:bell: Time to Protest by REMOVING their Spywares!

Reasoning for this post

I can agree with that… However we can not consider Windows, Apple or Android as perfect, rather acknowledge the plethora or vulnerability’s (Back Doors / Hidden Ports) purposely placed that the average grade hacker can exploit with ease… Windows is for Ransom and Worms, Viruses and Trojans, Meaning its platform meant for Spying on its Users… Email bombs and Mass data collection that literally equates to Theft of Intellectual Property and Personal Privacy for the sake of a User Agreement, deliberately written so that it is not read (deliberately complicated and boring)… Opposite of Facebook’s psychology / Religion.

You really don’t think these companies are making Billions and or Trillions on their Shit Software that is Primarily designed to keep you Entertained rather than Studying and Researching while preoccupying the end “USER” (as in Addiction) A Smooth, Gaming and Movie Experience above ALL things while selling bulk data to all the other ABC’S & 123’S Globally, If we dont thing that then we would be both naive and silly…

Consider the Names of these Criminals is made Obvious as if an Insult to the Intellectual and Intelligence… Windows, Apple, Android, these are NOT the Names of the Software but rather their Primary Function, Service and Purpose… Windows to spy on you and all that you will do with their technology and the hardware that also has data stolen from it by driver and hardware manufacturers, that CONTRACT to Microsoft or Vice versa, The “License” to trade. the Apple to tempt you in to Believing there is Real competition and an Actual Market (Choice), and Android to zombify you and Produce the “The Clone and Drone” by it’s Propagated and Simulated Convenience while stealing your bio-metric, environmental and habitual data that is sold to and on the same market…Just take a look around It’s Literally in your Face so we are Accustomed to it, It’s NORMAL and so we are NOT immediately ALARMED to it, And so that we stand a good chance at becoming ADDICTED TO IT, or DEPENDENT on it, like heroin addiction.

The “NAMES” are Codes for “Programs” NOT of Programs… Open them Eyes and See a BIGGER Picture, hence why I am saying LINUX is a GOOD alternative and effective form of Protest and Activism against these monsters and their Exploitation and manipulation for Profit and Power.

Consider as I mentioned above IF 20% of their Customer and User base disappearing at a steady rate, It would prove a Real Threat to any Corporation that Generates +75% of its Gains and Profits by Selling Stolen Information via the Dark.

Google is the Switch Box, and Governor by insuring all Data traverses at lest one of there Data Centers for Capture, Intercept, or Storage including Encrypted and Non encrypted Data of ALL Networks Globally, they are the Primary Directors and Distributors of Data and Data streams to the Biggest Bidder or according to the (Market), Microsoft is Stealing from the Disk and Desktop.

NO They DON’T COMPETE, although they Propagate that they do… it’s all Bullshit, they all Sell and Buy Data from each other on a Massive scale, Many Terabytes of Data…

Lol, ever wonder why Apple is still around? Maybe because Microsoft paid the bill by Buying Data from Apple, lol they even thought to Merge the two, the Microsoft / Apple hybrid, that was only ever beta tested. But was ditched due to Legal issues, Microsoft would have been accused of Duopoly along with a number of infringements unto Competition Law, That are only the Tip of the Iceberg that would have Sank the Titanic.

This was meant to be Microsoft’s answer to the direct threat of LINUX…
“In August 2016, Microsoft unveiled the latest Windows subsystem called the Windows Subsystem for Linux This subsystem, available only on 64-bit Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update, codenamed Redstone)”

And if you know Anything about the Dark-Web, Free-net and others then this could Explain the Absurd amounts of Data Transfer that Saturates the Darkness 24/7, (Noise), lol you don’t think they send that shit via Gmail, YouTube video or Facebook post do we?


So It is NOT about the Technical Ends of Linux that are of LITTLE concern to the everyday HOME user whom will EXPERIENCE NONE of these engineering issues Unless they start looking in to Developing and contributing to the Linux Community.


I would like to encourage the member’s of this Forum and community to EXIT the Spy Matrix and to STOP supporting Corruption of Google, Microsoft among the others by INSTALLING LINUX on your Vises making them function more as a Device.

Although this may require people step out of the norm I can tell you by First hand experience Its a good choice and worthy of the efforts.

I have included some links here to help you understand Linux better and how you can install this OS on ALL your Vices.

There are many Flavors of Linux that you may choose from and Each are slightly different then the other, however each work much the same…

For people NEW to Linux I would Suggest Ubuntu or Mint, These are the BEST to get started with Linux and offer a familiar environment most of us are accustomed to. Some of the Benefits of Linux are the Plethora of HQ software that are 100% Free and OPEN source.


