Good god man… I think weve been reading different tech news.


OK, so you are running Microsoft office on Linux?


I can but you have to have a specific version, Enterprise and you have to create a CD with the correct volume name.
This explains. And no I can’t give you the correct version. I could go to jail for it. :wink:


Lol the options are endless really, as I mentioned I use Open Office however sparingly today…

I use applications such as that, ink and gimp to produce production material, but because of the plethora of available applications on the LINUX library is extensive depending on needs and requirements, that like all things time is required to read the information available of each that you may be interested if not the most popular or common…

With that said, I mentioned how both Ubuntu and Mint are my suggestions for non engineer or student users (for the average user, NOT necessarily gamers) as each have been widely known as the best disto to start with when coming from Microsoft or Apple products.

Lastly consider the developers of Open Office, Ubuntu and Mint are working to a shared end, compatibility and stability as are all developers.

The fact is when concerning LINUX the amount of information is very intimidating admittedly but this is dependent on how technical we choose to get :slight_smile:

I would suggest if anything before migrating to LINUX that the average user take some time to watch a few online videos and tutorials regarding LINUX, it helps a lot when you’re presented with the welcome screen :slight_smile:

For first time viewers of this thread, I would suggest CLICKING HERE

Please take a moment to read the initial post of this thread, there are polls that may help provide a prospective of what others think and choose as LINUX flavor…


Click there and ignore my original rhetoric. :wink:


More in efforts of context…


Hey…hey guys…ASL? SSN? DOB? haha


How many machines do you guys have and what operating systems are you guys running on them? Prove me wrong. EDIT: Sorry, I just love “prove me wrong” so much. It’s really fantastic.


Over the time… don’t ask. I try and maintain two and virtuals for alternative OS’s today.

I have so much hardware at my house and I try hard to give it away. I hate hording things I don’t need today but… happens. I miss my C64. I still have hand held games from 1978.

I have had to get rid of so much stuff. My software collection use to mean the world to me. Now… who cares. I can say I have more than you can ever imagine in some things.


I was being arrogant. I’m not proud of saying that.


I think it’s one of the best things you have ever said. Do you happen to have a US Robotics 56k serial modem?


Yep among many. US Robotics was a great modem. 300 baud on my C64 was my first, 1985. I was talking on BBS’s like this in the 80’s. :wink: I think @Bingozee wasn’t born yet. hahahaha

Oh do I still have… NO. I gave up modems a long long time ago. My bad. I need to learn to read and comprehend. :wink:


Nice! I will totally buy you a box of turbo force if you mail it to me. I was on the Bryan Lunduke BBS the other day and it’s just such a great technology. I sometimes wonder if technological advancement is really advancing or is it just making things more complicated and bloated. I didn’t get on the internet until 2000. My first computer came with Windows ME and I purchased Mandrake 7.2 (based on redhat at the time) on my system. My winmodem didn’t work so I used a US Robotics modem, I used that for about 3 years. I’m trying to get a POTS connection here so I can actually use one.


Let me look at my old machines. I am sure one has an old modem I can mail to you. Turbo Force… dude I already bounce off the walls naturally. Super high energy. It might not be a USR but I am sure I have a PCI modem.

I have not had a phone line in almost 20 years.


Well…I really want an ugly box with flashing lights sitting next to my system. I have an Optiplex 755 with a core 2 duo. But it has the DB25 connection that would work so nice with an external. I have considered internal but would need to be low profile and with the graphics card I have installed it may or may not fit in there anyway.
EDIT: I have the GT 610 in that system. It has 12 cuda cores hahaha. It’s so sad. I have a GTX 1050 4GB, GTX 960 4GB and an R9 Fury X system as well. But all of the systems hit high FPS on the LAN games I have. :smiley:


Dell. My Alienware laptop I am on now is a Dell. I like Dell. I have a laptop from 2006 with a cor duo before the core 2 duo and the original battery still holds a charge. My secret is KEEP IT PLUGGED IN!!!

Though the hinges are broken. hahahaha it flops like Mike Obama 10" dong.


I’m using Ubuntu Mate. That is what I recommend. There are so many reasons why Ubuntu is better. It is an alternative. It is competitive. It sits on the free market, on open source, on many things, unlike Microsoft, Apple, etc.


I’m not gonna lie, I love old systems. Some of the technology from around 04/06 was really great. I had a system at one time that someone gave me. It was a portable computer. It was an amber screen DOS machine that used single density floppy disks, one drive for the OS and one drive for the Programs. I wish I hadn’t given it away. Stupid decision.


Ubuntu MATE is a great OS and you can even install it on the Raspberry PI 3 B+, not to mention you can boot from an external HDD or SSD for your OS by default on the newer PI. Nice!


I have a old Dos phone voice mails system that still works. I loved Dos. I miss Dos.