You suck at debating when you are losing. Just saying. Now go play with your little Linux.


Thread Dead. Anyone with any common sense will see the truth… either you or I.


@hxtr Stop trolling the Thread That would be appreciated, Thanks.

Maybe scroll up and take note how others have contributed INFORMATION, rather then Slander and wannabe debates, beyond that, do as you do, be as you be… who cares, it’s just spam and trolling anyway.

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I have to agree with you that the failure point for every OS is networking. I would have to say that in general the GPL and possibly, depending on the devs, other licenses that do provide code have a much greater ability to audit code for security. So with that in mind I would say Linux is superior as a model for general security. When you get into the internet there are a lot of tools available for Linux but you’re going to have better luck securing your network on the network hardware level and putting your focus there and less on your computer’s operating system. But that’s a very deep dive topic and can become very complicated. But it really depends on what you’re using your system for when it comes to just how hardened your security is. :smiley:


This is not Trolling. This is providing a common sense prospective to your nonsense. Prove me wrong. I asked you to prove me wrong and all you want to do is call me a troll.

No my friend… I’m giving you facts. Prove my facts wrong. You wont be able to. You have not provided one argument that proves your point. I’m giving you that chance.

I promise you… you wont be able to. You’re not talking to some dumb fuck hillbilly know noting. I have decades of experience and when I stared learning… I was an infant in knowledge.


If you can’t stand the heat… get the fuck out of the kitchen.


It’s said replying for a while now, this may be a long reply…


@hxtr I have already answered you…a Few times now actually.

The Deeper you go, the more you will learn, Also by your comments, I can safely assume you have not READ any of the posts before you… I would suggest doing so, as now your coming across as ignorant.

Dude I only replied to you so that you are aware that I have already answered your challenge, by telling you to EDUCATE yourself, and that the Deeper you go, the more you will know, It’s OPEN SOURCE, meaning you can LOOK at the CODE if you so choose to by downloading the SOURCE CODE of ALL Flavors.

Lastly I suggest you START from the TOP and READ on until you return to this post to even have the BASIC understating of what your “Talking” about… Otherwise Remain Ignorant and be the Troll, As I mentioned Do as you Do, Be as you Be…



I rest my case. All you are saying is I am wrong, I am not educated and you have not told me how Linux is better than ANY OS. So…

Your honor, I rest my cast.


I said you where “Incorrect” not Wrong…

I provided the links so that you can Educate yourself.

I have on multiple occasion however as I mentioned your Ignorance is because you FAILED to read the posts before posting your own, that are not Even informational, I mean at all, so I dont know what else you expect.

Thank you. Much appreciated… :slight_smile:


Wow, it’s almost like you both have different opinions…lol


hahahahaha I am incorrect but I am not wrong. hhhahaaha if that is not a fucking oxymoron what is? hahhaahah

You provided links and I provided you my words and insight. No going to go to any fucking links. I know better. Use your own words to explain. Your links mean dick to me or anyone. Ask anyone. hahhaahahaha

That made me laugh.


Just stop already. You clearly don’t have a fucking clue what you are talking about.


No its that there are Two primary difference of people. People who only “Speak” of what they Think, and Others that “Speak” only of what they Know…

He thinks he knows But refuses to do research, it is not Opinion, it is @hxtr being a ignorant Troll, as I have already asked him a number of times to contribute or move on. Clearly because he fails to provide anything informational or even pertaining to the Topic, Where I come from We call these type people Trolls, morons and what I prefer Ignorant. Funny thing is Most people who are “Ignorant” as in Silly or Not knowing often take this word Offensively, while others know its meaning and Take it as Interesting, and REASON to Research and Study.

So it has little to do with Opinion. Clearly he is not informed or knowledgeable enough to even Debate or argue but attempt to slander and at Trolling this thread and me clearly, Hence my having thanked him for moving on, which apparently passed way above his head or that he ignores deliberately.

Scroll up and you will notice POSTS that are the difference of Opinion and a NOTABLE difference regarding information and proper debate that is directly related to this Thread and its Topic.

It’s unfortunate there are people whom choose to act like that in this community, but so is it in other community’s, Sucks but that’s Reality.


You guys…so…silly…



Reasoning for this post

However we can not consider Windows, Apple or Android as perfect, rather acknowledge the plethora or vulnerability’s (Back Doors / Hidden Ports) purposely placed that the average grade hacker can exploit with ease… Windows is for Ransom and Worms, Viruses and Trojans, Meaning its platform meant for Spying on its Users… Email bombs and Mass data collection that literally equates to Theft of Intellectual Property and Personal Privacy for the sake of a User Agreement, deliberately written so that it is not read (deliberately complicated and boring)… Opposite of Facebook’s psychology / Religion.

