Is there a way to stop expansionist islam?


Along with Alex’s comment, I too am disgusted by the unloving acts/speech that so-called “Christians” are performing in public (Westboro Baptist, the street condemning preachers etc). Sometimes, I wonder if these demonstrations are simply central casting to deceptively demonize the genuine Christ followers.

I would also mention Pastor David Lynn’s ministry in Canada: christsforgivenessdotcom. Watching a couple hours of his work, I did not note any cruelty, harshness, harassment, or even impoliteness in the voices of those who preach. In fact, I could only hear LOVE. As true followers of Jesus are intimately aware, “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18, NASB) and this is the secret Sword of Truth that few will believe with all their heart.

I welcome critique on my assessment of Pastor Lynn. If you would like me to post a link, please let me know. I do not want to be blocked for making this comment. Also, acts17dotcom is a BOLD ministry consistently and intelligently reaching out to Muslims. Many have been convinced by the arguments and some came to Christ after the death of Nabeel Qureshi.

Finally, in the words of “Mercy Me,” “What if I were the one to tell you that the fight’s already been won…It’s not GOOD NEWS, its the BEST NEWS EVER!”


Knowing what I know about these people from reading the Bible…The ONLY way I KNOW to end this terrorism by these demons from hell is to wipe them ALL OUT! No I don’t think that’s the answer. But, if Abraham just listened to God and didn’t listen to his wife…

We would NOT be in this hell on earth. These people are evil…NOT all muslims but the radicalized one’s for sure…I wish there was a way…Rationalizing with these people is like reasoning with a Democrat in todays world…Might as well talk to a wall.


The problem is not Muslims, generally.

But Islam, specifically.

The radicals.

Technically, all Muslims are supposed to be radicals.

But many Muslims don’t.

People get lost in debating that.

But that’s not the most important thing to focus on.

It is a political system.

It is a Trojan Horse.

Jihadism never sleeps.

Sharia infiltrates.

From a minority found in Muslim communities.

Many Muslims will support the radicals.


So, even if you find some good Muslims.

Many of them end up siding with radical Muslims.

So, many Muslims may not commit violence.

They may not murder.

But many of them will not stop those who do.

So, it’s like a snake.

Trump used to tell the story of the woman and the snake.

Muslims are like snakes.

If Muslims want to come to America.

They should say they are no longer Muslims.

Give it up.

That does not mean you cannot privately worship Allah.

Which brings up the value in privacy, in the 4th amendment, which governments, technocracy, etc, violate and rape like radicals rape women and children in Europe, RIP Tommy Robinson, and places in America, etc.

But publicly, you should not promote Islam.

If you do, then you might as well be a radical.

Even if you’re not.


We can stop them from expanding here by banning them as an interminably incompatible ideology (eg, we have the 1st Amdt, but claiming Muhammad was “Black” is a capital offense under Sharia).


@Bingozee has NOT seen that movie from 2002 or 2003.

Time Changer.

Great Movie.

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In Regards To All Religions.

Put em in a JAR, and hopefully in the Future we can find solution to their Deviltry that is truly only Tainted, Demented, Manipulated, and altered genetic memory and psychopathic tendency, Nothing more, Nothing less, and as simple as that.

Getting a better perspective.

I would like to add the following, Only a consideration of very much the same things but somewhat Differently.

I agree to all the above with the exception of “Religion”, meaning ALL forums of “Religion”, we should already be Able and Willing by our own will and honesty to be Held and to Hold Ourselves Responsible and Accountable for Our Own Action and its Effect. Values are very important, however, what is Valued can sometimes be Puzzling, we have Value without Religions, consider it is Religion that Divide all Civilization, Society globally, community and individual, thus “Humanity”, a fact Evident throughout its History, both Known and Not.