Take you time to learn more here… LINUX

Personally I have Been using Linux and Unix systems Long before windows was even public and will ALWAYS suggest people do the same… YES it may be a slight learning curve and can seem complicated when first learning about these OS’s however with the Suggested Flavors mentioned above are intended for NEW Linux Users, Meaning these bistros are MADE to help you Learn quickly, and Get started much Easier.

LINUX can be installed ON ALL DEVICES, PC, MAC, Tablet, Phones, Smart TV’s and MANY others.

It can also be Loaded from USB, Memory card, External Drives and other Devices, Meaning you

:no_entry_sign: Failure to check in to this is in many ways Supporting the Abuses of these Fucking shit holes like Microsoft, Google, and Apple OS, ANDROID and others…

PLEASE Participate in the Following POLL.

  • I will look in to it…
  • I will install it…
  • I already use it…
  • I will stick to other…
  • I am confused…
  • I don’t care…

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Please help others choose by answering the following.

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Slackware
  • Mint
  • Xubuntu
  • Arch
  • OpenSUSE
  • Red Hat
  • Slackel
  • PureOS
  • Mageia
  • PCLinuxOS
  • Puppy
  • Zorin
  • Kubuntu
  • Manjaro
  • Other

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Cheers Peeps…


Great point. I wonder if business could be sustained installing open source operating systems and connectivity to InfoWars in local businesses like restaurants and community areas.

Cable = $100+ per month of trash
IW Service = $20 per month to the administrator of open source software and 24 hours of InfoWars

Just an idea for you Infowarriors out there. Works great in taxis too.


If you want to get the corporate part going with the technology recommendations, I will drive to do business installs in my FEMA region for mileage and wage.

www . sign up for IW service . com
Sign up for InfoWars service and support independent technologists!

Business package:
$100 install fee + hardware.
$20 per month for updates, repair, and service.
No contract, month to month, cancel and keep everything!

Become an IW Installer:
FEMA region:
Contact information:
2 weeks of unpaid training required. Must be able to work full time 24 hours a day with your own transportation.


I switched to Linux years ago. It is a great system with flavors for many tastes. I would never go back to a Windows system. I run lineage with microg on my phone for a Google free experience.


Linux was a huge part of my job for a long time, but using it doesn’t really take any money from who you want to keep it from. I’d also strongly recommend windows 10, NT is a sound architecture, and they provide the most freedom for the user and innovation potential.

If you know Linux already, use it… Which is why I do. However it sucks badly at a lot of things it shouldn’t suck at, and it cannot ever be fixed due to being designed intentionally crippled.


I would suggest that is the best thing about it. its FREE, unless your heavy in to it, then things can become costly. Not to mention it has better support now a day then any other OS.


This is crazy man, I use Linux every day of my life, don’t tell people that. Tell them not to use Apple, Linux if they need to, or Windows otherwise.

I have countless embedded boards, each one ran Linux… they all sit in my closets, thanks to Linux’s crap architecture requiring constant systems engineering for basic functionality. Things that could have been fixed if the entire project wasn’t a scam to keep non-unix markets undisrupted.


I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with using WINDOWS or ANDROID on anything… unless your a Game player, then I would suggest Windows for its DirectX support, but if you have a GL card I would Totally suggest Linux.


That is just crazy man, I use Linux EVERY DAY, it has been most of my entire career. All of the graphics subsystem has been horrible for a long time! Only now has it become passible thanks to AMD.

Linux is USEABLE outside of the datacenter, that is the best I can say for it, and that is highly dependant on the user’s activities. Wrapping up entre system codebases to distribute applications? the extreme complications of containerization? It just gets crazier and crazier to solve problems that shouldn’t exist.

I didn’t say to use android either…it just isn’t robust enough for systems level software. People should try Linux out, there is no harm in that, but YMMV depending on your usage. Some things become easier, but some things become harder, and the future is looking very uncertain.

seriously this should put the fear in you, https://thenextweb.com/developerstories/2018/09/19/linux-code-of-conduct/. Do you know what this tells me? It tells me the established interests are planning to displace Linux, its job is done, thus there is no need for continued competence and excellence.


Again, in really boils down to how and what it is used for… On the Average PC, Linux offers superior security, and privacy, It also CUTS off the Majority of Spy Technology build in to Windows, Apple, and Android x10 fold, not to mention there are is little for viruses per say.

For the Average user whom browse the net and created documents, Linux is a feasible option. I am not sure how UP TO DATE you are on Linux but it has Come a VERY long way and could be worth researching further. Consider Almost all Distro’s now are Created to work on almost all hardware now a day, not to mention hardware manufacturers and driver producers have being to publish there own Linux drivers, Such as NVIDIA and others.

