of the Software but rather their Primary Function, Service and Purpose… Windows to spy on you and all that you will do with their technology and the hardware that also has data stolen from it by driver and hardware manufacturers, that CONTRACT to Microsoft or Vice versa, The “License” to trade. the Apple to tempt you in to Believing there is Real competition and an Actual Market (Choice), and Android to zombify you and Produce the “The Clone and Drone” by it’s Propagated and Simulated Convenience while stealing your bio-metric, environmental and habitual data that is sold to and on the same market…Just take a look around It’s Literally in your Face so we are Accustomed to it, It’s NORMAL and so we are NOT immediately ALARMED to it, And so that we stand a good chance at becoming ADDICTED TO IT, or DEPENDENT on it, like heroin addiction.

The “NAMES” are Codes for “Programs” NOT of Programs… Open them Eyes and See a BIGGER Picture, hence why I am saying LINUX is a GOOD alternative and effective form of Protest and Activism against these monsters and their Exploitation and manipulation for Profit and Power.

Consider as I mentioned above IF 20% of their Customer and User base disappearing at a steady rate, It would prove a Real Threat to any Corporation that Generates +75% of its Gains and Profits by Selling Stolen Information via the Dark.

Google is the Switch Box, and Governor by insuring all Data traverses at lest one of there Data Centers for Capture, Intercept, or Storage including Encrypted and Non encrypted Data of ALL Networks Globally, they are the Primary Directors and Distributors of Data and Data streams to the Biggest Bidder or according to the (Market), Microsoft is Stealing from the Disk and Desktop.

NO They DON’T COMPETE, although they Propagate that they do… it’s all Bullshit, they all Sell and Buy Data from each other on a Massive scale, Many Terabytes of Data…

Lol, ever wonder why Apple is still around? Maybe because Microsoft paid the bill by Buying Data from Apple, lol they even thought to Merge the two, the Microsoft / Apple hybrid, that was only ever beta tested. But was ditched due to Legal issues, Microsoft would have been accused of Duopoly along with a number of infringements unto Competition Law, That are only the Tip of the Iceberg that would have Sank the Titanic.

This was meant to be Microsoft’s answer to the direct threat of LINUX…
“In August 2016, Microsoft unveiled the latest Windows subsystem called the Windows Subsystem for Linux This subsystem, available only on 64-bit Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update, codenamed Redstone)”

And if you know Anything about the Dark-Web, Free-net and others then this could Explain the Absurd amounts of Data Transfer that Saturates the Darkness 24/7, (Noise), lol you don’t think they send that shit via Gmail, YouTube video or Facebook post do we?


So It is NOT about the Technical Ends of Linux that are of LITTLE concern to the everyday HOME user whom will EXPERIENCE NONE of these engineering issues Unless they start looking in to Developing and contributing to the Linux Community.


Lastly ALL the INFORMATION PERTAINING to Linux and its flavors is AVAILABLE on the Original Post of this Thread, You can Find HERE.


Unfortunately that is ALL incorrect other then the Internet part, Yes all data is intercepted 100%


Look dude… every device on this GOD DAMN internet is collected by the NSA. Prove me wrong.

You can’t say I’m wrong when you are wrong. Just saying. Plus Linux after decades of advancement still is a pain in the ass and supports shit… yet so much better today than it was. STILL A HOLE IN SECURITY.

Show me my errors in my way. I been doing this shit since 1984.

Even on Windows I can encrypted everything I do… VPN and other but I just don’t have anything to hide so I don’t give a fuck. I hope you understand.

Now prove to me how Linux is better than Windows and I will prove you wrong.

No different than Android, iOS, Windows 3.11 Chameleon to Windows Server 2012, everything is compromises by design. You can do victuals up the ass and the CIA can still get to your shit.

You have not proved me wrong. Now prove it. Your opinion is crap till you prove it and I will prove you wrong.


The only way to be C2 is to never have a network connection and I am not sure today that is still safe. Frequencies and vibrations.


Okay…I dont care to Argue… Research will answer most of that, so I will leave that up to you… Cheers.

I agreed… beyond that research and prove yourself. :+1:


Lastly ALL the INFORMATION PERTAINING to Linux and its flavors is AVAILABLE on the Original Post of this Thread, You can Find HERE.


Don’t post any bullshit. Prove me wrong.


I have proved it. Got it? I have proved it to myself. Why I’m willing to debate you. Now debate. The Alternative is to NO THINK. They got our thoughts as well. Way bigger than any OS.


Which is frivolous as the Post is not about Debate… it’s about


Also note That you still have not suggested or contributed, Stop trolling the Thread or contribute, that would be appreciated, Thanks.

Also if you want Prof, do your own research, I have nothing to prove, READ and LEARN if you would like to know more, All the LINKS to get you started in the Right direction have been PROVIDED above, HERE… Enjoy.



If you have nothing to hide… who cares. I have nothing to hide. Protecting myself from hackers not in Military Intelligence or any country… well good luck.


You just posted to use Linux because it is safe to use compared to * . *. I am tell you that is a foolish statement.

Not trolling when I know things you don’t clearly.


Either tell the truth or stop telling.