You can’t be serious… I am obviously much older than you assume. Lol… dude I was one of the first people to use the freenet, lol I was also the first student in school to have access to the first PC available, including the IBM, the Mac, olivetti…Atari, colecovision, among other things that existed long before many of the members here were born…

It’s better not to assume, I am 40+. Lol dude i was also there and had one of the first Motorola cellphones, and publicly accessible scanners but can’t Remember its name…

Lol I am not naive…


I gave @Texas_T my Rasberry PI 3. He can do so much with it. Learn to program Python and so much more. Right Tex!!!


Yes DOS was really great, FreeDOS works great in a VM for some old video games. Still the best part of DOS was choice for making scripts, so handy to make an interface for your programs.


I use Dos Box… I still play Warcraft 1 the original. So fun. IPX game meaning not TCP/IP.


Ubuntu is not as hard to use as it might have been in the 1990’s. Plus, most viruses are designed for computers using Microsoft, generally speaking.


I do believe Ubuntu launched in 2004. :smiley: And…the Linus didn’t post his kernel till 91. :smiley:


Which means using Ubuntu would have been pretty hard to use in the 1990’s, if it didn’t exist haha.


I proved that wrong. I can get a virus in a minute in Linux and I never had virus software for it. I hate virus software. Slows machines down for BS reasons.


Windows 7, I can tell if a machine is infected. 10 a bit harder but still I can tell. Lunix… you know after a while but only the symptoms I could tell.


I already put linux on my pc bout a mounth or so ago, due to a number of reasons, inculding the coming on device(on os) censorship,


I’ve never had a virus on Linux personally. But I don’t get on the TOR network either.


Hook up that Pi and start playing with it. Get a new chip and put some OS’s on it. YOU WILL love playing with it. Just know that chip I gave you is 10lb of gold.



If you are safe and you know what you are doing… it is hard to get a virus. If you try… it is easy. I use to use Lunix to go to bad places and… I got viruses. So surf smart and you are good. That goes for any OS.

Yes still the CIA has a way to get in. Bastards!!! lol


Nor have I had any vulnerabilitys exploited while on LINUX, nor have I from the tor network, darkweb or freenets, I guess it’s really a matter of what you will load and where your loading it from… look it’s definitely not a place for the unaware to say the least :slight_smile:

I primarily research and watch particular aspects of it… lots of (noise)… I also find many of the library’s to hold some typically censored or dusty information… I am in to science among other things, so I am typically researching many forms of science… ::face_with_monocle:

PS: I do not recommend using the Tor network unless you have knowledge of VPNS, Firewalls, and other security services and options. There is plenty of information about these things on the Internet and available to all…


@hxtr, you can do so much on Ubuntu. You could try to install some programs that can detect viruses on Ubuntu. You can use Wine to install Window programs on Ubuntu. There are more options for Ubuntu than Windows. Ubuntu is faster. Ubuntu is better. There are so many examples. Watch their videos. You can see it. Google it and you can see so many examples… :smiley:


Every computer can be compromised. The CIA doesn’t have a corner on that market. They just employee a lot of people to find vulnerabilities or they pay 3rd party researchers to find them. And then they get leaked and people in the tech business get angry that they were privy months or years prior to the vulnerability being disclosed to the public.

EDIT: It’s a bit frustrating that they leave these vulnerabilities in place so that they can exploit them all the time knowing that there are likely other governmental agencies in other countries that are using them as well. They make the internet less safe with this practices all because they are greedy for their intel.


I agree…by first hand experience.


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Yep Wine is what I used to install Office 2007. Great stuff. I need to do a dual boot again I guess. This machine is so fast for a laptop. I really like I can just reinstall and be done in less that an hour. 3 SSD drives 2 are M.2’s. 2.5TB of space. I keep running out of room still. hahahaha

Once you go SSD you never go back.