Is anyone else having to re-load the alex jones show ever few minutes?


haven’t had any problems with the David Knight show but is soon as Alex came on ive have had to reload almost every other minute


Just today. yes, there is another thread about it.


The Democrats and big tech are playing with the broadcast!


Today is the worst it’s been in a while for me.


It may be technical difficulties and not necessarily, not completely, not always, rooted in deep state diversion, distraction, interference. If you can stream live videos from different websites (not just YouTube, Facebook, Periscope) and struggle to load Alex Jones on the website then it could be the fault of the Infowars website and probably not fault on your end. It could be a problem with the web browser. It could be a problem with how fast your computer or phone is, the free space, the RAM memory, the cache, the CPU, the GHZ, the speed of the Internet, the ISP, the router, the operating system, etc.

I think that the website does has some problems with live streaming and they need to ask for help or try to hire some people that can improve how it works.


Alex said yesterday he needed urgent software engineering related assistance.


I noticed that as well today while listening on the InfoWars official app.
I used to listen on the IW Prime app and don’t recall ever having issues that wasn’t my fault. Kind of regret uninstalling it.
I’ve noticed as well when listening on Chrome, sometimes the media player will play for 8 minutes then stop. If you hit play again without refreshing the browser, it just loops the previous 8 min.


I had it completely freeze on me after about 30 seconds. I kept trying with the same result. Was happening with the app and in browser.