I couldn’t agree with your statement on SSDs more sir. That is the truth. I don’t have a machine that isn’t on solid state. I do still use hard disk drives for long bulk storage. I just have my data mirrored, which ends up being very expensive but I don’t want to loose any data.



has absolutely come a long way over the past two years. Totally agree,


Have you kept up with SteamPlay (Proton)? It’s a wine layer with DXVK that passes all the DX calls to Vulkan. It’s absolutely superb. I have a lot of AAA titles that are have been released in the last months or years and they play absolutely beautifully on my systems. protondb is a good place to check and see if your games will work. Also, they have released a new update that allows you to load programs with proton that are not from the Steam store. It’s very cool.


Just know you’ll @Bingozee has some very valuable knowledge and he’s clearly willing to help you do things. Same for myself. Have a question just ask. Sure there is enough talent on these forums to figure most things out.

I should of held my tongue, then again this is turning out to be a great thread even with my interjections at the start.


Again, I must say, I really enjoyed watching the flame war, however short it may have been. It was a glorious thing to watch.


LOL I remember when we could first install Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and Windows NT using the first versions of Wine on redHat I believe… I am not sure of the Distro, but I think it was RedHat at the time. :slight_smile: lol the Good ol days :slight_smile:

PS: I miss Dos, Basic, QBasic and CBasic which I use to code and develop Dos based apps and Games, including the many many lines of For iF’s and Case. LOLOL, Until VBasic, Pascal, C, C++, HTML and Java come around…


I wasn’t sure @Bingozee was getting my points and he clearly does and was. I was arguing with myself and I was really arguing with the CIA. Gets frustrating knowing what they have done and can do.

Techies debating is a fun thing.


@Mischief_With_Griff mentioned this not too long ago. Looks interesting. :smiley:


Agreed but only when there informational and informative, I call this Intellectual Discussion and Argument. Argument as in a Productive, Constructive manner, rather then Debate or “Fight”, I enjoy it also as it’s this kind of discussion that makes most sense to me and others I believe… Thank you @hxtr. I was just being Strict. I am that way as a Father :slight_smile: it’s in me DNA brother… :), But most I appreciate that you are contributing in a meaningful manner its a pleasure as you mentioned, I agree.



I am not sure about mobile devices and Linux, however I do know there is a lot of innovation and development on that end if not more then on the PC or Lan Based system. It may prove an interesting Study… I do know that you can Currently Install some Flavors of Linux on most Devices, however what functionality or features are currently available or accessible I am unaware.

I may actually do a Little peek see me self :)…

I have however gotten in to Android and been pocking around in there a bit… Made a Few apps… but only Testing and learning currently.

PS: this just Popped in my Head, I remember using VMware Fusion for experimenting, I think that is something I would SUGGEST before Installing or Switching to ANY other OS. They have similar software for Mobile devices also…

It works Much like Wine for Linux but for Windows.


@Bingozee, thanks for that. You’re very helpful. I tend to use Android but may try alternative operating systems for phones.


The Purism Librem 5 runs a full LInux distro based on Debian
The Gemini PDA runs Android but can dual boot into full distros or alternate Linux based phone OSs.

And don’t forget the PiPhone. :smiley: OH…and…uh…the Pyra, if it ever launches may have a phone function at some point. The hardware is there but it will be software contributors that will determine that for the Pyra.


New viewers to this Thread Please CLICK HERE

Reasoning for this post

However we can not consider Windows, Apple or Android as perfect, rather acknowledge the plethora or vulnerability’s (Back Doors / Hidden Ports) purposely placed that the average grade hacker can exploit with ease… Windows is for Ransom and Worms, Viruses and Trojans, Meaning its platform meant for Spying on its Users… Email bombs and Mass data collection that literally equates to Theft of Intellectual Property and Personal Privacy for the sake of a User Agreement, deliberately written so that it is not read (deliberately complicated and boring)… Opposite of Facebook’s psychology / Religion.

