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I want that guest appearance or an interview once you hit it big! :wink:


You got it sir !! :raised_hands:t2:


A co op is when a group of homeschool families get together once a week and it’s usually at a local church. The kids take classes from the other mothers and they range from arts, physical fitness, science, music. I will do a video on them in the near future


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I loved the video. Not bad for having no experience in front of the camera. I’m scared to do videos of myself but maybe I’ll work up the courage and make one as well. It shouldn’t be any different than snapchat, right? lol ! Anyway, great job on the homeschooling information and I just think you are so sweet and I love your calm voice ( I am the opposite! lol) much love, girl!


Do it. Commit to it and go for it. Even if you unlist like @proudinfidel is doing, so you can just share with those of us you feel comfortable with. I know when I’ve needed confidence to do something, I’d do it in a place where I knew I’d not see again for a very long while nor my confidants knew I was there, so there was no harm if people laughed or made fun. Won’t know until you try. Even if it’s grainy as all heck, if it’s your original work, you’re at least going to get my respect for putting your thoughts out there.

Having said that, we’ll see it soon, yes? :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to work with you in the near future :slight_smile:


Take baby steps. Before you know it, you can be cooler than the Beauty in the Belly of the Beast.


Just a little update everyone. I’ve only made 3 videos and 2019 is already starting off very bumpy. Spent New Year’s Day at the doctors and some situations have rocked my entire family. I won’t go in detail but I’ll make a new video as soon as I can. It’s been a hard few days. But it won’t get me down and I will not give up on InfoMOMs. I hope everyone had a great New Years and can’t wait to see what else 2019 has to Offer. Much love everyone ! -Adrienne


Thanks for letting us know. I am praying for you! Keep your eye on the prize, a home in heaven with God the Father, the Lord Jesus, and all the saints! Depend on God, seek to grow closer to God in your faith! Thanks for helping fight for truth and justice! :sunny:


Thank you so much ! @Pipeline🙌🏻


You have Bigger Ballz then the Supremebeing
Happy New year and hang in there


Geez, first David Knight, then you? Who’s next?

Please be well soon, and take the time you need.


Hang in there, girl. You’re not the only one who’s visited the hospital these last few days :slight_smile:


Thanks @FlagDUDE08 @itsLenox nothing too serious just a bad skin infection. Meds suck though. I’ll be better by the end of the week.


Praying for you honey!! :revolving_hearts::pray::revolving_hearts::pray:


Here is a fun read and look into the life of a super homeschooling mom… I like to read the blogs of other homeschooling mom’s because we all do things a lil different and we can learn little tips and tricks from one another … You should never dive into reading another mom’s blog with expectation or with the intent of comparison… As long as our children are learning and having fun and are safe and happy…we are winning!!! Learning and growing with our children is the benefit and the blessing, and tips and tricks from other moms are the added bonus benefits!! Much love everybody!!

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and you’re family!


I’m so proud of all you homeschooling moms! I wanted to homeschool my kids 35 years ago, but the law back then required me to have a teaching certificate. So, a combination of Montessori & a public Fundamental school had to do. I’m proud of them all. But today, sending my little ones for 8 hours of Indoctrination into an opposite world-view well… I couldn’t do it. You go, gals!


A long time ago I was in Toastmasters, I was told to go there because I was shy. It helped me to speak in front of people, though I still was not as spoken as the other ones there, after about year I could talk about two minutes without getting the shakes.