ISIS Strikes In Syria March 2019


Think we are done with ISIS? Your taxes hard at work…

In Syria, CJTF-OIR conducted 193 strikes consisting of 338 engagements, engaged 346 Daesh tactical units, and
destroyed 104 vehicles, 63 supply routes, 39 fighting positions, 31 vehicle borne improvised explosive devices,
nine tactical vehicles, six fuel tankers, four weapons caches, two command and control nodes, one tunnel, one
tanker for petroleum oil and lubricants, one mortar system, and one checkpoint.


Thank you for the press release. I suppose the numbers don’t lie.


@therecfem see which nations the coalition includes? Russia Russia Russia. We have been working with Russia for years to stop ISIS through this project.


Hello AOC!
Men who promulgate war for profit are cowards.

Warriors who protect women and children from evil are heroes.

I pray this situation with ISIS is slowly transitioning to the latter scenario but have little faith in those who sell war from a patriotic bent (i.e. John McCain the “SongBird”). I also pray that the USA and Russian leaders continue a peaceful discourse. We are all made Imago Dei and many Russian Orthodox leaders understand this Truth.


Like Seagal right? He is a cop, a movie hero, and does not really care about men. He loves women and children. He loves them so much we have 20 of his security staff that will testify that he raped 12 year old girls at his house over and over.

ISIS in Syria really has nothing to do with women and children but I suggest protecting MEN, women, children, and seniors alike. They all play a role in the roman family. Killing all the men to save the women and children is really just the way the Native American Indians were removed. Remove the men with their families and the women/children can not survive.

Any Native American Male relatives? Almost none, only native women who had sex with euro men.


It seems you have taken me out of context…the end of the quote is just as important as the beginning.
I have no interest in “Seagal.”
There are many “trail[s] of Tears” brother. They are all abhorrent events.

I concur.


I suppose my point is that we need men. Men working together with women and their extended family for the survival of future generations. When it is just women and children we remove men from the mix and take away the roman family. It may be best to look for ways to help men have their own family. Wonder woman island is a fictional story.


No GOD in the “roman family.”

I am not an island nor do I reside on one.


Rome won for two main noteworthy reasons.

  1. The Roman Family.
  2. The Roman Spa.

Roman law and tradition ( mos maiorum ) established the power of the pater familias within the community of his own extended familia . In Roman family law, the term “Patria potestas” (Latin: “power of a father”) refers to this concept. [2] He held legal privilege over the property of the familia , and varying levels of authority over his dependents: these included his wife and children, certain other relatives through blood or adoption, clients, freedmen and slaves

Maybe it is noteworthy that Jesus was born with his family working together for him and his community assisting them.


This is not an entirely correct statement.


BTW: the entire book of Acts is more inspiring to me than the totality of Roman history and politics. Particularly, when it comes to giving advice on how to be a family and love one another. Just my O-pine-yawn.
Do you support this movement?


I do hear Jesus was not welcome where he grew up by many.

I suppose part of the problem with the movement you mentioned is that then courts just say you are no longer a parent so you have no rights to your own children.

It is really part of a child’s human right to freely associate with both sides of their biological family. In Syria media claims to show kids harmed but really they were just stolen kids made up to look harmed.


Jesus IS the most offensive man who ever walked the face of the planet. His message was even more offensive but it STILL continues and will continue until His return to SAVE BROKEN LIVES and SET MEN FREE.


I like Acts all through it they are fasting. I used to fast a lot and it helped me a lot.
Its harder now but I need to fast again.
One time I fasted for ten days and the last day of the fast an angel came and helped. She looked like a person. She was a Mexican Angel. She walked over to me with a flashlight nobody was around. I dropped my keys Down between the steps
It was pitch black. I tried to get my keys out of the tall grass but I was afraid of spiders. She came up with a flashlight out from behind the place she shined her light down I got my keys she never said a word just walked away.


Spooooooky :]

The supernatural can be hard to comprehend but most people never forget instances like that. I prefer to stick with the biblical language regarding the angelic but I know that God works through people and that can seem angelic as well.

I have been mistaken for an angel by those who are not versed in the nature of the angelic. It happened while standing at the bedside of very ill people.


Ya at the time I thought it was an angel or God just sent a person at that very moment. It was weird because nobody was around it was pitch black and she just happened to be shining a flashlight walking thru my back yard. Her flashlight was all ready on. Then I said can you help me she walked over shined her flashlight under the stairs then just walked away. She did not say a word then she was gone.