You really don’t think these companies are making Billions and or Trillions on their Shit Software that is Primarily designed to keep you Entertained rather than Studying and Researching while preoccupying the end “USER” (as in Addiction) A Smooth, Gaming and Movie Experience above ALL things while selling bulk data to all the other ABC’S & 123’S Globally, If we dont thing that then we would be both naive and silly…

Consider the Names of these Criminals is made Obvious as if an Insult to the Intellectual and Intelligence… Windows, Apple, Android, these are NOT the Names of the Software but rather their Primary Function, Service and Purpose… Windows to spy on you and all that you will do with their technology and the hardware that also has data stolen from it by driver and hardware manufacturers, that CONTRACT to Microsoft or Vice versa, The “License” to trade. the Apple to tempt you in to Believing there is Real competition and an Actual Market (Choice), and Android to zombify you and Produce the “The Clone and Drone” by it’s Propagated and Simulated Convenience while stealing your bio-metric, environmental and habitual data that is sold to and on the same market…Just take a look around It’s Literally in your Face so we are Accustomed to it, It’s NORMAL and so we are NOT immediately ALARMED to it, And so that we stand a good chance at becoming ADDICTED TO IT, or DEPENDENT on it, like heroin addiction.

The “NAMES” are Codes for “Programs” NOT of Programs… Open them Eyes and See a BIGGER Picture, hence why I am saying LINUX is a GOOD alternative and effective form of Protest and Activism against these monsters and their Exploitation and manipulation for Profit and Power.

Consider as I mentioned above IF 20% of their Customer and User base disappearing at a steady rate, It would prove a Real Threat to any Corporation that Generates +75% of its Gains and Profits by Selling Stolen Information via the Dark.

Google is the Switch Box, and Governor by insuring all Data traverses at lest one of there Data Centers for Capture, Intercept, or Storage including Encrypted and Non encrypted Data of ALL Networks Globally, they are the Primary Directors and Distributors of Data and Data streams to the Biggest Bidder or according to the (Market), Microsoft is Stealing from the Disk and Desktop.

NO They DON’T COMPETE, although they Propagate that they do… it’s all Bullshit, they all Sell and Buy Data from each other on a Massive scale, Many Terabytes of Data…

Lol, ever wonder why Apple is still around? Maybe because Microsoft paid the bill by Buying Data from Apple, lol they even thought to Merge the two, the Microsoft / Apple hybrid, that was only ever beta tested. But was ditched due to Legal issues, Microsoft would have been accused of Duopoly along with a number of infringements unto Competition Law, That are only the Tip of the Iceberg that would have Sank the Titanic.

This was meant to be Microsoft’s answer to the direct threat of LINUX…
“In August 2016, Microsoft unveiled the latest Windows subsystem called the Windows Subsystem for Linux This subsystem, available only on 64-bit Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update, codenamed Redstone)”

And if you know Anything about the Dark-Web, Free-net and others then this could Explain the Absurd amounts of Data Transfer that Saturates the Darkness 24/7, (Noise), lol you don’t think they send that shit via Gmail, YouTube video or Facebook post do we?


So It is NOT about the Technical Ends of Linux that are of LITTLE concern to the everyday HOME user whom will EXPERIENCE NONE of these engineering issues Unless they start looking in to Developing and contributing to the Linux Community.


Ubuntu and Mint are the closest to the Windows and Apple experience. that being easier for the average user to acclimatize to and use most efficiently. Also that Each of these are developed with Compatibility in mind, Also that many developers are codding drivers and support for it.

I welcome any alternative suggestions equally.

PS: I have included a Few Polls that may prove a sense of what others think of Linux and its Flavors.



Enjoying Proxmox with FreeBSD and Kubuntu


BSD…pshhhh ;)…


I’ve not been a fan of the Unity user interface (UI) which mirrors Apple desktops in some ways. They put Unity on Ubuntu. I’m more of a fan of customization of the panels in the UI, the desktop. It’s important to be able to add and remove items off the panels. Also, I prefer functionality over special effects on the desktop. I don’t need glitter. I just need to be able to switch between windows, tabs, programs, as fast as possible without delay.


Are you talking about Plasma desktop? If so, I agree. I use plasma on all my desktops. It is superb even back in old days kde was awesome. You should checkout trinity desktop. It was forked when kde4 was released. It’s based on kde 3.5. Oh…you were just saying you don’t like unity got it. But you should check out plasma if you want a super granular experience.


I’m talking about GNOME 2.


Yeah gnome 2 is legit but I’m a kde guy.