You really don’t think these companies are making Billions and or Trillions on their Shit Software that is Primarily designed to keep you Entertained rather than Studying and Researching while preoccupying the end “USER” (as in Addiction) A Smooth, Gaming and Movie Experience above ALL things while selling bulk data to all the other ABC’S & 123’S Globally, If we dont thing that then we would be both naive and silly…

Consider the Names of these Criminals is made Obvious as if an Insult to the Intellectual and Intelligence… Windows, Apple, Android, these are NOT the Names of the Software but rather their Primary Function, Service and Purpose… Windows to spy on you and all that you will do with their technology and the hardware that also has data stolen from it by driver and hardware manufacturers, that CONTRACT to Microsoft or Vice versa, The “License” to trade. the Apple to tempt you in to Believing there is Real competition and an Actual Market (Choice), and Android to zombify you and Produce the “The Clone and Drone” by it’s Propagated and Simulated Convenience while stealing your bio-metric, environmental and habitual data that is sold to and on the same market…Just take a look around It’s Literally in your Face so we are Accustomed to it, It’s NORMAL and so we are NOT immediately ALARMED to it, And so that we stand a good chance at becoming ADDICTED TO IT, or DEPENDENT on it, like heroin addiction.

The “NAMES” are Codes for “Programs” NOT of Programs… Open them Eyes and See a BIGGER Picture, hence why I am saying LINUX is a GOOD alternative and effective form of Protest and Activism against these monsters and their Exploitation and manipulation for Profit and Power.

Consider as I mentioned above IF 20% of their Customer and User base disappearing at a steady rate, It would prove a Real Threat to any Corporation that Generates +75% of its Gains and Profits by Selling Stolen Information via the Dark.

Google is the Switch Box, and Governor by insuring all Data traverses at lest one of there Data Centers for Capture, Intercept, or Storage including Encrypted and Non encrypted Data of ALL Networks Globally, they are the Primary Directors and Distributors of Data and Data streams to the Biggest Bidder or according to the (Market), Microsoft is Stealing from the Disk and Desktop.

NO They DON’T COMPETE, although they Propagate that they do… it’s all Bullshit, they all Sell and Buy Data from each other on a Massive scale, Many Terabytes of Data…

Lol, ever wonder why Apple is still around? Maybe because Microsoft paid the bill by Buying Data from Apple, lol they even thought to Merge the two, the Microsoft / Apple hybrid, that was only ever beta tested. But was ditched due to Legal issues, Microsoft would have been accused of Duopoly along with a number of infringements unto Competition Law, That are only the Tip of the Iceberg that would have Sank the Titanic.

This was meant to be Microsoft’s answer to the direct threat of LINUX…
“In August 2016, Microsoft unveiled the latest Windows subsystem called the Windows Subsystem for Linux This subsystem, available only on 64-bit Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update, codenamed Redstone)”

And if you know Anything about the Dark-Web, Free-net and others then this could Explain the Absurd amounts of Data Transfer that Saturates the Darkness 24/7, (Noise), lol you don’t think they send that shit via Gmail, YouTube video or Facebook post do we?


So It is NOT about the Technical Ends of Linux that are of LITTLE concern to the everyday HOME user whom will EXPERIENCE NONE of these engineering issues Unless they start looking in to Developing and contributing to the Linux Community.


Ubuntu and Mint are the closest to the Windows and Apple experience. that being easier for the average user to acclimatize to and use most efficiently. Also that Each of these are developed with Compatibility in mind, Also that many developers are codding drivers and support for it.

I welcome any alternative suggestions equally.

PS: I have included a Few Polls that may prove a sense of what others think of Linux and its Flavors.


I am wrong. Prove me wrong.


Lol… what’s the point when you already admit to being wrong, kinda proves it’s self… No?

I say sarcastically… :wink:


Hey Bingozee, did you ever see the CIA Vault 7 Wikileaks released about the CIA hacking ability? You know when a virtual runs on top a OS like Linux, Windows or other, that virtual has no idea about the host OS right? With the right exploit due to the flaws put in Intel and AMD chips, it allows it to be seen.

Until we change the flaw in hardware nothing is secure. We have to fix the hardware first. Software is not secure if the hardware has build in exploits and is compromised.

That was going to be my final argument if you did try and prove me wrong. :wink: No matter how much we think things might be secure… they were designed not to be.