It was Religion “Jesus” Turned the Table on and Rejected Wholly, not only from within the Temple but Throughout, “Humanity” does not Require nor should a HUMAN Depend on Religion or any other false belief (“False idle and Golden Calf”), The Tablets the Commandments where written are in FACT no different than the Golden Calf that was being Praised, (“Symbolism”), that Each serve the exact same reasons and purpose, However Rather than the Worship of an Object, Humanity was Forced in to Worshipping the “WORD”), the Beliefs in “God” (“Governance Of Disobedience”), Government and LAW, Hence the saying “IN GOD WE TRUST”, and its Propagated Authority, Forced by Indoctrination, Education and the other plethora pf means and methods of witch to Brainwash cultures and Society’s).

All are a form of Ritual Enforced by Servitude, Slavery, Punishment by a Propagated Rite by the Religious Prosecution, a literal Fact Carved, Painted and Written on Stone and this wall from times before the Church or Temple, Manuscript, Parchment, Scroll or Bible, in Fact all forms of “Ritual” where considered Evil, and a Facet and form of Satanism, (“Artificiality”), that is in Fact a Psychopathic Tendency that is easily manipulated when one is Keen, much like Witchcraft or Sorcery, Vodou, and plenty More that are (“Religions”) before Christianity, Catholicism, well pretty much all of them since the first Manuscript that all Religions Originate, however, a side NOTE, Psychology was long before all other Study, even that of our Biology, Physical being and Spirituality, it is in Fact the most Ancient Study and Authority of all Secret Society and Ancient Family, also acknowledgements locked away from the unknowing and ignorant unfortunately, what is available for Study Publicly is Roughly 20% of the whole of but one library of Observed, Record, Study and Acknowledged of all of Human and Mans History to this Day and at this Moment.

“Jesus’s Cross Was Tall For It Stood Upside Down, Forcing Him To Look Down Only See Their Dirty And Bloody Feet, and For When He would Look Up, to only See His Own Dirty And Bloody Feet, An Insult To All Humanity and to every Human’s Dignity! By The Hand Of Man, And His Deviltry, His Propagated Authority and “LAW” Above All Humanity”

“I Know Not A God That Would Ask Or Expect I Bow, Rather The Gods That Know Me, Demand I Stand”

Evident by our reality, throughout all history and Today…

What we see are the result of Religions that have been Indoctrinated by not only Societal Pressures, (“The Trend”), that are and have always been a very Careful Study and Secret power of Authority throughout most of “Mans” History, Manipulated by our Parents and Family for they too have been Forced and Brainwashed in to the same Belief “Religion”, a Vulnerability that is the Primary Cause for anyone to Believe in an Artificiality, it is also very much a Mechanism of which many have been offered and have used and continue to use as a method of Dealing and Coping with the everyday Life and Living, “they” have always sold convenience as it is convenient, but in Reality Debilitating and Devastating unto the truest capability and ability of the Human and Humanity, also very much the Following.

What many choose to Preach and Pretend to Practice Today is Very much the Inversion of Reality, Thus Truth for its Authority and Propagated Artificiality, that are in Fact nothing more then the result manifest by the Exploitation and Manipulation of the Lost Peoples and Their, illiteracy, ignorance, genetic traits and Mental Instability, the (a “Belief” in “Nothing”).

“The Shepherds Crook To The Head Of His Flock, Herd Or Mob, The Prophet His Profit, For The Count Of Heard His Value And Worth”

“Truth Is Free Thus No Man Profit Anything Unless By His Dishonesty And Deceit, Truthfully, Honestly”

It’s Not The Result I Hate, I Hate That Which Manipulate! ”…


I can understand how challenging this may be, however, to gain a better understanding of the perspective that may be necessary, one may need to read the following, however, they must also be willing honestly…



Additionally posts that speak of these things…

"The Serpents Tong is Divided, And Double Ended, Hence the Saying “Double Speak”

Time to make Infocomms proud
Kill Me If You Can

Bingozee believes in the same thing the professor in Time Changer believed.

If you ever saw that movie.

You would see Bingozee in that movie.

Bingozee did not see that movie.

So, he has no idea what I’m saying.

That’s funny.

Great movie.

If only you knew.

