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I just want to go on record saying that I like to cuddle kittens and pet puppies and pat little kids on the head. Sometimes I get pulled in to a full game of peek-a-boo! I like sunsets and seashells and pretty rocks, and I LOVE flowers. I give people flowers just because I like flowers so much, and I get to carry them around for a while and then use them to brighten someone’s day. Sometimes I buy (or pick) flowers and put them in water on my table…not for anyone else, just for me. And horses! I mean, riding horses is cool and all, and worthwhile, and I do it fairly well…but I like talking to horses…and feeding them apples and carrots and little goodies and scratching them behind the ear.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. PH4.8
That said, I can be taken out of my “happy place,” like when my teeth start to grind as I am sitting in the window drinking my cappuccino and someone comes closer and closer to my motorcycle and it looks like they might actually touch it, or worse, negligently BUMP it! Or when the kids from the village came running to me yesterday, scared of a great big, black snake. I ran over there, and there he was, about a seven- or eight-footer! He bolted right at me and those kids. They saw a frightful, violent side of their Uncle Sam in that instant, and the snake was no more. Turned out it wasn’t poisonous, and someone asked if the situation could have been handled another way. I asked myself the same thing…I always do…AFTERWARDS.

PASTORSAM'S Q & A For Gospel Gunslingers

Washington D.C. :man_farmer:


Hello All,

New-ish here, signed up a little bit ago but just now deciding to actually become active and see what’s the haps.

A bit a bout me:

  • Late 20’s
  • Dude
  • Engineer (by title) in the Automation industry; aka didn’t go to college but worked my way up from General Labor by bugging people with questions, staying after work to learn things unpaid and learning things on my own time
  • Super passionate about the 2A, guns are my favorite “hobby” and I actively work toward removing any stigma about them with people who didn’t grow up around them like I did
  • PC “Gamer”, quotations because my nerdier friends’ play hours make me look like a pleb, which makes it even sweeter when I beat/do better than them
  • Michigander (there are two types of Michigan people, Michiganders or Michiganians, but I’m willing to bridge the gap :laughing:)
    My Public Instagram

Anyway excited to talk to and get to know you all!


Hey good to see you here, welcome aboard


wuss up my fellow Oklahoman i was born and raised in the 918 but now i live out in okarche


I’m a Michiganian, and I hated being corrected all the time as a child
I’m not a Michgander due to the fact too many liberals use that term, so I just use Detroiter


Good thing I wasn’t correcting you then @supremebeing , hence why I specifically said there are two types of Michigan people.

And it’s def more of a down-river vs mid vs yooper thing than in any way “conservative” vs “liberal” lol

So yeah don’t feel like you have to abandon “Michiganian” on my behalf, was hoping for some light-hearted banter and joking back n forth about it.

In any case good to meet you fellow Detroiter


I was just joking
By the way to brigde that gap to use bridges or cross walks?:grin:
I drive for a living and I hate Cross walks
Where are you at in the state, I’m in Ypsilanti


Haha all good.

And bridges for sure, as long as they’re not the old one’s on 75 or 94 in the D…lol

I’m up over in the [edit] “Automation Alley” area and what not.

Also about driving, be super careful tomorrow, gonna be another snow and ice storm tonight and tomorrow morning, considering not leaving the house…times like these I wish I stocked up better :sweat_smile:


I’m in Colorado…


There are a few trolls lurking about, fair warning.


Welcome to Infocoms new users.


We are Michiganders! :wink:


Yeah and they are all fucking gay and liberal


My friends from Bowling Green.


Just so you know, Michigan is full of Gunslingers and expert rifleman. Just the licensed hunters in Michigan alone is like the 8th largest army in the world! The industrial hubs are liberal and bankrupt, but that is only the “heel” of the state. The opposite of that is the U.P. (Upper Peninsula), which is as desolate and more snowy than any part of Montana or Utah. It is packed with bears and timberwolves and tough, tough men who know about the wilderness, snow, and cold. Lots of miners and forest-industry workers, old-time lumberjacks, and ALL of them hunt! There are even some chicks up there tough enough to stick it out in the North Woods! Here is a little yooper joke for you:


I always feel safer than the President on opening day in Northern Michigan or in a Cabela’s parking lot any time


I joined a little while ago.
I’m a female conservative furry artist who lives in West Virginia.
I hope to make a lot of people smile qwq

If you ever have an art request I’m your gal! :,0
If you wanna know more, then visit my site ahh!


In 918 visiting the fam this weekend. Might have a bit of time to do signs or something