Intro to InfoMOMs


I’m not a “info momma” but I think it looks dope. Not just saying that either.

I like the green & purple theme. Could use more green maybe. :+1:


Document cams would require that either she has two cameras for physical documents, or she switches between a screen share on her computer and the camera. And it seems like she’s doing a straight recording on her camera and then uploading it, rather than using something like OBS to control it while recording (ideally she’d want her husband or an older child to “produce” so she looks better and not like she’s trying to do the whole thing on her own).

My recommendation would be to keep it simple and then think about this sort of stuff later. One of the reasons projects fail is requirement buildup and trying to do too many things at once.


@PASTORSAMi have a silly question. How do we make our content original? The video that oatmeal shared was exactly how I wanted to do my first one. She had a lot of points that I wanted to discuss. Should I start on some history of my own experience with homeschooling?


Remember that we as patriots and Christians specialize in what is old. We think America was pretty okay when kids rode bikes and played ball in the sandlot and said “ma’am” and “sir,” saluted the flag and were taught to pray. I think your starting messages should tell why you decided to live a simple pioneer’s life–what helped you wake up and break out of the rat race that is broad society, mega-church, and public school. The real irony is that, when we tell about our simple life in God, the excitement and vibrancy of it is really amazing to the spiritually dead Kardashian-followers of the world, and we find ourselves ahead of the curve! One thing that never gets old is to see a pretty girl tell about her day!


I agree with @PASTORSAM. Years ago, taking the Dale Carnegie course & learning how to speak in public, they stressed: speak about what you know. Your experiences are unique & original. And interesting. If you only write 1 letter a year, you never know what to say. But, when you write every day, there’s always something to talk about. :slight_smile:


Agreed. First, what is old is new to many people now, most of the time. Traditional values that stood the test of time have been forgotten, generally speaking. When I lived in Vietnam, I saw some problems. But at the same time, I also saw a major focus on family values which has been neglected in America for many. There seems to be a higher percentage of family first stuff in Vietnam when compared to the USA. And I am speaking in generalities. There are exceptions and variants to all of this.

But yeah, I agree that our experiences are unique, too.

So, first, you can talk about what is old. AKA eternal principles.

Second, talk about simple experiences, history.

Even if it sounds normal everyday stuff. It is still unique.

Oatmeal, AKA eternal principles, are our foundation in life.

It can be plain like oatmeal.

But a foundation is a very beautiful thing.

We build our houses on plain simple boring rock.

Instead of cool hot sand.



Word of the day is application.

A lot of people can lack the ability to compare, to contrast, to analyze. Some people, and especially Info Moms, can help give the world more application.

Believe it or not, a lot of people lack this, the ability to apply eternal principles of old to their modern lives of today.

When you help people apply, you do wonders.

When my mom tells me that most people don’t do that…

… I was and have been surprised at that.

I would always think that everybody was like me.

But maybe not so much.


My next video. Not necessarily happy with it. Too many “ums” and “uhhs” :confused: so I may just delete it. Tell me what you think. I know I need a lot more practice. It’s just a little history of me being a homeschooler. @MamaPotato @PASTORSAM @DistractedMasses @JoeyArnoldVN @Johnboy @Charlie_Kae @Texas_T @AmericanPatriot1776 @artsyneva


Great job. The ums will diminish as you get more comfortable with the camera & the whole video concept. Do the intro as captions and start off the video with your story… “Hi. I’m Adreinne & I’m a homeschool mom. In fact, I was homeschooled my whole life…” This was so much better than the last one. You’ve got this!


I thought it was great. The “umms” don’t bother me because it shows thought on your part and less script. That bright wall behind the flag is a bit distracting, but your tone, volume is perfect.


Thank you so much! I was looking down several times looking at my notes. I hope everyone got the gist out of what I was talking about. Definitely will prepare more also. Especially in the beginning with introducing myself!


That might be how the filter was on my video :confused: and my lighting is terrible in that room. It’s the only place I’m able to stand and record. Still need to get a tripod and microphone like @PASTORSAM recommended


It’s ok to practice before you film, too. For time, content, etc. Looking at your notes is okay, too. We are always our own worst critic. I’m a professional writer & I edited my last post THREE times. lol :smile:


It was a great job… you’re going to be Fantastic at this! Good luck, you won’t need it.


BTW I LOVE the shirt. I want one! I went deer hunting today by myself & am going with my other son in the morning (@PASTORSAM’s brother).


Thank you! Good luck getting a deer and be safe!


Okedoke. It’ll be cold! :star_struck:


I love it! Thanks for sharing! David Knight always talks about homeschooling. Its a hallmark of a free nation! You can learn socialization anywhere. Homeschooling is great! My friend was home-schooled and started a really successful landscape business!

Homeschooling is more necessary now to keep your kids from being indoctrinated with the state’s agenda. :sunny:american-sticker


Great, Adrienne! There were two or three times that you were really excited about what you were sharing, when it was a passionate point. At those times, you really connected with your audience and your enthusiasm came through. That energy is contagious, and that is why people click on a video…in the hope that they will get an emotional boost. You want them to retain the facts, but they are looking for the experience.

At those emotional heights, you looked a tiny bit ashamed for being so excited. You calmed yourself back to the baseline.

The GREAT news is, you succeeded in breaking up off that plateau. We talked about that, and you did it! In your previous video, that did not happen at all.

It is like flying a kite. You sprint at the start to get it airborne. Then you can just jog along, as long as it it flying and the wind is carrying it. If the wind shifts or it starts coming down, you have to use a burst of energy to keep flight. Eventually there is that point where the wind carries the kite and you can just stand there and bask in the glory of success. That is Alex…he is just there, the camera is rolling, millions of people are watching, and he is natural, and honest, and AWESOME!

So, get your energy up, keep it up, then wrap it up. Try to do that with a 1-2 minute video with only one point. This would be a good point: “I am sooooo thankful that my mom homeschooled me!” All of that excitement and energy is bubbling inside…Let it out!


I was homeschooled for nine years; used to hate the idea of it because I wasn’t as social as the other kids but growing up made me realize that I’m also not like your average adolescent because I was homeschooled. God works in mysterious ways.