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@proudinfidel, I used to say ummmmm a lot too. But we all can transitioned from it as we are aware of it. The biggest thing you can do is to replace ummmmm with something else if you can. It is all about style and ummmmm is a style that you can keep if you want. I love the glasses, I was homeschooled.

Yeah, homeschool helps each individual kid go at his or her own pace.

Great video.


Thank you everyone so much for the kind words and advice. I’m open to criticism and will continue making videos and it will get better with time. I hope it turns into something special



When you put a link to a video hit enter and it’ll pop up the video


*Homeschooling/Infofamily Resource Info*

Just posted ! Thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:


Really good job proudinfidel.


I may have some ideas, but that depends on how open the discussion is, and or the topic. Has a question of ensuring self perpetuation/sufficiency been addressed yet? I might start there. However, is there a limit on frankness?


I’m open to anything really.


That’s a good start and I think with great potential, if I understand the premise correctly to identify. I see this could be a resonating denominator and if harnessed correctly could be very impactful. Has the question been raised yet that the denominator is under siege and shrinking? And if someone wanted to interject an opinion that’s perhaps not popular, could they do so without having to defend against an onslaught of feelings?

I am not pointing fingers here, just trying to understand the parameters of your premise. :slight_smile: Folks may have some ideas or questions, but I’m not sure how open all might be to hear them. :slight_smile:


That’s true! I’m still working on how to address that there is a threat. My ideas are kind of all over the place so I’m in the brainstorming stage. I’m making videos to get more comfortable and learning to do more research as well. I’m all over the place right now but I don’t want to give it up :slight_smile:


I like the passion I have seen, perhaps just in need of direction. I can’t do that, but I might start by suggesting identifying to rally, and then prioritizing common purpose. Herd mentality group think, and or emotional responses may become ever present visages rearing their faces. If your passion is harness more than exploited I think it could really be influential. That may result in frankness that some are not comfortable with. I would hate to see the goal diminished for hmm, comfortable discussions.

Identify yourselves, identify the environment, then prioritize. Even folks who are here are in different stages of understanding the rabbit hole. I think your premise could be influential and resourceful if applied appropriately. There will be many who may try to derail, particularly if you are effective.


@proudinfidel, I included your video in my article, here:


Thanks for the mention @JoeyArnoldVN I really enjoyed your video !


Not to sound like a broken record, but you’re doing a fantastic job for where you are in your video journey. Everyone is always their toughest critic, and seeing how you’re being constructive with yourself rather than trying to put yourself down, I’m not going to blow smoke up the backside.

Regarding the video you felt was a mistake back a few posts, let me ask you this since you are a teacher: When your child makes a mistake, what do you do with it? What did your parents do with your mistakes when you made them? That’s what I’d recommend you do with your “mistake video”. Use it as a learning experience. Try to examine, from those points, what looks like is going through your mind. Are you losing thoughts and trying to fill dead air? I look at someone like Alex let dead air go sometimes upwards of 10 seconds. I find it awkward, but does it try to convey that he’s not trying to come up with a bull-dropping?

Never let anyone detract you about having notes. If you’re preparing what you have to say to us, it means that you respect us as people and want us to have the best product. At least I remember that being why Mister Rogers never did an ad-lib.


You talk about co-op. What is that? Could you do a video including that?


It doesn’t really matter what video you make @proudinfidel, you’re smokin cute! No but in all seriousness, you’re doing fine. You made the step to even start making videos. That’s a big thing. Each video you make, you will get better. Just take your time and go with it. Eventually the nervousness will go away. I know this being a poker player. When i first started out i was so nervous playing with total strangers. But then, being nervous went away, and my actions were normal. So keep doing what you’re doing. You will get there. I’m thinking about making my own video for an IW Store plug, or something of that sort.


I think you did great.



@proudinfidel, I dont want to hear you questioning yourself anymore… Seriously… That was FANTASTIC… You have a ‘radio voice’ and transitioned from point to point very well. Your camera presence comes off as confident and collected – even if you dont feel it yet. You look great, sound great, and were super informative. I cant wait to see more!


Thanks brother ! I won’t be too hard on my self I promise!!. I have so many ideas on what I want to talk about in my video and I’m my toughest critique. But like I said I’m going to do more of these because it’s getting fun :grimacing: I stepped out of my comfort zone and there’s no turning back. Thanks for the kind words and words of encouragement! :raised_hands:t2: