Intro to InfoMOMs


More like InfoMILF! Sorry, couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would never say something like that…but since you did…we’ll go with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Info Milf Out The Truth, just milk it out, milf it out, share the truth, the goodness, of the Info, good to the last drop, aint nothing better, obey thy thirst, and have it your way, and taste Oatmeal Rainbow.


Great job, @proudinfidel. The lighting is so much better. You look great. I could use a little more volume. I can always turn it down…but this one I had to put up to my ear. Couldn’t both watch & listen. Praying for you all.


Hopefully the volume is better this time! It’s still downloading at the moment. I still haven’t gotten a mic yet :grimacing: whoops


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Wow it’s late :grimacing: here’s my video tell me what you think ! I’m going to bed night InfowarsArmy :heart:


I think it’s okay, the lighting is maybe slightly uneven.


@proudinfidel very good job!! I’m proud of you!! You did great on content and keeping your cool!!! :+1::revolving_hearts:


Great idea you have there!
That is called ACTIVISM!


Thank you so much!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Question for you on these: When are you going to start listing the videos so you can get more people to watch them? It’s certainly nice that you’re sharing with us, but perhaps it’s time to journey out to the published world? Is there anything you want to work on before doing that?


Good job proudinfidel, I’m glad your fighting back for those kids.


You come across very honest and sincere and that’s what people want.


I’m not sure yet. My videos are only on YouTube at the moment. Maybe when I’m better prepared :wink:


Thank you ! @artsyneva


Thanks girly!! I honestly just enjoy doing videos but I do need to be a little more prepared :grimacing:


I saw this report on Infowars. I think it’s absolutely disgusting how they have infiltrated our country the people in the highest levels of power are trying to normalize this on our children. This is all connected to the pedo network. Even Netflix. Look at how they are normalizing and conditioning the people by pushing and promoting sexual situations from underage children. It’s disgusting and sickening!!! This is why we must stand up to these people! We cannot allow them to take over our country.


As far as the video, you’re doing well speaking! I have a suggestion, maybe print out some reports ahead of time, read through them and commit them to memory, and highlight some bullet points you think you might want to cover. Maybe have your computer up and running, and discuss some things you see in real time, like a trump tweet, or an Infowars tweet or report and read it, and do some commentary on it, or since you’re main discussion is infoMomms, maybe have some websites up and discuss those in real time. Maybe bring a friend over to sit there with you where he/she is on the same page, and have discussions on camera. See where i’m going with it? Just a thought.


I like all those ideas!!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: