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@PASTORSAM, what are the Grinch shares? Is this a reference to something I said or did? I shared a photo of in a Facebook group. People saw my Alex Jones shirt on Facebook and didn’t like it. Are you talking about that? You might be talking about something else maybe.

Do I need to do more?


Hello fellow Infowarriors. Most people that know me call me Adam. I was born in Tampa, Florida 1993. I still live in Florida. I first started watched Infowars on Youtube around 2009. I’m a pariah shut in. Most people don’t want to hear what I have to say or don’t care to. I first played a guitar when I was around 3, didn’t really play again much until 15.

Edit: I’ve mostly lived in Yulee, still live in Yulee.


Welcome to Infocoms, I used to live in Merritt Island, FL.


Hey, I am The Isz. I’m in Canada.

Grew up instinctively knowing 1) There was something wrong with the water supply, 2) There was something inherently wrong with the ‘educational’ system, but being a child and not knowing better was told I was wrong or something was wrong with me any time I would question the illusion. The alienation and break up of community and family made me unable to piece together what I instinctively knew, until I began watching AJ’s documentaries, and then things started to make sense again. It’s small comfort to know I was right all along, would rather have been wrong. Ever since been fighting religiously in the info war proving the narrative’s corruption by it’s own behaviours.

People lie, to others, sometimes themselves… but truth always proves itself by several metrics. Actions > Words


Infowarrior13 Signing in,

Banned from twitter for no given reason as yet,
but I am making content / reposting on the following platforms.

infowarrior13 / Darren Gerlach across all the mentioned below
GAB AI (infowarrior13)
Minds (infowarrior13)
Steemit (infowarrior13) (infowarrior13)
youtube (darren gerlach / moving away from)
Facebook (darren gerlach - not really active)

1776 worldwide, peacefully and politically, we can bring about change as the global awakening continues.

Location South Australia, Australia.


@Infowarrior13, I am on Steemit, too.


I am ResistanceFighter414 or Marko. I live in the Huntsville, AL but I hang out in Southern TN. I moved down south from WI after the Election, wanted to live in a SOLID RED state. NEVER GOING BACK!!!
I am Russian-American ,1st generation, don’t speak a lot of Russian. Tired of the Russian jokes…especially from LIBERALS! If any of you need a man for your riot, and your in the AL or TN area…and you wanna wreck shop? Hit me up! Let’s get arrested!


Looking forward to getting together with other Michiganians… Have been in contact with a few
And I hate liars, Bullsh***** are ok


I am Human.


The Moon : Wisdom is beyond the mind, but it needs to be expressed with a tinge of mind and that is symbolized by the crescent moon.

The Snake : The snake symbolizes alertness. To express this state of consciousness, a snake is shown.

The Trident : To be above all 3 states – waking, dreaming and sleeping, yet to upholds all 3 states.

The Third Eye: Alertness, knowledge, and wisdom are all related to the third eye.

The Drum : Symbolizes the universe which is always expanding and collapsing and then it re-expands, this is the process of creation.

The Bull : Symbol of (righteousness). meaning that when you are truthful the infinite consciousness is with you.

The Blood Line.

The Fact is while Truths are exposed, they will be denied by and refused by even the people thought to be Awake.

Unfortunately once the brain has become inundated with artificiality, when this is the case it is VERY hard to discern fact from fiction.

Definition of fact from fiction

: truth from falsehood, It can sometimes be hard to separate fact from fiction in this controversy.

Can you discern “Fact from Fiction”?

What's IT about Really?

Cut and pasted from the skills topic below because unrelated to skills:

  • I’ve heard that I’m abrasive. The same friend that said I’m abrasive said I’m a n****r jew, though.
  • I’m like in permanent stealth mode so unless someone is trying to look for me or a meth-head or something they won’t notice me.
  • I’m almost a complete 30 year old virgin wizard, also memes
  • I guess I look like a gay muslim because I would get called gay when I was younger and for the past few years the muzz part. I’m not gay or a muslim though.
  • I’ve heard that I’m funny and wise although I’d disagree with both.
  • I try to resolve conflict and I can sometimes; although, I think some folks are beyond helping.
  • I guess I look like a soyboy version of AJ


LOL… no, thank you.


What does that mean? I put most of that in the skills thread from a while back but I removed it because it isn’t related to the other topic


Hello fellow freedom fighters, I’m Richard Prewitt 27 woke since 9/11. Looking for local warriors to start a movement to educate the local public in Flathead Valley Montana. The time to act is now! Contact me here or please leave a link to any local group currently in motion. Thanks to all and God Bless the U.S.A.


I live in Avon,CT been watching Alex Jones since I was 12 and now 25. never really watch mainstream news. Everyone but me hates Trump wants him impeached and thinks that Infowars in fake news but never seen a full show. I may not agree with everything that Alex may say but he does have a right to say what he thinks.


Mim’s checking in, aka Beth. Trenton Mo here. Anyone close to this area?


Any infowarriors in Nebraska?


What is up everyone! Yah’ah’teh! (I dk how to spell it in English despite taking a class in HS, but it means hello) Navajo self-declared delegate positioned in AZ ready to engage and contribute to the defeat of these evil suckers! Much like @TheIsz I grew up with an instinctive gut-feeling that there was something wrong with the world I was born into. I’d like to think that because of the weird cocktail of video games, Hooked on Phonics, and my natural disgust for tyrants and dictators that I was spared the indignity of becoming another stereotype or NPC. I don’t know which would be worse, assuming there’s a difference, but I digress.
I’m 29, about to turn 30. Moved from Northern AZ to the beautiful White Mountains, and I’ve been listening to Alex since about 2007, just as I became a legal adult. It started with “Loose Change” and went from there.

I’m a student now trying to challenge the Progressive professors (I love alliteration) that I’ve detected who mostly try using the college as their own echo chamber to politicize the students. I support President Trump, and my biggest regret is that it took until now for me to discover my propensity for rational debate, as well as my better-than-some ability to articulate effectively (more times than not).
This is legit my first online forum/website that I’ve chosen to engage. I don’t have FB or any other invasive social media, not since I deleted Myspace long ago. As you might have noticed, I can type quite well (not bragging) and I try to utilize it by putting my thoughts as accurately as I can into text. So, we’ll see how this goes.
I love this country despite its bloody history, and I don’t get all uptight and righteous about white vs red. Who knows how long it would’ve been before the tribes learned how to write down stuff, let alone establish a system based on justice and protection from the powers of government. Suffice it to say that I absolutely love this country, and what happened this weekend made me feel like I needed to step it up, because Mr. Phillips doesn’t represent me; I represent myself and reasoning is my ally. Has been since HS.
I think I’ve said quite enough, so anyone feel free to hit me up if you’re in East AZ. Even if you’re not, communication is key in any relationship not to mention in war. Especially an information war.
Safety & peace be with you.


Thanks for starting this thread Oatmeal Joey :]

I decided to join this forum because I have been working to expose the Marxist feminist teachings in this country in various ways on social media etc. and I have been attacked in the most vicious ways. I thought this could be a safe place to speak truth in love. So, we will see.

Also, if you want to know more about my work. I am still on Twitter surprisingly as I have been banned (30 days) for my scary speach and I had to sign up for another account twice.

Looking forward to engaging with BRIGHT people here that are not afraid of the dark.
In Peace, The Recovering Feminist


Hello everyone! I finally decided to join in here. I got tired of social media and a friend told me this is a great place to post stuff and talk to other like-minded people. Plus she said Owen gets on here sometimes :heart_eyes:

I’m from GA, I’m a Christian (not religious!), I believe in the 2nd amendment and family rights!! Not a fan of the crazy Democrats, and am pissed about the abortion bs!! I understand freedom of choice but celebrating murder of babies makes me sick! Don’t get me started on vaccinations and chemical poisioning of our kids!! That pisses me off too! Anyways, glad to be here!!


Hello! New to this forum. I’m happy to have a place to discuss conservative topics without liberal garbage being dumped on the conversation. Thanks!

Me Against The World