Intro to InfoMOMs


Update: no video today. Still preparing and I have some more notes to write on what I will be Discussing.


Use document cam shots if possible, or can you put in the documents through editing? I need to learn these things. It makes sense, we should all be doing this.

  1. People change all of the time.

  2. No help. Got it.

See ya!


I have no idea how to edit :frowning: just doing raw video.


I have used an editor software program. From what I remember it was pretty straight forward and easy to use, but had lots of features I didn’t know how to use. I don’t know I guess we’re just going to have to hire someone to get that done. :sunny:


Anyone have a suggestion on what a good ending phrase to use ? InfoMOMs signing out? Or something along those lines


Hmmmm… Yes these things are tricky and if you think too much about it, they seem to escape you… Just let it come from the heart. Feel it


Infomoms signing out for infocomms. #AlexJones


Im funny i go for the one take to avoid editing. I dont have a laptop. If i did i’d Pop Off!



Kinda how I wanted to do my video :neutral_face:


Awesome video MamaPotato, you did really good.


That looks really good, I like how it pops out at you.




I like it. :grin: Looks bubbly.


I would say don’t worry about documents and visuals for now, just get your commentary out there…that is the important part! When I started, I used to hold up documents in front of the camera, still do from time to time. All that cool-kid stuff will get worked out in the future. A short video will only have one or two things to show anyway. What Mamapotato did with the Super Female Vitality bottle is perfectly fine. Clear, simple, informative, REAL…no razzle-dazzle…(like Pipeline’s new profile pic😋) Hey, let’s be ourselves! Thanks, Pipeline, for putting a face with the name. HOOSIERS REPRESENT!


Maybe you guys could do something on vaccines, Mike Adams has a video and then maybe you could do some more research on their vaccine labs in Africa, etc.


Ugh I love you oatmeal. You’re too rad.


Here is a website called

A better website is


I’m a fan of amateur produced videos. I find that those with big production budgets have less to say that those who don’t. Its the information that matters. You really can’t screw up a video unless you’re doing something like farting throughout the whole thing. :open_mouth: