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I am an American citizen.


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The rumors about me in all Mexico are: 1. That I am actually a dragon and hundreds of years old. 2. That I DO preach, but only to women of exceptional beauty.

Though you should know. Now make your own conclusions…carefully. God is watching!


Born Chicago, Mountain View CA, Boise ID, IN, Ridgefield CT USN 85-89
Born Again Christian one wife only 30yrs My three sons.
Dos Windows many different PC related projects serving small business.
Better with tech, than people, poor social skills. But I AM trying.
LOVE above everything else. LOVE WILL WIN.


Hello! I was born in 1997 and raised in rural MN where I still live. I am the youngest out of 3. I enjoy painting, cooking and baking in my free time. I was hoping I could connect with some people from my area on here.


My name is Liz, 37 y/o and a new mom. I paint, cook and currently live in DC aka Mordor ( a little nerd humor lol)


@Maya is from Europe. She is new here. Welcome her.


My oldest son might be interesting to you, he was born dec 18, 92 a week before Xmas my 2nd
son was born in 97 day before halloween, the youngest boy is 14. I be proud, if my oldest could find someone like you :slight_smile:


Thanks @fubar, that’s sweet!


Mane, ima gansta straigh up off the strizeats of htown on that real talk, ride hard and die harder, when I ant flippn them packs ima problay at yo moma house, so word up no what im siz zayn ?

Yo halla at my boy monarch with that gahzirra


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Sup everyone!

My name is Eli, born n raised in the concrete jungle and democratic war machine territory of Chicago. Fled the State debt and tax enslavement provided by Dems to currently reside in Tampa, FL (It’s still not perfect here either)

Consider myself to be a moderate, and definitely love David Knight’s stances on Libertarianism and the idea of smaller government, not in control of our healthcare, schools, and economic systems.


I’m back from a long hiatus. Formerly known as proudinfidel


Hi my name is Antiluminati. I am 25 and live in New Orleans. Do to privacy reasons I don’t want to reveal my name. I am an American Patriot that has dedicated my life to defending the Bill of Rights and Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I do not support or condone violence. When I was younger I knew something was wrong with society. Some things didn’t add up. Long story short I began researching things and I discovered what the NWO was. It’s quite funny because then I found infowars and Alex Jones and have been in love ever since. I believe it’s the duty and obligation of every generation to defend Liberty and Justice in this nation. I think as a people it is extremely important that we educate our selves with the teachings of our great founders. We must defend freedom at all costs because as Thomas Jefferson said “resistance to tyrants is obedience to God”. I hope to meet some fellow infowarriors sometime and hang out. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!


My birthplace. Now out west though. Moved away after I left the Navy many moons ago. Lived in several areas, Temple Terrace (King High School), Town and Country, Carrollwood. My father was a Marine Patrol Officer in the bay area for over 30 years. Use to be a decent city, but I’ve heard not so much now.


My name is Dave. Born in 83 and lived in South Dakota my whole life. Didn’t start paying attention to politics until about march of 2016. It started off with a question…what was Bengazi and Hillarys emails all about? When I googled it I came across InfoWars right away and that was the first time I ever watched any news and been hooked ever since. Since then I’ve been big into doing my own research, learning history and politcs and such, even dabbling in computer coding a bit. But I have no one around here to talk with about these subjects, no one cares. But at least everyone around here is smart enough to know not to believe everything they hear in the news and Trump got 75% of the vote in my county.


Hello Everyone, I’m Eric. I am a San Diego, CA native and an absolute supporter of President Trump, InfoWars , Owen/Alex/David. I love my country and am thankful to God each and everyday I am here, born free in the most powerful nation in human history. As of today I have officially joined this community and know deep down it’s just the beginning of something beautiful! I love to engage, debate , write and contribute knowledge/experience to fellow Patriots
I know this is a great avenue to do so!


Hello from Marietta Ga. I love freedom and Rock N Roll.


Greetings infowarriors. My name is Bill, i’m 40, live in South Florida. Looking to connect with fellow patriots and libertarians. I’ve been tuning into independent media sources starting around 2015-ish. Infowars broadcasts i’ve been tuning in diligently for the last 2 years. I’m self employed, married for 6 years, outdoors guy. Connect with god, spread love and freedom.


First reply, Las Vegas NV Native, 31 years old kids wife and patriot. I have watched my state go from the wild west to nanny state takeover by Californians. Without resistance Nevada will be a lost cause in 10 years. From Bundy Ranch to Houston floods and Oregon mines I’ve been involved in civil disobedience for years and ready to do more.


Not a new member, just a new name. Was formerly Norma_Jeanne89 on here before it got taken down. Born and raised in Commiefornia, never fit in there. Living off the grid in Arizona temporarily before I make my permanent move to Texas. Always been a passionate person when it comes to current events. Have always loved my country and my freedom, and I will defend my freedom to my death if need be. The 2016 election was the first time that I voted because it was the first time I felt that I was educated enough on both candidates to make a confident and informed vote. I believe that is how everyone should vote, when they feel informed enough on the issues to know exactly what they are voting for and not just vote for who their friends or family want. Or, cough cough, voting for someone based off of the color of their skin because that, my friends, is true racism. Anywho, I’ve ranted enough. Hello all. :smile::us::metal: