Intro to InfoMOMs


Just a short video on InfoMOMs. We will start discussions that involve the family and how there is a war on the family. Would love to get ideas from everyone! Looking forward to creating new content and make this grow into a podcast God willing!


I love all the info moms



GREAT job!!

You look confident and motivated! Taking action any way we can! I love it!


I took some super female vitality before I did my video :grimacing: thanks so much!! Can’t wait to create more videos ! Hopefully start a podcast and get other infowarriors on and do interviews!


@proudinfidel is subscribed to this woman. In this video, this great woman talks about how Taylor Swift could have done better.


I love Brenna Spencer! I remember when she did this video she’s got great points and is a big advocate for the 2A


Awesome!! You did a great job on your first video. No crazy noticeable nerves… a few more of those and you’re a pro… keep it up!!


Thank you so much.! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


When everything is up and running, I call an interview! Lol. But seriously, this has some real potential and I’m so glad you and @MamaPotato are taking this on!! Keep it up ladies :wink:

Oh, and y’all get a spot on my pod cast too!! – when its launched…


If I could throw in a suggestion- A lot of people want to homeschool their children but don’t know where to start (me in the late 90’s/00’s). It’d be great if you ladies could steer young parents who have doubts… I wanted to home school my kids but didn’t have a clue, so we sent them to a catholic school. It seemed much better than public. My little babies are grown now. One just graduated college and the other one about to.


Great suggestion. My next video is going to talk about homeschooling! How to prepare advice on curriculum too! And I’ll share a little history on myself being homeschooled growing up


Great news… homeschooling, if done right, is the future… good luck!! I’ll be watching.


I’m also putting together a small info bundle with info on getting started and recommended resources :grin::+1:


Really good job Adrianne, you did great on that video.


Thank you so much Neva ! That means a lot !:heart:


You did super honey!! I love it!! I promise my intro video will be up soon!! We got this!! Much love and I’m so excited to be working with you on this!! :revolving_hearts::+1::grin:


Looking forward to it!! @MamaPotato


I love the American Flag backdrop! May Change the lighting a little bit to make it more of a show. Incandescent bulbs would help. I don’t know much about it. This is awesome! Exposing corruption and having a little fun.

Animating contest of liberty! Looking forward to the next news video!

Thank you God for your Holy Spirit that gives us the ability to discern the truth. I pray for your continued blessings of guidance and protection, so that we may continue to expose the corruption that is in the world, and bring others to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Forever and Ever.

I’m really excited guys! We are starting to get the wheels turning in the Infowar! :sunny:


Thank you! Yes the lighting is terrible. That’s my laundry room and it’s a tight fit ! I’m going to work on getting more lights in there. Going to get a tripod also like @PASTORSAM told me. Will be a lot easier for sure to do video. I’m so excited! thankful for all the wonderful infowarriors your kind words mean so much and are really motivating me!