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I’ll start. I’m Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Born 1985. I’m in Shelton, WA, near Seattle. I’ve been an Info Warrior since 2016. Was Red Pilling people in Vietnam. You can find me on Facebook, Steemit, Gab, Twitter, TrumpTown, etc.

Activism Time
We should come together more, online and especially offline.

Where are you from?

918 souljers were you at?


I’m Griff, forklift operator and hell raiser, woke up in 2008 after smoking a fat blunt and watching Endgame. Don’t try that at home.


I’m Brandon, im 27, a welder of 10 years, amature knife maker, & InfoWarrior! Started listening in 2016 because a friend said i sound like Alex Jones(because of evil gov., Experiments, Serinity the Movie/Chemtrails)
So i looked him up & really started listening EVERDAY after the Joe Rogan podcast.

FF to 9/18 Facebook & google has banned Infowars
Jim acosta is Heckling Our Press Secretary. Infowars in portland/pardonAssange, Banned! Lester Holt Slanders Alex jones
@OwenShroyer is about to launch IWA on 9/3/18 i go out to be #1 to be on tv to Dragoncon ATL 9/1/18 Parade (but i stood in front of wrong camera) Took interviews, passed flyers, walked through CROUDS 100’s of eyes on my flyers Been Hooked ever since.
@DistractedMasses had beat me to getting on tv (still havent) but because of InfowarsArmy i have made Real Friends, @ITSOKTOBEWHITE & DM
I have gone out of my comfort zone.
I have called Alex on the show (i wasnt prepaired for Alex’s Power)
I have gone to now Governor’s Kemps Rally
I have Driven to A Trump Rally & inspired others to go who wouldn’t have.
I have also been Recognised for my efforts by Many of the Infowars Crew.

Go out guys, Who knows what will become of it!

THANK YOU @OwenShroyer For the Infowars Army.




Joey, that’s really awesome that you obviously came up to speed lightning fast… we wish everyone had your kind of open mind.


My name is Lance - Lord Nair is an anagram nickname for me, but I have
gone by other names. We are 3 college students studying Political Science
in Helsinki, close friends for the past year sharing the same house. Justin,
Felicia, and myself. We like to listen to (and sometimes contact and in some
cases befriend) some of the greatest free spirited anti-globalism minds
of today, such as: Alex, Owen, Justin, Corey Goode, Michael Weiss, David
Wilcock, Rene Armenta, Blake & Brent Cousins, and more to come!
We are starting a new distribution and production firm we are naming
Suntitled Productiondome,
where we hope to inform the whole world at large with solutions to our
world’s greatest issues and problems today - such as elite establishment crafted globalism
and their advanced technology, which of course includes their secret space program (SSP).

Here is our channel on ustream, but thanks to this forum and great info here we are currently
opening a channel now on BitChute too.

We thank all of you for all the good company here!


Hi I’m Neva, I’ve been listening to Alex since around 2012, I remember first hearing him talking about Prescott Bush, I thought oh that’s interesting, so I looked it up myself and have been listening every since. Its nice to meet such really nice people.


Hello Nebraska Infowarriors. Anyone out there?


Mike D from auburn California, general contractor, father of 5 children, with strong conservative values! first herd Alex on coast to coast am driving home from a long work week back around 2012 or so, looked him up the next Day and been hooked ever since! Although some customers out here in Cali aren’t to fond of my Infowars playing all day on the job, (from David in the am all The way Through war room to finish the day) some find it interesting and actually start engaging!


I am a 10 year veteran of the infowar. I have done it all from street activism, online activism, talk radio and more. Im currently culture jamming in the infowar but kinda hard to do now. My Ip is banned from facebook where i used to go viral there and i’m shadowbanned on youtube. Almost seems like the only way to bypass the censorship is to take the infowar back onto the streets. Anyhow if we were not winning the infowar they wouldn’t be resorting to these dirty tactics. Here is my latest remix for you - Yours in Liberty - DJ Triggered


What’s up my fellow soldiers, my new family! My name is Rob from San Antonio Texas. I’m about a 10 year infowars vet. I was watching when it was just alex and when biggs was live crossing the border and saw the cartel coming with packages. I’ve been sharing links and trying to red pill people since but it was when Obama tried to take trumps thunder on the economy and was spilling lie after lie and people were believing him. The censorship especially was the final straw for me along with election meddling. I’m glad we have this platform to communicate and hope to stand side by side with all of you some day to protect our country. I started AAMO news (America’s Alternative Media Organization) it’s on Instagram and gab for now. @aamo_news… Will be going live daily when I get the equipment.
We are the resistance!!!


Hey. I’m a grasshopper from a videogame. I’m really happy to be here. I’m on gab as AdamTheVictini. I hope to have fun on this forum. I’m also not allowed to post topics. Is this normal, @zimmermann?


@Tempo, I was not able to post topics either. But now, I can. So, you could try again, now.


Hi, Im Cuckle McGavin. Im from NoWhere, and Im an alcoholic… No Im not.


Get off my lawn, and bring back the oatmeal.


Dan from North Fort Myers Florida


I’m Broadway Joe. I love America, I love my fellow patriots, I love Infowars, and I love yelling “HEY FRANK!” to the random animals that pass thru my back yard. Oh, and I like to drink beer :beers::beers::beers::beers:


@broadwayjoe412, Frank and Stop The Hammering.


Oatmeal, REPORT! How goeth the Grinch shares? We are looking to you to do the heavy lifting!