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many of us articulate the same ideas without knowing what the others know. the syncronicity of our latent ancestral memories manifesting? or a divine hand nudging us closer to a purpose unseen? or truth being manifested at a greater rate due to humanity developing further interconnectivity? all of the above?

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Hell no!
Once were over run, there is a death clock on all of us!


Christianity is so valuable.


I TOTALLY agree…people like that annoy the crap out of me…

I don’t hate all muslims any more that I hate all Democrats…NOT all of them are pure evil…some just wanna live and let live…I’m PERFECTLY fine with them…

My issue is with those that only seek to kill, steal and destroy like their father the devil.


Are you advocating start your own jihad against the muslims?

Your post was so long it was not easy to follow what exactly your espousing!

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With comments like this it leaves the impression you want to wipe out ALL of the enemies of freedom…I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice without those kind of people but ISN’T THAT EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO US?

Defensive violence 100% if needed…But offensive violence makes us NO BETTER than these domestic terrorists as far as I’m concerned.

PLEASE understand I’m NOT saying you are saying this…JUST ASKING

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Prosecute criminals, but let people worship their chosen religion. If you don’t, then the next religion to be targeted just might be yours.

Religious tyranny has never worked.

The focus should be on those that commit crimes in the name of religion.

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Short answer, none of the above…

My previous post are in regards to all religion’s, not any specific one.

I admit my post are often long, and I often use words I have already “typed” so not to have to “type” them again, also the post and points made here are only a small part of a much bigger picture…

Included in my post are links to the whole of the perspective that maybe necessary to comprehend fully what is being said here.

Of course I invite all and whomever, however, I also admit, it is only for the willing…

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Good to hear…just with all of the recent threads promoting violence I wanted to ask. Good on you!

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Saw this yesterday…It saddens me that THIS is pretty much where we are:

But, there is a ray of hope & a call for civility:

I wish the video thumbs nail would present from Telegram like it does on YouTube.


A. No one can explain how Ilhan Oman won the house seat in her state. Despite the group she represents.
B. Blue state voting machines must be disassembled, the circuits analyzed and removed from service.
C. Could there be wifi access to blue state voting machines? Every one should be monitored in real time for fraud.
D. In other words, the American People are too smart to be voting in these criminals every term.
E. Please don’t believe the Republicans are any better, the People need to rise up and force them to uphold the Law and Constitution.
F. This could mean mass protests in Washington DC, a blockage, or a protest on Washington DC’s Sacred Calf, K-Street where all money and lobbyists eat pate and creme brulee off the backs of the American Taxpayer.

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I WISH they never changed the rules for no non-US born citizens being in office. I understand what they CLAIM they were trying to do…but it shouldn’t have been changed…NOW LOOK AT THE RESULTS!


A. Ilhan Omar defeated the incumbant Rep. Phyllis Kahn in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party primaries (Kahn came in 3r with Mohamed Noor coming in 2nd) in August 2018. From Kahn’s campaign manager, Brian Rice:

Rice estimates that Omar captured about half the white vote and nearly one-third of the East African vote. Consider Dinkytown, a neighborhood dominated by students. Kahn received 37 votes from that neighborhood, the same amount that she garnered in her last race. But Omar won 205 votes from Dinkytown. (Noor got just one.)…By Rice’s estimate, about 300 more Somalis and 400 more students voted than in 2014, in addition to larger turnouts in all neighborhoods…“They just went out and worked hard,” Rice said. “Sometimes, you just have a great leap forward in the evolution of campaigns.”

Then, Ilhan Omar won the Democratic primary for Minnesota’s District 5 (a noted liberal district):

And finally in November 2018, Ilhan Omar overwhelmingly defeated Jennifer Zielinski for the U.S. House of Representatives.

B. Why only “blue state” machines? Why not all machines? Are machines that result in more D votes than R votes somehow defective?

C. Similar question as item B.

D. I think the American people will continue to prove your statement incorrect…maybe even “every term” like you said.

E. Agreed.

F. What is the “this” in your statement “could mean mass protests in Washington D.C.?”