Israel, the Jews, "God's Chosen People"? The Truth


97% of the 17 million of the world’s Jews ARE NOT descendants of Abraham.

But these Ashkenazi Jews, including every Israeli Prime Minister, are “Gentiles”
who have illegitimately taken control of the land of Israel.

Since they are not of the ancestry of Abraham, they have no right to the land of Israel, or to persecute the Palestinians, whom they kicked off of the land.


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Fake Jews. They pretend to be Jews so you can’t question or you are “anti Semitic” just like you couldn’t question obama or you are racist


The first Rothschild: Mayer amschel BAUER. Changed his name to Rothschild to play that card and as a homage to Satan


I only just recently got brought back around to the Rothschilds in my studies…I came across them years ago when I was studying globalists and Soros… It all tied together for me beautifully in the Jewish study brought to my attention by a friend…


The reality is, is that it IS a Jewish conspiracy only it isn’t because they AREN’T really Jews lol



The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah

The REAL Hebrews

The Jews

Book Five (1-13) ‘The Histories’ by Cornelius Tacitus: “Many assure us that the Jews are descended from those Ethiopians who were driven by fear and hatred to emigrate from their home…”


You are well-intentioned, I think, but wrong here.

The Ashkenazi Jews are, genetically, descendants of Jewish men, and mostly (not wholly, just more than 50%) Italian women who converted to Judaism.

  1. Black Hebrew Israelitism is a ridiculous farce.
    They claim that they are Jewish, in part, because they were cursed with having been sent into slavery on ships. The curse from Deuteronomy says that the Jews, because they had broken the Covenant God had made with them after having delivered them from slavery in Egypt, and promising them they would never see that land again–and one would see the significance if one keeps this in mind–would be sent back to Egypt on ships to be sold as slaves but that no one would buy them. The argument, then, goes that since this never happened to Ashkenazic Jews, they couldn’t be real Jews, but that Blacks are Jews because it happened to them.
    There are many problems with the argument:
    A. The nature of a number of the Deuteronomical curses are such that they could kill a Jew–after which the the Jew could suffer no more curses. Are we to assume that the Jew who is killed by one curse, and rendered incapable of suffering another curse, is not a Jew? LOL No, of course not. In this case, we should not suspect that a Jew must suffer every last curse from Deuteronomy in order to qualify as a Jew. The curses included there are many–some happening these, and some to those Jews.
    B. The curse specifies that ships will bring Jews back to Egypt. So, this is a place they have lived before, and a place from which God had rescued them with an outstretched arm–with many signs and wonders being worked through Moses and Aaron. Africans being brought to America via ships does, for these reasons, not qualify as a fulfillment of this curse. They’re not returning to the land of slavery from which God had saved them. The argument is bunk. Only ignorant people believe it. Also, the curse says “and no one will buy you”–and this certainly is not how the history of the Blacks in America played out. The significance of them going back to Egypt cannot be overstated. Egypt was the place from which they had been liberated–after which the Covenant at Sinai had been made. It makes sense, then, that the breaking of that Covenant, would result in some of them being sent back to Egypt (a reversal–a testimony against them).

  2. Jews have had communities in Iran, in North Africa, on the Iberian Peninsula (these communities ended up in Central and Southern America, and eventually even migrated and formed communities in the Southwest of America–there are some I’ve read about in New Mexico, for instance) going back thousands of years. None of these people are Black.

  3. The only legitimate communities of Black Jews were created by an actual (Middle Eastern) Jew going out into Africa to start them up.
    Since the late twentieth century, there has been increased media and scholarly attention to the Lemba’s claim of common descent to the Jewish people.[4][5][6] Genetic Y-DNA analyses in the 2000s have established a partially Middle-Eastern origin for a portion of the male Lemba population.
    Interestingly, without the Y-DNA from the Ashkenazic Cohens, researchers would not have been able to detect Cohen Y-DNA among Black Jewish groups like the Lemba. So, if you affirm the Lemba are Jewish (just because they’re Black? LOL), you’re of necessity affirming Ashkenazim as actual Jews.

Honestly, please stop spreading this nonsense.


Interesting…I need to look into this further. If you have any other info on this can you PM me links?

I’m not saying your wrong…I just see the Jew haters having a field day with things like this…especially when Scripture clearly tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem etc.


It’s nonsense. See my response above.


I was responding to the @MamaPotato, not your post.

I need to research this better cuz the Bible CLEARLY tells us to support & pray for the peace of Jerusalem



I’ve been around this block before.

I’m not saying none of the Blacks (including African Americans–judging by the area of Africa they were taken from, I’ve heard some would have to have been) are Jewish, but that things are a little more complicated than what these people have made them seem.


Fundamentally wrong here… The Africans were brought back into Egypt here in America… This is spiritual Egypt. Mystery babylon. Look at the symbols we use at our capital vs. Egyptian symbols…

"The Jews left here black and came back white” Gamal Abdel (1952)



Yeah, just “spiritualize” anything into legitimacy.

What a sad state. Honestly.

Also, that wasn’t an answer, insufficient as it was, to all of my points.
For example, if you affirm the Lemba are Jews, don’t you have to affirm the Ashkenazim are too?


You realize when Revelation says “spiritual Egypt” it’s referring to Jerusalem right–“where their Lord was crucified”?

Everything you get your hands on you manage to make a mess out of. Just stop touching stuff. :rofl:


“Everything you get your hands on you manage to make a mess out of. Just stop touching stuff.”

Seems like somone isnt interested in reasoning here… Insults come out, argument lost.


Look into the ‘400’ years prophecy concerning Hebrew bondage…

1619 was the beginning of the trans-atlantic slave trade. 1619+400=2019

Its why we are seeing so much turbulence. 2020 is huge within prophecy