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@proudinfidel Would you consider joining and sharing the White House petition to pardon Ed Snowden? It’s dang near impossible to get the initial 150 signatures so it’s searchable on the WH page. It hasn’t been done under Trump yet, but got 165K signatures during Obama’s admin.

Must check email after signing to make it count!

Thank you,


Hi! Yes I will sign it when I get a chance :slight_smile:



Category Comedy…:smirk:


Great insight and wisdom, just remember it all started back in the garden, praying for you and your family


@proudinfidel You are so encouraging!! Your sweet strength is truly inspiring!! Great video honey!! :revolving_hearts::+1::grin:


I love music… I think that’s obvious… But I wanted to share a song for all the infomoms and especially one for you @proudinfidel… sending you love and keeping you and your family in my prayers!!


A message for all infofamilies… Your words are power. They always taught us that “sticks and stones can break our bones…but words can never hurt us” but that is so far from the truth… We all know that words do have an effect, and more so when it comes to the words we give our children and the ones we love… take care today for your words will inevitably ripple into the future…


Thanks girl! I appreciate the prayers!


That vídeo was a thousand percent more natural


I once had a job where I had to regularly speak to 350 employees … talk about filling my underwear, good God, that was terrifying.


Oh man, I couldn’t do that. I was just speaking in front of about twenty people, at first I had to stand up and answer a table topic question and about started. Blacking out and shaking, but after about a year I could actually do it for 1 and 1/2 or two minutes.


Lol… the thing is, I created the 140 slide PowerPoint for another manager to present. Literally minutes before he was to make his 8 hr presentation he informs me that he “can’t do it”, I’m like, do what? He says, give this presentation. I said dude, get your ass up there and do this!! He teared up in his eyes, and I was thinking Ohhh Myyy Godddd!!! WTF!!! And I walked up, shit myself and spoke to all those people for 8 hrs… luckily I knew the material… lmao- the good old days.

The moral of the story is- @proudinfidel , You Got This!!!


Really good video proudinfidel, you look really natural and calm.


Thanks so much ! @PASTORSAM


No wonder managers usually sound like it’s just a bunch of diarrhea out their mouths… they get someone else to write it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly enjoyed the video this time, as well. I look forward to the next one.


@proudinfidel, your smile, your passion, like @PASTORSAM says, pulls, captivates people, even me, and it gets people to wanna listen, smile, be part of your family, very direct, sincere, amazing, makes me cry. Yes, Satan has been destroying families in a variety of ways. That’s why we promote family first values.

@Adam, I wrote comedy on YouTube to get new people to see this. It’s called marketing, it’s called going to new places, that means different tags, categories, and maybe even click bait, because that is how you reach new people like Alex Jones in a frog costume, you have try new things to get different or better results.


In that case. You could have put it in gaming and called it fortnite theme cover… :smirk:


Making a video tonight. Going to talk a little bit about the huff post article that Owen and Alex read. Wish me luck that I don’t get banned from YouTube


Looking forward to seeing it, I know you’ll do a good job.