Intro Outro (Bumper) Music of Infowars / Real News / War Room


Another long-time favorite of the Gospel Gunslingers!



This is not for “suggestions”.


Wow nostalgia (David Lee Roth “California Girls”).
(Unfortunate that the video is so racy.)

Brings me back to my childhood.
Certain things–movies, games, songs–trigger that nostalgia.
So good. LOL


Wow, Alex! Thanks a million for using my suggestion! This is one of the greatest anthems for the InfoWarrior today…The Wanderer by Johnny Cash with U2!


Yesterday may be the one and only play ever for this piece of history…

When Harrison said, the OLD Sandman song, he meant the OLD one from the 80s!

Then Alex shifted gears entirely…


LOL “shifted gears entirely”

I know what that’s like–it catches you off guard. LOL


Stone arrested in FL

Hebrews 13:3
“Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.”

King James Version (KJV)




Iv always thought that Johnny cash “when the man comes around” would be a good one for the Alex show.:muscle:



@mitchreese @BroadStripes

There is a thread for Bumper Music Suggestions


Ahh ok thanks I looked for something similar but didn’t see.


Johnny Cash American V–A Hundred Highways is an unbelievable album, where almost every song is a classic. It was one of the last albums before the “Man In Black” went home to heaven. It is also one of Cash’s strongest Gospel messages, as the themes of death, God, and heaven are repeated. Also repeated is the struggle of the saints against evil in these hours, and the warning that many would die resisting. I would like to see more bumper tunes taken from this incredible and prophetic record, but as for now I believe this is the only one:

Johnny was so frail he had to record this album a few lines at a time, then take a break to catch his breath. He is resting now, at last!


Yes @PASTORSAM I noticed his last album was based biblically. Knowing his farther was a preacher (if my memory serves)was also an interesting fact about his life and explains a lot. Very good stuff. I sure miss the man in black! Rest In Peace Johnny!!


A powerful record indeed it was–anointed of God!


Has Alex ever used either of these? This is not the suggestions thread.


Why do you want to mess the thread up? I made this thread so people would be able to find the songs they heard on the show.


The 80s were the height of civilization!