Get a throw away laptop purchased at a computer/ham fest and run TAILS. Don’t install on the HD, just keep it on the thumbdrive, preferably one of these:


Create a new set of accounts that you only access from that image. If you are really paranoid, leave your cellphone at home and connect to the coffee house/hotel/library wireless from the parking lot out of sight from the cameras.

What Hxtr alledges regarding the hardware may indeed be true. I understand that certain agencies have a special Windows 7 build and CentOS 7 builds for their internal use. TAILS obfuscates MAC addresses, but some identifiers that I outlined in some of my other posts are still there and may be mined and sent. Watch out for any computers/laptops/servers that have build in management interfaces. Those are notoriously suspected of being used for covert channels.

Sic transit InfoSec,



Yes I mentioned it in a few of the posts above… including the first post +more…

See “Reasoning for this post”. HERE

PS: lol brother you might have started with that rather than trying to “Debate”, “Argue” or “fight” with me lol… anyways thank you for posting something more relevant. I appreciate that more then anything :+1:

FOR OTHERS who may have not read the first post of this thread, I suggest CLICKING HERE, you will find a few polls that you may participate…

Thank you.


I guess my point form the start… it don’t matter what OS we run. Everything is compromised. Linux is no different. :slight_smile: Roger that Bingozee.


YUP I never argued otherwise, as I mentioned the point of the thread is Only to present Alternatives as a form of “DIGITAL” Protest and Activism to the MAINSTREAM OS such as Windows, Apple and Android for example, and that the Alternative is LINUX, primarily because it is Open Source, meaning we can see and work the code rather then it being encrypted or hidden as it is in the aforementioned Operating systems and their code…

And that I welcome other suggestions or Alternatives Equally…


It would be great if we really had an alternative. It really would. What’s great about Linux you can find a flavor for just about any hardware type. Windows likes to kill your old hardware as we both know.

I’m just made nothing is secure and I guess I take offense to it, when I shouldn’t.


I installed a version of Linux to an old PC about a year ago. Then tried to install OpenOffice on it. I did a lot of searching but could not figure out how to install it. All articles use acronyms and terminology that is very difficult for a newbie to understand. It doesn’t seem user friendly at all - even after all these years of people using Linux. I gave up - I just didn’t have time to mess with it. I know I would have eventually figured it out, but just wasn’t worth the trouble.


That and by better understanding the LINUX kernel we can develop our own OS and software, along with drivers if source code is available.

The primary function of LINUX can be completely controlled by the end user, as such we can also control the ports and addresses of the hardware utilized by the OS, that can in effect avoid known hardware exploits, but no, not all, as some are true functions of the hardware in order to produce a functional OS, for example the hard code of CPU’s and memory modules.

I mentioned how hardware developers have many hidden and unrecognized ports that require deeper research, but that are primarily utilized by the manufacturer rather then OS.

Of course there are a plethora of methods of exploitation, however with LINUX, these exploits are sometimes much harder to hide let alone function while we have access to source code, but to recognize also requires a solid understanding of LINUX and the Unix kernel that can take years to fully comprehend.

Lastly for the average everyday user LINUX is a feasible alternative form the get go, this is excluding the fact all internet traffic is intercepted no matter what OS we choose to utilize… thus for ultimate solution one world not allow a network or internet service or connection on a protected unit… “isolation”. I have one such unit here, a laptop that has never been connected to any thing, nor has it the capability directly or remotely.

I would even suggest opening the case and Removing the Wifi hardware altogether as it’s still accessible even while not enabled.

at the end the best alternative is knowledge and understanding…


It really depends on the flavor of LINUX, take a peek at the first post, you can see what others have chosen as a flavor.

I would suggest Ubuntu or Mint, you will find Open Office will install and function beautifully. I also use the software…

Consider the rate of innovation and development have not slowed over the years, LINUX is not as it was only a year ago…


Their is a learning curve. I’m sure Bingozee could help. Linux is a much harder to OS work with compared to Windows for sure.

If you get ubuntu installing things are easy and readily available. I myself am not a fan of Open Office due to Java requirements. Java is a huge hole in security.


Very true and I appreciate your insight.


What should be used in place of OpenOffice?


Good question. @Bingozee? What do you think?

I’m stuck on Office 2007 and I got it to work on ubuntu.


Not to be nit picky here bruh but I don’t think vault 7 mentions any exploits specific to spectre or meltdown. The zero days they outlined were not exploits used via network but interfacing with the system in person. I may be incorrect but I dont think soooo. And you didnt mention ime. :confused:


The CIA can get in your computer with zero to no effort that is what the Vault 7 exposed. They hired a company to create it. Let me think of her name… she worked for CBS now I think Fox. Her Mac was hacked by the CIA.

If the CIA wants in, they will get in our PC. I’m sure they have been in mine. This will help explain what I am talking about.

Copy and past removing the dots. I can post the link to the story here.


MattKingLinux. Is that Linuxspeak/Linux lingo? It’s not something I understand.


He’s talking about the Zero Day virus that any PC can get. The the thing that encrypts every data file you have and until you pay ransom by a certain time you may or may or not get you data back. The Meltdown will cause your CPU to over heat and fry.

The comment to me was about these exploits when I am talking about the CIA having full control of your PC or computer or phone or whatever. The CIA has the technology.


No just technical lingo not specific to Linux. I was mentioning things relating to hardware.


For realz? …


I guess LibreOffice could be better than OpenOffice. I see multiple alternatives that are Google, Microsoft, or Chinese.


My customers use Office 365. I have a license but I still use Office 2007.

And yes… for real on the zero day, meltdown and hacking. Nothing is safe if they fear you.