Also I am not disagreeing, I am saying YES it is definitely worthy of trying out to the Average user, for Games there is Wine that has been improved dramatically over the last two years, however I would Suggest a duel boot option for the gamer.

RE: Code of Ethnics is Primarily directed at the Community not the software and of course “the established interests are planning to displace Linux” Because of Posts like this… Consider the Losses if people Ditched Microsoft, Apple and the others… DEVASTATION unto them, not only that, they have for a long time been tying to infiltrate the OPEN source community, nothing new there… :slight_smile: Lol even Microsoft with the help of the CIA has Created there own flavor of Linux to try infiltrating.

Beyond these things, I suggest Linux as a Form of Protest of Microsoft, Apple, Android and the many others that Deliberately Code to Steal and spy on it’s users.


I’m using Linux now, lets just say I’m up to date on recent developments.

Yes, if you have an x86_64 system, you can use Linux out of the box. The lack of hardware support isn’t the problem, it’s the overhead of innovating in one centralized codebase… though it is done in a federation like manner, that isn’t good enough. Using Windows I can create a new device, and not need to coordinate across an entire industry, coordination is an innovation choke point with political implications.

The fact that the market is saturated in fragmented Linux based systems, each one competing to be their own apple, is enough to make me less than happy. The impact of the development process, that you’ve forced everyone to roll up into, is most certainly a deeply troubling development.

I am burnt out on “communities”, devolving into tyranny and mediocrity. I don’t do engineering work anymore, I gladly took a giant pay cut for my dignity, autonomy and self-respect. This experience is repeated in trans-national corporations across the entire nation, the most talented and highly productive people are figuring out they are not actually needed.

There is something far worse than the cold face of the market…
it is the bureaucratic, totalitarian, humanity destroying, nightmare that we’re living in. … and Google and Apple benefit from Linux, not sure where you’ve been.


I can agree to some of that, but that is also why I suggested Ubuntu, and Mint, I agree that the community needs to unify, however its also this competition that is Driving deeper development, technology and innovation, thus in many ways necessary, admittedly for the engineer a real pain.

Also as I mentioned Google, Apple and Microsoft have always been trying to hijack Linux, but I am not sure how you think there benefiting unless your referring to them Using Linux themselves or how they Spy on the community and steal code bits and concepts.

Its the old saying “What wont kill you, makes you stronger” :slight_smile:

As I mentioned the point of this post is as a Form of Protest, Are there other alternatives you could suggest?


Consider if 20% of the people stopped eating meat? O wait, I’m not a shrill moralizing leftist, my bad.

This also literally cannot happen, the ARCHITECTUAL limitations ensure this can never happen, UNLESS our enemies did it for their own benefit. By applying political pressure to force market players to bend in their direction, again… always at our expense.

Seriously though, you DON’T want this now, it would mean hardware developers would need to conduct politics to get innovations to market! You are not thinking this through. No, if you’re looking for doing things in the way that least help our enemies, use Windows. Using Linux is like thinking being a vegan helps us towards a solution.

What I’m telling you is, use Linux if you NEED a Unix like system, it’s the best choice for those. Learn it if you want to do something with Unix like systems. Those are the only legitimate reasons.


What are you talking about? Why would someone pay you $20 a month for something that’s Free?


What about using apps in the Play Store? Linux supports them without any issues?


That is untrue… Consider if even 20% of common users switched to Linux, it would be a real Threat to any industry, Microsoft or other, no different then switching back to a land line rather then cell phone… 20% of their costumer base gone would prove devastating.

I think I mentioned hardware and software developers are slowly working Linux in to the mix.

It says you have had some bad experiences :), and I am not disagreeing, I have also been using Linux and Unix before Windows. I know of these growing pains. however consider the more light that is shown on the ternary and exploitation of control will push for alternatives, that at this time is primarily Linux. No?


Not every business can easily install open source operating systems and connect it to InfoWars live video. Why would anyone pay $100 a month for cable?


Look I don’t know what services everyone is wiling to pay for, they have many reasons. First is that nothing is truly free in this world. Linux is free, accomplishing your business goals won’t be.


Linux is a kernel, it can do anything you program it to do. Most people don’t have teams of competent systems programmers, so that limits the appeal.


Just one more time, if you develop a new piece of hardware, you need to work with SJWs to get the driver in the kernel… if you don’t play nice with SJWs, your business takes a big hit, because they will pretend your code is bad cuz “meh white ppl”.

This doesn’t bring the fear yet?