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Great job Adrienne! The InfoWar needs this badly. A lot of people are going to be helped and red-pilled by you. Just one more encouragement from my personal favorite InfoMOM…who, despite being a lifelong actress and performer, took it upon herself to perform in her weakest area, and showed everyone that they could do the same…if they only dared! Btw, the star of this video is @lbcsusan.


Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed that. Learned a little bit about muzzle loaders. Your mom is cool!


That was one of my entries for the 2018 reporter contest, and I did have help editing. The point is that Mom demonstrated all those skills! All the hunting and self-defense vids out there are done by real tough guys and mountain men (some ladies who are also professionals). But to see Mom stand and deliver like that… this is the message of the InfoWar…YOU can do it! You can know the truth, break the conditioning, not be a sheeple, not be a victim. Mom used to take 2 minutes standing on the firing line, getting ready to take a shot…then ten shots and she was worn out, ready to go home. A few hunting seasons later, she was on the benchrest clicking away, when Bubba walked by. He nodded to me and commented, “Wish my mom could shoot like that!” How far she has come! Much farther rhan she ever thought possible. When she cocks the pistol and shoots that “charging bear” target, that is all live. We shot that in one take. I had the editor caption that scene, because people watching did not get the idea! Look, I got this here pistol in case the bear comes at me…then I’ll cock it and blast him just like that there stump! BOOOOOM!
Anyway, you girls are doing great work and you are going to help a lot of people to wake up!


Bumping this back up hee hee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :revolving_hearts:


I don’t know if you were watching Harrison on Wednesday talking to Jason Lo Maga Titan about how we need this from all the info Warriors. There is a wavelength that we’re all on, a frequency just like the technocrats


@loca.0.motives hey I has a question…or more like an idea…could you design an #infomoms shirt logo!! I loved your “doodles”… We need something eye-catching and girly!!!

Infowars / War Room Artwork


Ok so here it is…my #InfoMom intro video :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin:


I’ve got you! Give me a day or two


AWESOME :+1: :sunglasses: :grin: I’m excited to see what ya come up with honey :grin::+1::revolving_hearts: I’m outta likes for one more hr grrrrrr :unamused:


Ayyyy!! I love the commitment! You went for it and did a good job! It can be hard to ‘know what to say’ but its always better to just dive in to cold and uncomfortable water. It is a struggle for me to do this as well but I have gotten better and the nerves have gotten less and less… Our team has changed up a few things so that each member can focus on what we bring to the table. It was decided that I am to be the face of our group and let me tell you its a lot to carry… But the mission pushes me to go for it. And you are doing the same! Very inspirational @MamaPotato!


You did great!! :heart::heart::heart:


You did the first step and just went for it! Really proud of you :swan:


Okay so I identify as a “Infomom” now & will be dressing up as a mom to make a video to. Lol

No seriously you girls did great. Awesome.! :clap::clap:



Same advice about keeping to practice; I know you’ll get more comfortable with it. One thought came to mind, and it was based on something you said in the video… How much was ad-lib? I know Alex and the Young Turks dude make fun of the CNN casters for this, but have you thought about having notes on either a computer monitor or cards so you don’t seem as “lost” when you’re on on camera? If you’re more comfortable on the prep side of things, maybe have your topics ready for when you present? I know I have the same issues when I have to do a presentation, and when I had to do them for work, I’d spend upwards of an hour actually doing the presentation to myself so I was ready for the declarative portions, and even then I had my talking points on the other monitor.

I’m sorry if I’m just coming across as a Critical Charlie on all of these, because I know that this is a lot harder than it looks, and every one of you should be lauded for even having the guts to do this. These are just constructive things I’ve seen both in my family and myself, and I really want to see all of you succeed.


@MamaPotato, good video. You have a confident southern accent, according to me, a northerner from Oregon. You have a voice that people trust, that people can trust. Many people respect mothers even when they say they don’t. People of all walks of life truly love mothers. It’s built inside their heart(s). You don’t have to know what to say to point people in the right direction. That’s what makes it all authentic, real, effective, like your video.

I clicked on that tag, that hashtag, #InfoMoms, on YouTube, and I saw this video from Moms Across America on GMOs.

Info Moms can help connect people to education, to resources, books, resources, people, churches, organizations, programs, and maybe even this group, Moms Across America for example. And there are probably other groups out there too.

It is good to come to people with organized maps, lists, outlines, ideas, options, websites, phone numbers, places, etc, mostly because people usually are too busy to create their own.

Moms have always had those opportunities of reaching not only incoming generations which is most important but also current generations as well. Behind every great man is an even greater woman, an even greater mother.

Info Mothers are the mothers of the motherless, and even for those with mothers, but either way you cut it, every human needs a mother, and not only that but even mothers need mothers as well.

Never underestimate the value of being mothers to kids, being mothers to humanity in general, and more importantly like you guys have said, in being mothers to other mothers.

Be mothers to other mothers.

Always guide the other mothers.

Value the art and and the value of being organized.

The ability to research could feel like a curse.

But it is better than Oatmeal.


Woohoo! The first step is the hardest. I like your map background. It is a very unique and interesting map, btw. The lighting was not at all bad, and the audio came throgh clear as well. Surprising, your phone must be a pretty new, advanced model. A few tips:

  1. Rob Dew always says, “Shoot horizontal!” That way, the video fills the whole screen on a tv or youtube window.
  2. We all look more vibrant in natural light. You can shoot outdoors if it is not too noisy, of in a room like this video was shot in, try to open the blinds and get natural light in there. If you do that, indirect sunlight is best (if there is a dirct sunbeam on you or your background, it can burn out that spot, and you cannot see the rest). Indirect sunlight will bounce around the room and really liven things up.
    Homework: Try this to get comfortable with the camera. Go in your kitchen, set the phone up someplace (horizontally!!!), and just pretend a friend came over and sat down in your kitchen. Do whatever you would normally do…cook, drink coffee, watch InfoWars, whatever. But look into that camera and just talk! Then, later, watch it. You will hate looking at yourself and be critical of a million things, but slowly you will get used to your recorded image and voice and not be as nervous about it. Then delete it. But remember your few best points, and shoot a short video with just that for your upload tomorrow.

Did I say it was great? And that the hard part is done??? :hugs::star_struck::hugs:


Thanks y’all!! All the love and support makes these things worth the effort… So the next video will have a topic… :+1::grin: I’ll share a lil about homeschooling and some things I’ve learned… Also, @proudinfidel and I encourage all the other #infomoms to introduce yourselves!! It’s actually pretty fun and we get to put a face to our info… Love to all of you!!

**Be on the lookout for @proudinfidel next video on homeschooling too!! :grin::+1::revolving_hearts:

Intro to InfoMOMs


Notes will be a definite for the next video…today was an ice breaker trial run :+1::wink::grin:


One thing I always noticed when I go back and watch my videos is only you can tell when you’re nervous there are many videos that my knees are knocking but you can’t tell. My sign hold the day before the election I said I was proud to be a nympho Warrior the hole two to three hours I was out there my knees were knocking. I agree with @DistractedMasses got to jump into the cold water.